CANNON BEACH , OREGON – Haystack Gallery, celebrating its 34th Anniversary this year, has set aside the month long August Exhibition as the:

Fun in the Sun Exhibition.
August and the sun has finally arrived at the beach. Our artists for the month have captured all of that fun in the sun in some very special pieces. Featured Artists: John Ebner, Michael D. Sorensen and Huibert VanDrimmelen.

John Ebner – At age five, John Ebner was fascinated with painting, exploring the world of watercolors and watching them expand on the paper. This fascination carried him through high school and on to the Advertising Art School in Portland, Oregon, where he earned a degree in art.

Embarking on a different career path, Ebner didn’t pick up a brush until 1974, when his wife enrolled him in a watercolor class as a birthday present. Today Ebner has established himself as one of the most widely collected watercolorists in the Pacific Northwest.

Ebner’s popularity continues to increase with his sellout prints of the genre he calls his “rain people.” These rain people address the delicate balancing act between pigment and paper. With warm tones next to cool tones and soft lines next to hard lines, a sense of mystery is added.

Michael David Sorensen – Michael started watercolor painting at age 13 and has enjoyed it ever since. Michael claims that he started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil in an effort to compete with his older brother, Dan, and his dad. His dad was a professional artist, blowing glass, so when it came time to homeschool Michael and Dan, their dad became the art teacher. Michael was homeschooled all of the way through school other than a short time in a private school.

Michael went on to Clark College in Washington where he took every art class he could fit into his schedule and met several instructors that pushed him in his artwork. Even after finishing college Sorensen still relies on his brother and dad for art instruction and an ever-ready honest critique of his artwork.

One of Michael’s favorite things to do is travel and explore all of the amazing things that God created. Many of his paintings are inspired by road trips with his brother, Dan and his friend Adam. The three of them are currently working toward their goal of seeing every National Park in the U.S. and Canada.

Huibert VanDrimmelen – Huibert was born in Ziest, The Netherlands in 1950. In the late 50’s his parents immigrated to Canada and settled in British Columbia. During Huibert’s childhood he was always attracted to the arts. He graduated from Langara College in 1972 with an arts major. Huibert continues developing and honing his skills as an artist.

After several successful art shows in 1989-1993, Huibert concentrated on commissions and other interests involving travel. This is a defining time in Huibert’s journey as an artist and is the beginning of his adventure into mixed media, and representation in over twenty countries around the world. After spending holidays in Cannon Beach his love for the sea is expressed in his most recent works

About Haystack Gallery

A Fine Art Gallery established in 1977, Haystack Gallery displays the artwork of over 75 Northwest, national and internationally recognized artists, covering a wide range of styles including original oils, pastels, acrylics and watercolors, bronze and steel sculptures, hand-made jewelry, limited and open edition giclées and lithographs. We feature artists such as: Steve Hanks, Pino, John Ebner, Frogman, Rie Munoz, Sean Conrad, Mike Smith, Sally O’Neill and Michael Tieman.

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