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Natural. Organic. Wild.

It’s time we asked … “What’s in my food?”

My Fork in the Road

It is way past due that we all start looking at what we eat. With the recent food scares in the food industry, eating organics and natural products and the opportunity to support local farmers and suppliers is just the right thing to do. After discussions with my wife Debbie, her suggestion to offer vegetarian and healthier dishes sparked the beginning. My love of cooking still goes on but now in a different direction. I call it “My fork in the road”.

With over 25 years in the restaurant business the awakening to simplify my lifestyle to a less stressful environment and to incorporate a healthier diet using natural, organic and wild ingredients really did make sense. I cooked for over 7 years at the Lil’ Bayou in Seaside and before that a restaurant in New York. It was my dream for many years, however, at one point I had to say that other things should take priority.

The challenge in starting Sweet Basil’s was to create a lunch and dinner menus that offered healthy foods that still excited the palate. I think, and more importantly our guests have found, that eating healthier offers and excitement in taste as well as an endless selection of dishes.

Sweet Basil’s Café was conceived by a change in lifestyle and diet of the chef and owner John Sowa, a Cajun/Creole trained chef.

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