Colorado sculptor Linda Prokop has several new bronze sculptures at Bronze Coast Gallery. ‘Poised for Success’ features a schoolgirl balancing a book on her head, while ‘Almost Within Reach’ shows a girl reaching to select a book from a high shelf. ‘Leader of the Pack’ has a female figure walking, or being walked, by six dogs. A weightlifter struggling with a heavy set of weights is ‘Determined’ while ‘Finish Line’ depicts three runners breaking the tape in a foot race. A solitary figure holding the end of a long coil of rope is literally at the ‘End of the Rope’.

“The source of my imagery is rooted in my fascination with common, everyday occurrences,” explains Prokop, and the titles of her sculptures reflect this as she interprets everyday sayings and phrases. Prokop’s sculptures share a distinct style, as she keeps the pieces rough and somewhat impressionistic. “My favorite tools are my hands because the finger impressions on a finished piece reveal the intimacy from the initial moments of creative discovery”, Prokop said.

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