Welcome to the 3rd Annual
Plein-Air & More Event
June 24, 25, & 26, 2011

Plein air is a term derived from the French expression "en plein air," meaning "in the open air," and specifically refers to the act of painting outdoors.

Cannon Beach's popular "Plein Air and More" event has grown to three days this year and will include more than two dozen artists represented by Cannon Beach's art galleries. They will be creating works of art on location throughout the town and on the beach. Many will work in the traditional method of plein air painting, while others will sculpt, and photograph in their own unique styles. Individual galleries will display the finished works and host receptions for the artists.

You're invited to sit and watch, ask questions, or even pick up your own brushes and participate in a workshop with Michael Orwick, noted plein air painter, in the week leading up to the event

June 22,23,24
Michael Orwick Workshop: Painting Coastal Color and Light. Join this noted plein air artist in scenic Cannon Beach and learn how to put life and personality into your landscapes. The workshop is scheduled from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. each day, but Michael is also inviting students to join him for informal sunrise and sunset paint outs at no additional charge. Open to painters of any level. For more information, contact DragonFire Gallery. 503-436-1533.

June 24
Friday night, 5-7 p.m.  "Meet and greet" artists reception.

June 25
Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.   "Paint out" and more throughout Cannon Beach.
Maps of the artists locations will be available at all of the galleries.

Saturday evening: Individual Gallery receptions for the artists.

June 26
Sunday  11 a.m.-4 p.m. Plein Air and More Group Show.

Below is a listing of each Gallery Group member and representative work from their participating artists for this event.

If you have specific questions about any of the artists, please contact the galleries directly.

Media calls should be directed to: Bonnie Gilchrist 503-635-5100

Hope to see you here!

Bronze Coast Gallery

224 N. Hemlock # 2, Tel:800-430-1055

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Nathan Bennett
As a master patineur, his work just comes naturally to Nathan, but most people have trouble understanding how he paints. He begins with a silicon bronze plate and then adds iron, silver, copper and other chemicals that are suspended in water to achieve the colors that you see. Fire from a handheld torch infuses the chemicals onto the bronze, merging the compounds with the metal. It is a centuries old process that has been handed down through generations of artists with great secrecy.

Cannon Beach Gallery

1064 S. Hemlock, Tel:503-436-0744


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Janet Bland
Janet Bland lives on the Oregon coast where she finds inspiration from the local landscape. Much of her work is painted within a few miles of her home. She says her paintings are a conversation - between the paint, the place and the day. "This is a dynamic area, bold and beautiful, a changing environment, dominated by water - rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries, wetlands, and the Pacific Ocean."

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Dee Vadnais
Dee's work comes out of the tradition of 20th century NW landscape artists. She paints on site, but prefers a broad interpretation of "landscape." It is a source for her subject matter, totally absorbing her. Beyond that, she enjoys working with images that arise from those sources, and manipulating paintings, or beginning new ones in her studio. She uses acrylics and watercolor, charcoal and pencil on site, and is beginning to use printmaking to further interpret images.

DragonFire Gallery
First & Hemlock , Tel:503-436-1533

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Christopher Gerber
For Christopher, reality is not a static state but constantly occurring. His brushstrokes are inspired by the ink paintings of Zen and Taoist masters, evoking focus and intent. By using multiple layers of mica pigments, he generates a holographic effect in an ancient medium as he fuses the layers with torch fire, integrating contrasting textures and simultaneously revealing intriguing nuances. Dripping wax, he plays. He says, "It takes millions of bees pollinating millions of flowers to produce the couple of pounds of wax used in these paintings. That in itself is sacred to me, painting with life itself."

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Paula Carlson
Whether she is painting rocks, sea, sand, or trees, color is Paula's passion, and the Oregon Coast is her inspiration. Her aim is to push nature's palette to create a more personal interpretation of what she sees. Using watercolor and acrylic's fluidity to indicate natural forms, she makes representational, yet personally expressive paintings.

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Michael Orwick
Michael's skill as a landscape artist creates compelling views of our world that move beyond time and place - places as mysterious as Oregon's craggy coast, as unpredictable as a glacial view of Mount Hood, or as serene as an Oregon waterfall. His work can conjure up thoughts of Remington in his most enamored moments with the majestic west, or the dance of an impressionist on a pond or the snow.

George Vetter FotoArt

231 N. Hemlock #113, Tel:503-739-1415

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The natural beauty of the Oregon Coast brought George to Cannon Beach in 1977, and since then his library of digital images has grown to more than 100,000, many of which have appeared in local and national publications. During the Lewis and Clark Expedition's 200th anniversary, he worked with the Great Falls, Montana Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, where his image entitled "Clark's View" is now an 8 foot high wall mural.

Haystack Gallery
183 N. Hemlock, Tel:503-436-2547


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Janis Ellison
Drawn to the dramatic landscape of New Mexico, Janis painted alongside her friends and mentors in the budding days of the early pastel painters of this century. Her love of nature and the outdoors was a natural companion to her passion for painting plein air. In 2006, she moved to southern Oregon, where the pristine setting of the area provides endless inspiration for her work. Honors include signature status in the Pastel Society of New Mexico, Sierra Pastel Society and the Northwest Pastel Society.

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Sally O'Neill
Throughout her life, Sally has always been involved in the arts, painting, drawing and music. After working primarily in watercolor beginning in the 80's, she went back to working solely in oils in 1998, and knew this was the perfect medium for expressing her obsession with light, color and atmosphere. She is both a plein air and studio artist.

Heritage Gallery
224 N. Hemlock, Tel:503-436-0844


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June Carey
June has been painting full time since 1982, but it was in the early 90's while traveling the Mendocino coast, that she discovered the California wine country, which reminded her of the long lost fields she fell in love with as a child in Pennsylvania. She painted her first vineyard scene in 1996, and this interest has taken her to the countryside of Tuscany, where she feels she probably lived in a former lifetime. Her passion springs forth through the beauty of the fertile earth, which she says has always been her real teacher.

Icefire Glassworks
Corner of Hemlock and Gower Streets

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Jim Kingwell
What began as a five-year experiment evolved into a life-forming fascination with glass for Jim Kingwell. Today, he has pieces in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries. His new work offers a fabulous array of colors and forms as he melts a virtually colorless formula with exceptional clarity and handling capability that energizes every color he brings to his finished off-hand blown glass designs.

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Suzanne Kindland
Suzanne's journey into the world of glass began with a dream where she was suspended in a pillar of fire. Turning in the flames she found herself dancing. That dancing continues as she continues to learn the ways of glass, creating with it as her partner and bringing forth objects reminiscent more of water than fire: cool, smooth forms that reflect light as a pond does, sculptures that bend the light as a ripple does, calm creations that transmit light like the stillest pool.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

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172 N. Hemlock, Tel:503.436.2600

Jeffrey Hull
Jeffrey Hull began has painting career over 35 years ago in Cannon Beach, and it is from its coastline that he draws his inspiration. Today he is widely known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of the places where water joins land, controlling the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings. Recently he has returned to painting in oil as well, and is rarely found far from the ocean's edge.

Modern Villa Gallery
224 N. Hemlock, Tel:503-436-2428


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David Jonathan Marshall
With his imaginative style, bold use of color and dramatic perspective, David brings a fresh new look to the art world. His skill at capturing movement and animation in his art is a direct reflection of his own lifestyle and view of the world. He says, "I feel like I'm putting a puzzle together. I paint the pieces of that puzzle, but even I don't always know what will be seen in the end."

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Sarah Goodnough
Painting vivid abstract viewscapes, Sarah sources the natural world for her redefined realities of wonder. Inspired by nature and the human spirit, she frequently uses photography taken from her daily walks and world travels as reference and inspiration for her paintings. Her intuitive style of painting, combined with techniques using texture, transparent layers of color and strong composition, create distinctive visual experiences with sensitivity to mood and emotion.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery
232 N. Spruce Tel:503-436-0741

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Christopher Burkett
Studying with Ansel Adams inspired award winning fine art color landscape photographer Christopher Burkett to redefine color photography as Adams had defined black and white. The Washington Post says, "Burkett has achieved in Cibachrome what Eliot Porter achieved for dye-transfer or Weston for black & white". Each handcrafted photograph is a hand printed, hand crafted fine art original, solely created by the artist.

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Georgia Gerber
Georgia Gerber's bronze sculptures define many NW public spaces, including "Rachel the Pike Place Pig" in Seattle's Pike Place Market and 25 sculptures surrounding Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland. Gerber won the vote in 2010 for her Tufted Puffins. She typically works on two to three public installation commissions at one time bringing forth the essence of the subject using the traditional lost wax casting technique.

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Eric Jacobsen
In 2001, Art & Antiques Magazine rated plein air painter Eric Jacobsen one of the top 16 emerging artists in America. His awards have included the significant fellowship he received after completing his studies at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Copely Artist Award, has been recognized by the Oil Painters of America for his contribution, and featured in Southwest Art Magazine.

Primary Elements Gallery

172 N. Hemlock Tel:503-436-0220
email: pegallery@qwestoffice.net

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Marianne Post
Because she is an avid outdoors woman, Marianne's subject is "naturally" the landscape. Using soft pastels in a "painterly" impressionistic style, her award winning work reflects quiet morning vistas, light glinting off the water's surface and the grandeur of the Oregon high country. It also conveys her fascination with nature, light and color.

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Carol Barnett
Carol's paintings are of the Northwest farmlands, mountains and seashore. She abstracts from nature by exaggerating shape, color and textures to convey her feelings about a place, rather than just providing a literal description. Her media is watercolor or acrylic and sometimes includes collage or pencil. She paints in the studio and plein air, usually starting with sketches and gathering photo references to capture the fleeting light or a particular detail. Her hope is that a viewer can experience a place in a new way through her paintings.

Jewelry by Sharon Amber

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172 N. Hemlock Tel:503-436-1494

Sharon Amber
Artist Sharon Amber is best known for her jewelry designs that incorporate local "gems" carved into mermaids, seascapes, and faces bedecked with exotic colored stones. But she can also make the chips fly, carving local sandstone into images related to the sea.

White Bird Gallery
251 N. Hemlock Tel:503.436.2681

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Pamela Wachtler-Fermanis
A career in commercial art brought Pamela to the Pacific Northwest, and ultimately to her decision to return to her first love, oil painting. Whenever possible she paints en plein air to capture the fleeting qualities of light and the immediacy of the moment. She has been featured in seven solo shows and 35 juried and invitational group shows

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Rebecca DeVere
Rebecca has been a painter her entire life, holding her first show at age 11. After settling in Seattle, she created a thriving mosaic business which she sold in 2009, allowing her to return to her roots as an oil painter. Her subject matter includes the back roads of Oregon and Washington done in plein air, as well a series she calls "Views From Home."

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Sylvia Carlton
Sylvia is an avid outdoor painter, so dedicated that in 1999 she founded Plein Air Washington, the largest plein air painting group in the state. She says, "There is nothing like painting the most beautiful scenery imaginable, whether traveling or staying close to home." Her goal is to capture all of the details in nature that most people miss, so that she can share them. She wants those who view her work to feel the same joy that she feels about her time spent with her brushes outside in the fresh air.