Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach welcomes Kenneth Wachtveitl and David Petlowany. Washington state artist Wachtveitl draws images on natural stone using thousands of dots, a technique known as stipple. “Even though this technique is extremely time-consuming it delivers an element of softness or subtleties that are difficult to achieve any other way,” explains Wachtveitl. “Using this unique medium it is my hope to add to the natural beauty of the stone and to inspire you with emotion while showing the powerfulness and sensuality of the human body and its connection with nature.”

Also now showing at Bronze Coast Gallery is David Petlowany, a self-taught marble and limestone sculptor residing in North Olmsted, Ohio. Petlowany sculptures are smooth and cool to the touch, inviting tactile experimentation. Referring to to himself as ‘the Limestone Cowboy’ he says “I have been lucky to have public placements, office settings, and most importantly, the living room for my work to be displayed…Its nice to see people smile at a rock.”

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