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Icefire Glassworks

Icefire Glassworks has operated out of its current location in Midtown Cannon Beach since 1991. Owner Jim Kingwell studied ceramics and was introduced to glass blowing at Portland State University under the tutelage of Ray Grimm. He founded Icefire Glassworks in 1975, representing his own work. He moved to Cannon Beach, Oregon in 1991, and set up shop at the place where Bill and Sally Worcester used to make their glass.

Since then, Icefire Glassworks has grown to represent several artists, each of whom has an abiding love for the Pacific Northwest and a connection to Cannon Beach specifically. Today, the gallery features the work of Jim, Suzanne Kindland, Michelle Kaptur, Mark Gordon, Kathleen Sheard, Tony Parker, Steve Krig, and Robert Tamis, Laura Bowker and Wendy Harmon.

Our focus is on glass art that showcases each of these artists’┬átalents and dedication to skill. While we typically offer one-of-a-kind pieces, there is limited custom work available.

Also featured are gallery friends Mark Gordon, Michelle Kaptur and Steven Krig.

Spring Unveiling 2020


Icefire Glassworks


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