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New Work at Primary Elements Gallery

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“Jazzed Up Coffee Table” by Tom McCallum











New Painting by Jeffrey Hull

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Leaning Into Sunset

Most creative people, especially writers and painters, know the frustration of staring at a blank page or canvas before the work begins to flow. For me, inspiration usually happens when I’m out looking for it but I’ve learned some other ways to find the excitement for a new painting. I have a small note in my studio that simply reminds me that “sketching brings inspiration”. Before starting this watercolor I picked up my sketch book and this composition was already completed waiting to be discovered again. I simply combined the composition with the sunsets I’d seen over the last few days and voila, I was off to the races on my blank piece of watercolor paper.

Original Framed Watercolor 23 ½” x 31 ½” $1,950 – Image 14” x 21 ½” All Rights Reserved

New Painting by Jeffrey Hull

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Nurse Log at Sunset
Over time these driftlogs become nurseries for opportunistic trees, scotch broom and salal. They make wonderful subject matter for an artist and are so uniquely “Pacific Northwest”. Occasionally they float away on exceptionally high tides associated with heavy rain and storms but they generally reside for decades in the same location.

Original Framed Watercolor 21 ½” x 25 ½” $1,500 – Image 12” x 16” All Rights Reserved

New Work by Carlos Acevedo presented by Northwest by Northwest Gallery

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Carlos Acevedo “River Stix”

Wired Stallion Bronze Horse

Carlos Acevedo “Wired Stallion”















Rustic Bronze Heart on Base

Carlos Acevedo “Rust”














Photo credit:  Amahra Leaman

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New Jeffrey Hull Paintings

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Jeffrey Hull “Rattle and Roar”


Jeffrey Hull “Gray Seas and Sea Pink”