December 21 – January 25, 2015

Artist’s Reception:  Saturday, January 3, 5-7 pm

Fary Tea & Craft Party:  Sunday, January 4, 2-4 pm

The winner of the 2014 Individual Artist Grant, Peter Greaver, will present his year-long project in an exhibition that opens on December 21 with an Artist’s Reception on Saturday, January 3 from 5-7 pm. The exhibit will run until January 25, 2015.

Greaver has spent the last year exploring the hidden world of fairies in a reflection on the mystical aspects of the natural world. Greaver will show a collection of Fairy Houses and mixed media work, two-dimensional work.

“Raised in a family of artists, I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon. Many of my earliest drawings are images of elves and fairies,” Greaver explains about his early inspiration for the project that he has been working on for the last year.

“These fairy houses are inspired by Victorian fairy painting and vintage children’s books, as well as older folklore. I am also inspired by old Chinese spirit houses; miniature houses where the spirit of ancestors were welcomed and remembered,” Greaver writes in his artist statement.

Painter Carl Annala will be exhibiting a series of paintings of the forest as a personal cathedral to accompany Greaver’s work.

“The forest is a cathedral and my heaven lies in the quiet wreckage of the forest. In the forest I see echoes of the modern world; networks, collapse, growth, fruit and homes. I look with a modern painter’s eye to find powerful compositions to photograph in the most chaotic areas of the forest. Being a student of both Lucinda Parker and Christie Wyckoff, I see their marks in me now, I stand one foot in a pile of minute twigs an the other in a heap of thick paint, pushing photography towards abstract expressionism, pushing painting towards neo-post-impressionism,” Carl Annala writes of his latest body of work.

Funds were received from U. S. Bank’s charitable giving grant program for the Columbia Pacific Region to sponsor the Individual Artist Grant show as an Exhibit Underwriter.


Peter Greaver
“Autumn” by Peter Greaver
Carl Annala
“Path to the Cathedral Tree” by Carl Annala

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