271 N. Hemlock St. #1
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My name is Rose Mays and I opened Puppy Love by the Sea in Cannon Beach, Oregon in April, 2006. My husband, Rich, and I moved to Cannon Beach from Jefferson City, Missouri in October of 2005 when Rich accepted the position of City Manager in Cannon Beach. Things were going well for Rich but I needed a job. I worked as Director of Volunteer Services for our community hospital in Missouri but positions in that field are limited in a small area like ours.

I decided that I like dogs and there are plenty of dogs that come to Cannon Beach so I opened a dog store. I had been in a Petco one time and another dog boutique another time but that was the extent of my dog store experience. While being a novice in this industry was tough at first, the result is that Puppy Love by the Sea is not the same old – same old but a unique experience for dogs and their people.

My daughter, Christine, visited us several times from St. Louis. Christine was getting burned out in the corporate world and decided to come here for awhile to help at the store and think about her next professional move. Christine moved here in March, 2007, where among the people she met was Troy Crowe, the assistant manager of the Ocean Lodge in Cannon Beach. Troy and Christine began dating and were married November 1, 2008.  Christine and Troy were blessed with their  baby boy, Carter, on July 14, 2010.  What a special gift to us all.

Puppy Love by the Sea is not a boutique but a shop where dogs love to visit, have a treat, pick out a toy and share their excitement of running on the beach and all the fun things that they did that day. Please stop by and say “Hi” when you’re in town.