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New painting by Jeffrey Hull

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"Weathered at Sunset" by Jeffrey Hull

“Weathered at Sunset” by Jeffrey Hull

There are many unique trees up and down the Pacific Northwest coast that just cry out to be painted. How in the world they survive growing on top of rock with virtually no soil is a wonder to me but they clearly grow roots capable of holding on while weathering the storms they are dealt. By design I shaped the reflecting tide pool to simulate the linear form of the tree limbs.

Original Framed Watercolor 29 ½” x 23” $1,850 – Image 19 ½” x 13” All Rights Reserved

Changing Nature, The Green Show – The Cannon Beach Gallery

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Changing Nature April 3 – April 26, 2015

Artist Reception: April 4, 5 – 7pm

Exhibit Sponsor: Recology Western Oregon



"Bug Community" by Tara

“Bug Community” by Tara

“Bug Community,” Tara Doherty, painting on found wood.

learning to build

“Learning to Build’, Lloyd McMullen

“Learning to Build’, Lloyd McMullen. The mixed media pod includes a small bird and bird nest inside. Materials: Pod: Burnt wire frame, sewing patterns, flex gel and acrylic mediums. Birds nest: acrylic mediums, sushi bowl, actual bird’s nest; with bird made from Christmas light bulb, wire, acrylic/mediums, peeled paint, sewing patterns.


The Cannon Beach Gallery will be featuring an installation during the month of April that will feature well known Cannon Beach artist, Steve McLeod along with central Oregon artists Lloyd McMullen and Tara Doherty. The installation, Changing Nature, expands upon the concept of the “butterfly effect”: that every action no matter how small has global consequences. An Artist Reception on April 4, from 5 – 7 p.m. will include a short talk by the artists. The show is on display from April 3 –April 26, 2015. The Cannon Beach Gallery is located Midtown Cannon Beach at 1064 S. Hemlock Street in Midtown, Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach artist, Steve McLeod will display assemblages and mobiles constructed of tsunami debris. McLeod is known equally for his background in fine arts and as an avid beach comber and collector of lost cargo that has fallen off of passing container ships. His work is a reflection on the life of the ocean and how it is being impacted by modern plastics. McMullen and Doherty create installations together that tell stories about what it means to be a part of the world today as artists who work green. They are collectively interested in the chaos theory, known as the butterfly effect, which describes how a small change at one place can result in huge differences in a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from theoretical example of the details of a hurricane (exact time of formation, exact path taken) being influenced by the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier. The installation of mixed media work will heavily incorporate found objects and cast off materials, to suggest a small biosphere investigating that theory: every action no matter how small has a global consequence. Large cocoons and nests made from up-cycled materials will hang from gallery walls, casting shadows around the pieces. A wall of two-dimensional icons of flying creatures will personify the transitory nature of the natural world. The use of transferred images, found objects, rusty metal, broken glass, wire, wood, plastic and paper, comment on the impact of human activity on habitat. The image of cocoon especially serves as metaphor for metamorphosis: the fragile and changing nature of our planet. “This is a show of faith in Nature’s evolutionary flexibility. It is art about hope and the power of transformation,” writes artist, Lloyd McMullen. For the fourth year in a row, Recology is sponsoring the green show, Changing Nature, as an Exhibit Underwriter.



Reflections at Silver Point – New painting by Jeffrey Hull

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My cares seem to evaporate when I walk on the beach especially at sunset. These two sea stacks at the south end of Cannon Beach are among my favorite to explore and paint. If it weren’t for our famous “Haystack Rock” these two would certainly be what Cannon Beach is known for. While the reflections are what people are likely drawn to, compositionally I selected the exact location to paint them from because it provides a stable triangle that is very comfortable to our western aesthetic and has been used for centuries by painters and sculptors. In essence the three rocks create a triangle with the height of the middle rock touching the line between the one on the left and the one on the right. Together they are roughly the same shape (though in reverse) as the smallest one on the left which utilizes another design principle of repetition. These tools the artist uses unify their work and communicate more than this is just a “pretty painting”.

Original Framed Watercolor 43 ½”  x 63 ½”  $6,500 – Image 33 ½” x 53 ½” All Rights Reserved

Rosetta represented by Bronze Coast Gallery has won 2nd Place!

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Rosetta’s “High Country Totem” has won 2nd Place in the “Representing the West” show at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center in Pueblo, CO. She told us… “This exhibition showcases over 100 pieces of original artwork answering the question of what the American West means to each artist” and I’m happy to have my view, that the animals are what is most meaningful to me, represented there.

Sneak Previews for Spring Unveiling 2015!

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Spring Unveiling Arts Festival – May 1-3, 2015

Primary Elements Gallery


“Coralita”, a mermaid in bronze by Canadian sculptor, Jack Gibson has just arrived in Primary Elements Gallery. The artist and his wife will join us for Spring Unveiling. May 1-3.

LG Burger will be performing for Primary Elements Gallery

SWAF 11-2013 LG

LG Burger – Primary Elements Gallery

Heather Soderberg – new work at
Primary Elements Gallery

Heather Solderberg Phoenix Rooster Clay for Bronze

Heather Soberberg
Japanese Golden Phoenix Family
Clay for Bronze

Heather Solderberg Phoenix Rooster Clay for Bronze

Heather Soderberg
Japanese Golden Phoenix Rooster
Clay for Bronze

Here is a photo of Heather Soderberg’s newest piece.  It is a Japanese Golden Phoenix family.  The colors will be very bright and contemporary, lots of reds and greens and golds 🙂  The rooster and hopefully the rest of the family cast will be cast in bronze for Spring Unveiling 2015.  Each piece can be purchased separate or all together.

 Cannon Beach Treasure  – Spring Unveiling Event


Cannon Beach Treasure

Mark your calendars!  The 15th Annual Spring Unveiling is set for May 1-3, 2015.  Run away to Cannon Beach for the weekend and join us as we unveil our exciting new collections.  Here at Cannon Beach Treasure you will have first pick of….

  • Glittering Silver Ecu’s (the size of a silver dollar), all that remains of the French vessel Le Chameau, which wrecked on the shores of Nova Scotia in 1725
  • Our extensive collection of rare trade beads – including the New World’s first trade beads brought by the earliest Spanish Explorers in the early 1500’s, and the coveted 7-layer Italian Chevron beads traded both here in through North America, including the Pacific Northwest, as well as in Africa.  And, my favorites, early Dutch wound annulars in the rarest colors!
  • An exclusive private collection of 1715 Fleet shipwreck Pieces of Eight in celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the 1715 Fleet – Robert can bezel one of these rare pieces to your specifications
  • Hand-hammered Frankish-Greco Crusader coins (as seen on History Channel’s Curse of Oak Island) stunning examples of medieval silver pieces bearing the Crusaders Cross

And, of course, many other fascinating artifacts, including “just arrived” apothecary and poison bottles from our diggers in England and Scotland – many in beautiful kelly green and cobalt blue.


Cannon Beach Treasure

Love Sea Glass? Then Spring Unveiling is for You!And… of course, for my Sea Glass fans, Spring Unveiling is when I put out the rarest sea glass found by my dedicated hunters during the Winter season – the best time to find the rarest of the rare – red, turquoise, Amberina and the elusive art glass sea glass will all be on display.If you’d like to receive a preview email with pictures of the rare pieces in your favorite color, please email me at, and I will add you to my list!