Join Eric and Michael for a unique and exciting plein-air workshop in Cannon Beach, Oregon 5-days: June 24th-28th, 2013 The event will take place at The Ocean Lodge 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Daily. Price: $500.00 For further information please call Michael Orwick 503 329 2167. or visit This workshop leads into the Cannon Beach Plein Air and More Arts Festival More →

Robert Schlegel is well-known in the region for expressive depictions of Northwest subjects that reflect his ongoing interest in the contrast between man-made structures and the landscape. Many of his subjects are drawn from rural environments, animals and architectural forms. With a moody sense of color and light, Schlegel’s familiar imagery reflects a strong sense of place, while some of his more painterly canvases possess a bold palette and brush-stoke creating a tension between the realism and abstraction. Jacquline Hurlbert is also a popular Oregon artist who creates psychologically charged ceramic sculptures. Her colorful work utilizes imaginary figures with emotional faces and costuming to askRead More →

The Cannon Beach Gallery is pleased to announce Astoria artist, Noel Thomas, will be the featured artist and curator of the upcoming juried show, Boats. Boats will run June 1 – June 24, 2013, with an Artist’s Reception held Saturday, June 1 between 5 – 7 p.m. Thomas is known for his evocative watercolor renderings of the vessels of the Columbia River, in particular the cargo ships. “Ships are practical and rugged, and I am drawn to how they embody the notion of form following function,” says Thomas of his inspiration. The juried component of the show centers on the theme of boats. Submissions shouldRead More →

Haystack Gallery, celebrating its 36th Anniversary this year, has set aside the month long April Exhibition for their “Whimsical” artists: Bishop/Cowdery, Sue Howells, Jeff Zigulis and Bart DeGraaf. We have everything from DeGraaf’s watercolors of frogs in martini’s, Bishop/Cowdery’s enameled glass and painted wood of animals doing crazy “people antics”, English artist Sue Howells’ fanciful watercolors of  people in London, to Washington artist Jeff Zigulis with his colorful ceramic dream masks. Join us this month and have a laugh, it’s our pleasure.Read More →

Several new exquisite bronze sculptures by Melissa Cooper have landed at Bronze Coast Gallery. ‘Morning Companions’ has two gray doves sitting atop a three-sided vessel, ‘Yellow Warbler’ is perched on a branch above a small round pot, and ‘Cherry Blossoms’ depicts two song birds attached to the side of a warm patinaed vase adorned with cherry blossoms. ‘Winter Berries’ shows a plump robin holding holly berries on top of a square perch. ‘Wine Warbler’ arrived here during Savor Cannon Beach and is a clever and attractive stopper for that opened bottle of wine. After working for years in an art foundry, Cooper possesses a uniqueRead More →

The Cannon Beach Gallery announces “Verde,” its second annual green-inspired art show, opening Saturday, April 6, 2013, with an Artist Reception that evening from 5-7 p.m. Featured artist Ashley Mersereau will exhibit new work from her highly successful jewelry line, RootsAndWings. Frequently utilizing up-cycled materials to create a polished finished product, pieces from the RootsAndWings line incorporate gold, silver, copper, gemstones, and pearls. The result is a jewelry line that reflects Ms. Mersereau’s philosophy to make her life, “in as many ways as possible, a beautiful, creative act.” The Verde Show also features a juried component to be curated by Royal Nebeker, former director ofRead More →

This March, the Cannon Beach Gallery in midtown will host a show featuring three generations of the Greaver Family. Since 1978, Hanne and Harry Greaver have operated the Greaver Gallery in Cannon Beach. Their fine art graphics, drawings and paintings have been included in national juried exhibits in the US and Canada, with over 30 two-person shows to their credit. Their son Peter will exhibit detailed watercolors while their daughter Lotte will show original drawings. Thirteen-year old grandson Connor Kealey will make Cannon Beach Gallery history as one of the youngest artists ever to be showcased in an invitational group show at the gallery. ConnorRead More →

Dragonfire Gallery will hold its annual Chinese New Year Show & Party over the President’s Day Weekend. The show will feature new work created for the event by many of DragonFire’s artists. The reception will take place from 2-5pm on Saturday, February 16. Live music will be provided by popular local artist, Bucky Pottschmidt on guitar and vocals. Asian inspired cuisine will be provided by Chef Jonathan Hoffman.Read More →

February 1-28, 2013 Cannon Beach Gallery February brings four vanguard artists to the Cannon Beach Gallery. Eunice Parsons, Rex Amos, Liz Cohn, and Grace Sanchez will be featured in “Sacred & Profane: The Art of Collage.” Ninety-six year old Parsons is no newcomer to the Oregon arts scene and creates collage using torn bits of paper she collected over the decades. Rex Amos is Cannon Beach’s own skilled scissors man whose ability to cut complex edges with precision, transforming the cut forms into fantastic imagery, landed him in the Hallie Ford Museum of Art last summer. Liz Cohn hails from 12×16 Gallery and GalleryRead More →

Colorado sculptor Linda Prokop has several new bronze sculptures at Bronze Coast Gallery. ‘Poised for Success’ features a schoolgirl balancing a book on her head, while ‘Almost Within Reach’ shows a girl reaching to select a book from a high shelf. ‘Leader of the Pack’ has a female figure walking, or being walked, by six dogs. A weightlifter struggling with a heavy set of weights is ‘Determined’ while ‘Finish Line’ depicts three runners breaking the tape in a foot race. A solitary figure holding the end of a long coil of rope is literally at the ‘End of the Rope’. “The source of my imageryRead More →

The Cannon Beach Gallery announces a new show, Chimera: Mythological and Hybrid Creatures featuring a new collection by painter Dmitri Swain. Dmitri describes the work as a “narrative about creatures, animals, flowers, mycology, biology and even science itself…the canvas becomes a story weaving a tapestry about ecology.” This exhibit includes a juried component. Artists may submit work related to the Chimera theme on Thursday, January 3 from 10am to 4pm at the Cannon Beach Gallery. By definition, “Chimera” refers to a fire-breathing female monster from Greek mythology, typically with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail, but it can also represent anyRead More →

Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach welcomes artist Randy Mulder and his collection of sculptures called ‘Time Machines’. Time Machines are working clocks made from an assemblage of new, recycled, and found items that merge the past and present. Adorned with objects, words, and pictures, each Time Machine is unique; Mulder also does custom pieces using personal photographs and other memorabilia. A self-taught artist, Mulder describes himself at an artistic “dabbler”, having pursued a career as a stand-up comedian, and specializing for many years doing people and pet portraiture as well as writing poetry. He has been making his found-item sculpture for five years andRead More →