Sheila Evans pastels are beautiful , lyrical and sensitive…her subtle , intuitive sense of color makes me think of Turner or Constable-or the hues you hear in a Yo-Yo Ma cello solo”. Ben Mitchell, Senior Curator of Art, Northwest Museum of Art & Culture
Congratulations to Sheila as she has just sold a work for the permanent museum collection of the pastel museum in France after she received the Award for Creativity from the Saint Aulaye’s Pastels Salon International. The museum is named for the town Saint Aulaye,
Dordogne, France. Sheila holds signature membership with the Pastel Society of America and the Northwest Pastel Society. All works are presented to museum archival standard.
Sheila uses soft pastel on archival paper . Iridescent effects emerge as she builds layer upon layer, alternating cool and warm tones. Her paintings are all original, one of a kind works- never a reproduction of any kind.
Northwest By Northwest Gallery Celebrates 25 Years of Original Works by Regional Masters.

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