A collaborative project in Oils, Metal and Glass will be on display in DragonFire Gallery during Plein Air & More Weekend.

Take three artists working in three different media: Michael Orwick in oils, Ann Cavanaugh in fused glass, Arnie Chupp in metalwork and fabrication. In the first phase of the project, Michael Orwick has chosen a photo of a landscape. Each artist has created a piece from the photo in their respective mediums.

In the second phase of the project, Arnie Chupp will choose a subject to interpret in metal. Michael and Ann will then create work in oils and glass to be incorporated into the metal.

In the third phase of the project, Ann will create a glass piece, making a mold of a carving done by her mother, which will then be interpreted by Arnie and Michael in metal and oils respectively.

The project offers insight into how different perspectives and mediums can be used to explore a single idea, object or concept. It also offers a visual dialogue on the rich benefits of the collaborative process to a group of artists.

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