Sally O’Neill Receives Award at Cannon Beach Gallery Group’s Plein Air & More Arts Festival. The public was invited to vote for their favorite piece in the Group Show, which included work from all of the weekend’s featured artists represented by the twelve members of the Cannon Beach Gallery Group. The winner of the “People’s Choice Award” was Sally O’Neill, represented by Haystack Gallery.  Sally’s oil paintings play with light and shadows and draws the viewer into her world of beauty.   Sally brought us about a dozen new paintings which she has been working on to unveil at the gallery for the summer.

Janis Ellison – Janis was our second artist to come to the Plein Air & More Arts Festival.  Janis loves to paint in plein air, so she positioned herself at the end of town on the beach and created two beautiful pastel paintings. Please look on our web site at her new work, the two she created from the show and several more new pieces she brought with her.

Pat Lambrecht-Hould – Pat made up the third artist of our trio for the Plein Air & More Arts Festival. Pat worked in front of the gallery under an awning, where she created her awesome mixed media paintings on both Saturday and Sunday. Pat often uses gold and silver leaf as a basis for her colorful artwork as well variety of papers and materials on her collages. Included on our website are newest creations.

Bart DeGraaf – After traveling the past several months, Bart has brought us a lot of new pieces. Whether you like his frogs in martini glasses, or the ones sipping wine or guzzling their beer, you will be delighted with his new pieces. We are putting the new ones on our site, but it will take some time as there are quite a few, so drop by and see them in person if you can’t wait.

Kathy Hastings – Kathy has been on the prowl and has sent us five new photo-encaustic pieces. Look through her eyes from the water level at the ships in Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle  as she makes the salty, rusty and oxidized boat hulls and their reflections come to life or relax and enjoy the serenity of images created along the Frio river in Texas.

Jeff Zigulis – The mask man brought us a crate of colorful new masks of all different sizes plus a new series … the bronze series. Wildly hand painted in metallic bronze colors and geometric shapes these pieces will add a spark of color to any room.  His ‘Dream Mask’ series was created as a solution to chase away monsters that kept one his son’s friends awake at night.

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