Two new sculptures by Oregon artist David Crawford debuted at Bronze Coast Gallery during Spring Unveiling 2013: ‘Clown Dog’ and ‘Ninth Life Pajama Cat with Minor Repairs’.

Both sculptures reflect on the nature of human-animal relationships and draw from the artist’s personal experiences. Crawford says of ‘Clown Dog’, “With this piece, I see the dog as a bemused partner to the baleful clown; Piglet to Eeyore…a dog that finds pleasure in the simple things, and with a wag of its tail, rubs some of that joy onto those around it.” His work ‘Ninth Life Pajama Cat with Minor Repairs’ depicts a cat whose exterior has seen better days and shows the artist’s imagined attempts at keeping it together until the very end. The sculpture was made in honor of Crawford’s last cat. “Even in my most optimistic moments I didn’t figure he could be maintained much longer, but this piece shows some of the ideas I had to squeeze the last bits of feline companionship out of his weary old hide.”

Crawford lives and maintains a studio and foundry in Halfway, Oregon and says he owes his very rural upbringing and surroundings as the main influences on the images he creates.

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