Cobbled Ox

Oregon artist and sculptor David Crawford has two new sculptures at Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach.


‘Mending’, a female form, conveys themes of choosing a path and how imperfections and flaws become integral parts of the self one makes on the journey to adulthood. “Flaws can become character, and scars can become spice,” Crawford said. “Some of the most impactful people have had many obstacles in their way to becoming the person we revere. “An ode to animals and their history of working with humans, ‘Cobbled Ox’ depicts a beast of burden in a strained pose. “ I have attempted to deal with the tensions inherent in our utilization of a fellow being,” said Crawford. Both sculptures are limited editions of nine.

Crawford lives and maintains a studio and foundry in Halfway, Oregon where each of his distinctive sculptures are made by hand. Crawford says he owes his very rural upbringing and surroundings as the main influences on the images he creates.

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