September .A collector’s selection of renowned public artist and noted bronze sculptor Georgia Gerber’s
work is presented. Gerber has created Tufted Puffins, an edition of 15 for Cannon Beach. A percentage of the sale of the sculpture goes to HRAP.

Contemporary sculptor Ivan McLean is known for his stainless steel spheres and moveable circular stabiles.
His projects include the World Trade Center in Long Beach and the Nike Campus.

Paintings and kiln formed glass by master artist Angelita Surmon. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum.

PBS NewsHour featured Christopher Burkett for his fine art film photography this year.

Special event Monday September 10th 3 to 5. Informal talk on Art. Clients include Nike & You Go Girls Tours. Curator & gallerist for over three decades, Joyce Lincoln has introduced 5 public sculptures that were voted on and selected by public choice vote. The sculptures are now owned by the City of Cannon Beach.

Hazel Schlesinger Oil Paintings. Abstract & Plein Air award winning painter. Look for her work in movies, TV commercials and international commercials. Cristina Acosta paintings of birds and panels with trees . Contemporary.

November. 31st Annual Stormy Weather Arts Festival November 2, 3 & 4. Artists in attendance ; Georgia Gerber new bronze sculpture. Friday evening reception for the sculptor 5 to 7. Talk on process of casting.

Gerber is a nationally prominent and one of the NW’s most distinctive sculptors with works like the iconic landmark “Rachel, the pig at the Pike Place Market in Seattle and downtown Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square with 26 sculptures & fountains depicting Oregon Wildlife. Gerber’s bronze sculpture helps define the character and place marks of those cities.

See web site for Saturday afternoon schedule of talks and presentations. Evening reception with artists 6 to 8.

Angelita Surmon’s rhythmic paintings of natures movements are depicted in kiln formed glass and paintings.

New bronze figurative sculpture of Ann Fleming . Distinctive the sculpture speaks of the greater themes and stories of our lives. Fleming will unveil new sculpture for the Arts Festival. Fleming’s signature sculpture “Midori” has been made into a public sculpture.

PBS NewsHour feature on Oregon’s Master of Fine Art Photography this year highlighted the end of an era of tradition with emphasis on the fact that the darkroom masters materials are no longer being made. Burkett’s master works of color photography are in numerous collections including Museum of Fine Arts Huston & The Nelson Atkins Museum of Fine Art Kansas City.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery
232 N Spruce
Cannon Beach, Oregon
503 436 0741

look for the galleries sculpture garden across from the Chamber/Info Center

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