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New Artist – Senja Antilla – at White Bird Gallery

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New Artist – Senja Antilla – Represented at White Bird Gallery
Senja Antilla creates mosaics from reclaimed ocean-tumbled wood. Her materials come from houses that have slid into the ocean at Washaway Beach, North Cove, WA. The artist frequently visits the eroding beach to collect distressed wood. The assortment of wood used in her mosaics includes outdoor siding, inside walls, baseboards, door frames and window frames, as well as found hardware. The resulting artworks are contemporary compositions that recall time, history and the power of natural cycles.
Senja Antilla is a native of Washington state who has been visiting Washaway Beach since the 1960’s. At that time the beach was 5 miles out from it’s present location. The artist documents many of the houses that are subject to being destroyed by the erosion of the coastline. Often her fine art wood mosaics will include photographs of the original house before it was washed away, distressed and appropriated into artwork.
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