It’s the 28th Annual. Each November Cannon Beach’s art community gathers to collectively celebrate diverse talents during this popular festival of the arts.

Galleries, shops, hotels and restaurants host a variety of writers, singers, composers, painters, sculptors and more. The unique coastal beauty of this region has inspired creativity for many decades, making Cannon Beach one of The Best Art Towns in America.

Transform your coastal experience into a festival of creativity filled with music, theater, poetry and art.


 Art in Action | 7-10pm

Several professional artists will demonstrate their techniques and create works of art available for purchase during the evening banquet and silent auction. Featured artists include Janis Ellison, Heather Soderberg, Rob Hooper, Jeffrey Hull, Blue Bond, Christopher Mathie and Hazel Schlesinger. Music and performance art will be provided. The silent auction during the evening will offer attendees the opportunity to bid on unique Cannon Beach experiences, travel packages and other items. Featured auction items will also include umbrellas, hand painted by talented local artists. Light fare and wine will be served.

Cost: $55 | Location: Surfsand Ballroom


Dancing in the Rain Fashion Show | 10:30-11:45am

The Coaster Theatre will host the free runway show, new to the festival this year. The show will be filled with stormy weather fashions from several local apparel stores and galleries. It will also showcase the hand painted umbrellas from Friday’s Art in Action event.

Cost: Free | Location: Coaster Theatre Playhouse

Music Around Town | 11am-5pm

Many local and regional musicians will perform at five locations around town to create the wonderful atmosphere for the Stormy Weather Arts Festival.  Performing musicians include Ellen Saunders, Michael Corry, The Front, Wild Hogs in the Woods, Rainforest Jazz, Sara Beth Thomas, Shirley Smith-Yates, Steve Cheseborough, Two Crows Joy, Adams & Costello, Dallas Williams, Jackson Andrews & Dave Quinton, Denim Wedding, Richard Thomasian, Noah Dooley and Bobcat Bob & Paul Dueber.

Cost: Free/Donations | Locations: The Landing, Sandpiper Square, Coaster Theatre Courtyard, Ecola Square, Cannon Beach Square

Spotlight Concert:  Lloyd Jones Struggle | 7pm

The Spotlight Concert will showcase journeyman blues artist Lloyd Jones who has forged a 30-year career, reaping numerous awards in the Northwest for his performances and recordings. He was named to the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2007 and has appeared on stage with blues greats such as Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt, B.B. King, Charlie Musselwhite, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal and Etta James.

Cost: $35 | Location: Coaster Theatre Playhouse

Art in Action artists:

Jeffrey Hull

Hazel Schlesinger:   Northwest By Northwest Gallery

Rob Hooper:   DragonFire Gallery

Blue Bond

Christopher Mathie:   White Bird Gallery

Heather Soderberg:   Primary Elements Gallery

Janis Ellison:   Haystack Gallery

Umbrellas that will be featured in the Dancing in the Rain Runway Fashion Show on Saturday are being painted by:

Nancy Norman:   DragonFire Gallery

Marianne Post:   Primary Elements

Bonny Gorsuch:   Cannon Beach Gallery

Krista Guenther:   Coaster Theatre

Sr. Art Class, Seaside High School

These will be auctioned off Friday night during Art in Action, but the buyers will be asked to pick them up on Saturday.


Schedule of Events – click to download pdf file 


Archimedes Gallery

Amy Ruppel “Flying Whale”

Amy Ruppel

Amy is a prolific artist and illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. She is forever researching and exploring the animal kingdom and the landscapes they thrive in and upon, observing and reinterpreting what she sees through painting. Colors and shapes derived by nature have always intrigued her, and to this day, she is still searching for that perfect oval, that perfect orange-yellow and grassy green

Eva Funderburgh “Triumph”

Eva Funderburgh

Eva is a sculptor living in Seattle, Washington. While her work ranges from clay to bronze to installation work, the movement and emotional content of her work stand out, regardless of medium. Eva’s work deals with the overlap of humanity and the natural world. She uses her emotive animal forms to examine human motives and emotions. Storytelling and the idea of myth plays a very large role in her work, but equally so the notion of biology.

David Rice “Warbler”

David Rice

Much of David’s work focuses on the themes of nature and its personifying characteristics. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, he has a special connection with the outdoors. He uses the natural landscape and its inhabitants as his primary subject matter. Melding together an organic style with graphic overlays, his style combines a mixture of the natural world with a geometric presence. The combination of the organic with the human engineered. This speaks to how instead of only a natural world existing, or one that is manmade, the two can coexist harmoniously if the dominant party yields to this cohesive existence. A balance is needed for both parties to survive.

ARCH-KellyVivanco-Red Umbrella
Kelly Vivanco “Red Umbrella”

Kelly Vivanco

Currently living in her native California, Kelly has been painting and drawing since childhood and holds a BFA with honors from LCAD. Working in many mediums, Kelly enjoys setting whimsy to work upon natural enigmas and pulls inspiration from the natural and imagined world, vintage photographs, literature, and the idiosyncrasies of dreams.

Frank Gonzales “Debate”

Frank Gonzales

Frank’s incredible artwork places him at the forefront of the Young American Realist movement. His refined, yet bold and inventive reinterpretations of classic subjects can be viewed many ways. Taking references from various sources to create his own imagery, his paintings become a play between artificiality and realism. His compositions reflect the spontaneity of starting with a background color or single image, where that becomes a jumping off point for the painting.

Bronze Coast Gallery

David Crawford “Curious Order of Things”

David Crawford

David does every bit of the work himself in creating his limited edition bronze sculptures in his Halfway, Oregon backyard studio and foundry. His subject matter comes from his simple, rural life style and is honest, deep, and often a bit quirky. He says “Growing up living and working among cattle ranchers, art was not really the kind of thing that one should take too seriously. So, initially, I tried to focus my creative energy on functional objects, such that I would be considered useful. But time would inevitably lead me to make things that had no purpose whatsoever.”

Cary Henrie “Light Path”

Cary Henrie

Cary must have been born with an inherent connection to the American West, and it permeates his artwork. Born in Utah, 1961, he later moved to New York to study art at Pratt University. After painting for ten years in the city, he set out on his westward pilgrimage, landing in Bountiful, Utah and began capturing the beauty of his surroundings on canvas. He paints natural elements and atmosphere, hinting at windswept hills, trees, clouds and vistas. He tries to create a spiritual glow, aura and softness contrasted with raw and broken forms. Textures are burnished, toned and tinted which evoke ancient frescoes, ruins and even aged sandstone elements. Geometric lines contrast soft forms and focus movement and light. The result of my technique is unique as your eye blends all the shifting layers into a pleasing whole.

Jim Eppler “Mourning Doves II”

Jim Eppler

Jim brings the power, beauty, harshness and magnetic attraction of nature to both his paintings and bronzes. He creates from the experience of his lifelong enchantment with wildlife and his innate gift for the use of color and form. A seasoned artist who readily admits a romance with “the play of light and shadow, the way paint builds on canvas,” he is equally captivated by gestures and textures that lend themselves to the three-dimensional aspect of bronze. Bringing his skill as a colorist to his sculpture, Eppler hand-finishes each bronze in his limited editions.

Robert Rogers “Spirit Dreamer”

Robert Rogers

Robert is a native Texan whose work has been inspired by Native American art, Oriental art, and European art – along with 40 years of studies in scouting and Indian Lore. He studied at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas and has been greatly influenced by his visits to the great art Meccas of Europe and especially by the art of Gustave Klimt. For more than 27 years, Robert has created fine jewelry as an art and as an expression of love for the craft. His work reflects the full expression of archetypes in Native American culture as depicted in petroglyphs and pictographs in ancient North American sites, blended with mystical spiritual symbols, Braille and other icons.

Carol Gold “Meditation II”

Carol Gold

Carol grew up on a dairy farm in western Massachusetts and studied art at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY; Boston University School of Fine Arts, MA; and the Museum School in Boston. Before she embarked on a sculpture career, however, she spent 14 years raising her family. In 1977 she resumed her art career in earnest, enrolling at the College of Marin in Kentfield, CA, to study bronze casting. Encouraged by her results with the medium, she built her own foundry in Northern California and has been operating it ever since. She shapes her figures and animals from wax instead of clay because she likes the way it can be manipulated to convey emotion and mood. “Wax enables me to sketch-in my figures rapidly,” she says. “It has a lightness to it that I like.” Her work is characterized by rich patinas in colors that range from warm tones of gold and copper to various shades of turquoise.

Joshua Tobey “Lion Cubs – Apache, Cheyenne, Comanche”

Joshua Tobey

The child of artists, Joshua grew up in a household where nature was as much a part of life as art…in fact so much so that perhaps one would not exist without the other. While in college in Colorado, he explored the mountains and rivers and finally decided to become a bronze sculptor. Today his subject matter is a combination of figurative studies combined with wildlife. He says it is because as apart as man is from nature, it is only in nature that he feels as if he is part of something bigger than himself.

Paul Miller “Milow”

Cannon Beach Gallery

The gallery’s 29th Annual Miniatures Show, “Raining Cats and Dogs,” will be showing work by Paul Miller as a featured artist. His quirky carved wooden dogs will populate the space, between the selected pieces from this juried show. The show will also include a display of Paul’s etchings.

DragonFire Studio & Gallery

Featuring a Group Show:  Inspiration Point

Inspiration is a powerful and guiding force in the creative process. Shaped by experiences both interior and global, practical and esoteric, it is fluid and changing in its influence on the artist. For this show, the work of each DragonFire artist will show how inspiration is shaping their work today.

Dana Murray “Rainy Days”

Artists Featured

Anne Anderson, Theresa Andreas-O’Leary, Paula Carlson, Ann Cavanaugh, Janis Edwards, Jenn Ferrante, Leah Fitts, Catherine Foster, Chuck Gumpert, Debra Houston, Rob Hooper, Tad Hetu, Bev Jozwiak, Carrie Kaufman, Kongyega Art Studio, Eeva Lantela, Christina Lask, Virginia Leannig, Ann Madland, Mandy Main, Elena Markova, Trifon Markov, Karen Miller, Dana Murray, Nancy Norman, Cher Odum, Anton Pavlenko, Anne Peterson, Helen Repp, Emily Start, Deb Steele, Kathy Steele, Mike Theisen, Tash Wesp

Haystack Gallery

Haystack Gallery will be celebrating 38 years, featuring all of the gallery’s artists.

Sally O’Neill “Morning Garden”

Sally O’Neill 

Sally O’Neill brings life to her impressionistic and colorful landscapes. Sally loves the effects of light and color and uses her oils to depict of world of beauty.

Jeni Lee “Tidal”

Jeni Lee

Jeni Lee will be demonstrating her unique style and techniques.   Known for her atmospheric paintings of the Northwest landscape, her pieces are created with layers of paint, rain and collected recycled rainwater.

Janis Ellison “Turquoise Waters”

Janis Ellison

Janis Ellison has won numerous awards for her pastel images.  Her love and nature and the outdoors is a natural companion to her passion for painting plein-air.

Icefire Glassworks

Jim Kingwell “Bad Hair Day Vase”

Jim Kingwell

Jim’s  life-forming fascination with glass began as a five-year experiment. Today, he has pieces in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries. And during Plein Air & More you’ll be able to see the first examples of his newest direction. Multiple firings of cast and fused glass will play with other materials, including wood and possibly clay. The idea is to produce work that evokes light and frozen motion. Over the next decade he expects Icefire’s sculpture to express ideas relating to transference, rhythmic and incremental repetition, bridging concepts and coherent light.

Suzanne Kindland “Harvest Vase”

Suzanne Kindland

Suzanne’s journey into the world of glass began with a dream where she was suspended in a pillar of fire. Turning in the flames she found herself dancing. That dancing continues as she continues to learn the ways of glass, creating with it as her partner and bringing forth objects reminiscent more of water than fire: cool, smooth forms that reflect light as a pond does, sculptures that bend the light as a ripple does, calm creations that transmit light like the stillest pool.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

Jeffrey Hull “Minus Tide”

Jeffrey Hull 

Jeffrey began his painting career over 40 years ago as a resident of Cannon Beach. Though primarily self-taught, he did study under three Northwest Watercolorists in the early 70’s. Known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of the places where water joins land, Jeffrey controls the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings. Recently Jeff also returned to painting in oil as well. He is rarely found far from the ocean’s edge, the source of his inspiration. His deep love for the area is clearly seen in his original paintings and prints.

Modern Villa Gallery

David Jonathan Marshall “Tangerine Dream”

David Jonathan Marshall

Contemporary surreal artist David Jonathan Marshall is well known for his imaginative and daring ideas put to canvas. In describing his own unique painting style, David reveals his desire to paint scenes the viewer has never seen before. Sungjects range from Cityscapes, fruitscapes, pear shapes, Modern landscapes, Tree Marvels… and most recently a “Bicycle Series” and “Architectural Series.”

Sarah Goodnough “Stepping into Greatness”

Sarah Goodnough

Sarah’s work celebrates life. Her artistic style is expressive, using vibrant color, strong composition, and layered texture. She paints abstract viewscapes, pulling real life scenes into redefined realities of wonder and brilliance, creating in a variety of mediums; painting in oils, acrylics and watercolor. She also works with pastels, blockprints, mosaics and photography. By playing with composition and texture, she produces vibrant and unique work that is sensitive to mood and emotion.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery

Georgia Gerber “Raven and Wren”

Georgia Gerber

Georgia’s bronze sculptures define many NW public spaces, including “Rachel the Pike Place Pig” in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and 25 sculptures surrounding Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland. Gerber won the 2010 Cannon Beach public choice award for Sculpture Without Walls with her “Tufted Puffins”. She typically works on two to three public installation commissions at one time using the traditional lost wax casting technique.

Hazel Schlesinger “Wine View”

Hazel Schlesinger

Hazel discovered her passion for oil painting at an early age, inspired by her childhood on the Northwest coast. The shorelines, fields, and vineyards, and later the Mediterranean countryside, have supplied the scenes and subjects of her work. She paints from a palette of predominantly warm, vivid colors and large, rhythmic brush strokes, transforming landscapes into more contemporary or abstract realism.

Christopher Burkett “Sunrise and Autumn Blueberries”

Christopher Burkett

Studying with Ansel Adams inspired award-winning, fine art color landscape photographer Christopher Burkett to redefine color photography as Adams had defined black and white. The Washington Post says, “Burkett has achieved in Cibachrome what Eliot Porter achieved for dye-transfer or Weston for black & white”. Each handcrafted photograph is a hand printed, hand crafted fine art original, solely created by the artist.

Jeff White “On the Clackamas”

Jeff White

Skyscapes & Landscapes in oil reflect the artists most memorable and moving experiences with nature. Jeff paints the splendor of our natural world in the Northwest in pursuit of the ethereal and atmospheric light our region is known for.

Ivan McLean

Ivan McLean

He is a public sculptor working in steel, bronze, glass and wood. His work can be seen throughout Portland’s Pearl District and he has also created extensive site-specific installations within the Nines Hotel. His work is also well known in California where he has just installed a series of spheres of different sizes and colors on Hollywood Boulevard. His 108′ steel sculpture was also selected from 10 sculptors nationally for the Newport Beach Sculpture Park.

Carlos Acevedo “River Stix”

Carlos Acevedo

A contemporary bronze sculptor, Acevedo has worked with the premiere foundries in the Northwest honing his foundry skills. His patina knowledge allows the artist to express his passion and vision for the medium defining his own voice in the medium.

Primary Elements Gallery

Heather Soderberg “Pelican”

Heather Soderberg

Heather’s father was a foundry worker who encouraged and supported her desire to sculpt. Drawing national attention as a child prodigy, her story was featured by Paul Harvey, People Magazine, National Geographic World, and “That’s Incredible.” In 2009 she bought the foundry she worked in and moved it to the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. Her “Sacagawea, Pompi, and Seaman” commissioned by the Port of Cascade Locks, has gained regional and worldwide attention.

Rip Caswell “A Sense of Curiosity”

Rip Caswell

Rip is recognized as one of America’s major bronze sculptors. His artworks can be found in public spaces, commercial developments and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. His ability to capture emotion and tell stories through his sculpture is his most noted talent. His commitment to provide historical accuracy through in-depth study and research is evident in his finished projects. Through his attention to detail and artistic skill Caswell has gained professional recognition through collaborations with skilled architects, landscape architects, designers, engineers and other artists. Rip’s flexibility as a sculptor and his capacity to create work that embodies the theme of a specific site has been proven through the completion of many highly visible large-scale installations.

Sidonie Caron “A Natural Bridge”

Sidonie Caron

Berlin born, London raised Sidonie describes herself as an eclectic painter, responding to life’s influences, her travels and her environment by making work that reflects all this. Materials and paint have always interested her and her curiosity has impelled her not only to try new techniques but also to tackle new subject matter. Sometimes her experimentation has been triggered by commissions, both public and private, which encourage her to continue with a theme. At other times a prolonged investment in a particular theme has been the impetus to then paint something completely different.

PE-JohnEbner-new painting
John Ebner “Cannon Beach”

John Ebner

John says, “Creating art is my entry into a worl unknown to most left-brained people. It enriches our experiences in a way not comprehended by most non artists.” It is his mission to communicate through art, his feelings about his surroundings. They can be reflected with soft muted colors, vibrant hard edged patterns, bright colors, or bold shapes. It is the combination that makes it exciting.

Steve Gevurtz “The Arrival”

Steve Gevurtz

With each of his sculptures, Steve tries to capture a subtle understanding yet basic truth about people. Hidden behind the obvious and sometimes lost in the “pose” is something much more honest and powerful. Something best communicated by the position of a hand, the tilt of a head, or the strain of a muscle. He is captivated by the challenge of finding the strongest, yet possibly not the most obvious, way to tell a very human story. Many of his pieces are about the irony and contrast which are a part of us all. Strong, yet vulnerable; present, yet far away in thought; balanced, yet precariously fragile. These contrasts are like a thread of understanding which he seeks to weave into each sculpture.

White Bird Gallery

Christopher Mathie “Breathe in Salt Water”

Christopher Mathie

Christopher has been represented by galleries from New York to Washington State, and has developed a signature style with emphasis on deconstructing images to their most important lines and organic forms. He strives to capture energetic movement, intense emotion and suggestive shapes essential to communicate his ideas in paint.

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