The Cannon Beach Gallery Group was surprised when one of our sponsors, Paul Nofield from the Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge, presented us with a check for over $300. The money was from the “Art from the Chef’s Table” during Spring Unveiling weekend.

The Chef’s Table was a new feature for this year’s Spring Unveiling event. Local chefs, candy makers and coffee houses partnered with the galleries, selecting a work of art that inspired their own food creations.

The Driftwood Restaurant’s feature dish was Oysters Rockefeller, inspired by watercolor artist Jeffrey Hull’s painting “Oyster Flats”. All of the money from the sale of Driftwood’s Oyster Rockefeller dish was presented to the Gallery Group by Paul in appreciation for the event.

From the very beginning of the Gallery Group, 12 years now, the Driftwood Restaurant has been an avid sponsor of the Gallery Group and our Spring Unveiling event. They have seen it from its infant stages to the success it has become. Bringing in tens of thousands of people to Cannon Beach, who come to not only enjoy the art galleries and their artists, but also the restaurants, hotels and retail shops.

We thank Paul and the Driftwood Restaurant for helping us make Spring Unveiling weekend a success.

You can see more about the Driftwood Restaurant on our Sponsors page, or by clicking on the Driftwood icon at the bottom of this page.

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