Opening Reception: Saturday, August 4th, 4:00 – 6:00pm

Ken Grant has been a full-time painter for over 30 years, the Oregon artist is known for his renderings of empty rooms and architectural spaces that capture the shifting light of day, casting unique shadows on lone still-life objects. Rooted in illustration, Grant’s highly refined style resembles photo-realism. His pieces are created from a number of model and still life studies that are composed into imaginary scenes that evoke both illusions and reality.

For his new exhibition, Grant revisits his ongoing interest in
figurative painting and surrealism. Utilizing his skillfulapproach to depicting reality, Grant infuses many of his newest pieces with wit, fantasy and romance. Sensual women draped in intricately patterned clothing, still-life’s that float into vast oceanic landscapes and quiet light-filled rooms where rippling waves are just outside windows. This new exhibition will be presented at White Bird Gallery, where Grant has been exhibiting regularly for over 25 years.

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