NW By NW GALLERY Ivan McLean Stainless Steel. from 4 to 7 ft. Sculpture pivots to capture light and reflection . In our Landmark Sculpture Garden in front of the gallery. Ivan McLean “Re-invention” Stainless SteelRead More →

Oregon Artist , contemporary sculptor, Ivan McLean creates sculpture for private gardens, public spaces & corporate campuses like the “House” created for the Nike Campus . His works can be seen throughout Portland & in the sculpture garden of NW By NW GALLERY across from the City Park & Info Center. Known for his very large spheres that dot Public Spaces of the West Coast, including across from the Hollywood Hills. Northwest By Northwest Gallery 232 N Spruce cannon BeachRead More →

Don Stastny local bronze sculptor & architect Bronze Sculpture Please Visit us at  NWBYNWGALLERY.com Don Stastny Bronze Moses:Sky Warrior edition of 10 . 8.5″h x 6″w x 5″d $2800. edition of 10. “Moses” is based on a character from the book “Mink River” by Brian Doyle …Stastny is the architect for the Warm Springs Museum, Native American Study Center at Portland State, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and many large projects for cities around the world. spectacular patina… the book is part of the piece.. a great Oregon writer & scholar . Brian Doyle had written a lovely article about Oregon Fine Art Photographer Christopher Burkett.Read More →

We’ve had a good amount of time these last couple of weeks to think about emotion and connection.  In doing what we do, it’s impossible not to also think about these topics in relation to art.  It’s a common occurrence around here to see true resonance of emotion – everything from joy to deep suffering.  The magic of what another human can convey, with passion, skilled hands, and personal vision, is ever humbling.  Whether it’s a simple recognition of humor, a landscape that triggers memories, or the stirring of something deep that we can’t quite put our finger on, we all know it when weRead More →

We are well and hope you are too! I’ve been painting during this unprecedented time because, what else am I going to do? Thanks for taking the time to check out my newest work. During a normal year we would be ramping up for Spring Unveiling at this point. This year’s event has been moved and if things go as planned will take place in late June, but who knows, right? The good news is that gives me more time to paint, but obviously a longer time without our normal end of winter income. So… I will not hold any work back and you will, as always be the first to seeRead More →

Please Visit us at  NWBYNWGALLERY.com Ivan McLean’s spheres are created free hand .. no form. Stainless steel from 36 inches to 19ft … They can hang or be installed on stand in a garden if you visit NWBYNWGALLERY.com we have a strong representation of his work Northwest By Northwest Gallery is located in the heart of Cannon Beach on Spruce street across from the City Park & Info Center 232 N Spruce Cannon Beach OregonRead More →

Please Visit us at  NWBYNWGALLERY.com Oregon Arts Watch Voices from the front: ‘We’re in it for the long haul’ The longtime owner of a Cannon Beach art gallery predicts her business and others will survive the COVID-19 shutdown, with a little help from the community March 26, 2020 // Lori Tobias Joyce Lincoln remembers vowing to herself at the age of 9 that one day she would live in Cannon Beach. Even as a child, she appreciated the natural beauty, the fresh air, and the community spirit. The Northwest native saw her wish come true in 1987, when she and her husband, Robert Necker, openedRead More →