Bronze Coast Gallery announces the completion of a new bear by wildlife sculptor Joshua Tobey titled ‘Bottom Heavy’. This particular bear was done as a request by a client of the gallery. “They wanted a seated bear” said Tobey. The client sent photos of the garden location where the bear would be placed and Tobey came up with a design for a lying down bear which he presented during Stormy Weather Arts Festival last November. “They loved it!” he said, adding “it feels pretty good to be able to sell something from a sketch.” Bronze Coast Gallery ended up selling two ‘Bottom Heavy’ sculptures that weekend. Gallery manager Melisa Colvin explained that in order to make the project budget-friendly for everyone, the sculpture is now a limited edition of 15.

Through his work, Colorado-based Tobey is able to express his passion for wildlife and the outdoors in a creative and uniquely way. He believes that art is a personal experience. People don’t just look at and appreciate Tobey’s sculptures; they interact and connect with them. Tobey considers himself a storyteller and is able to communicate with viewers through anthropomorphic interpretations of elk, bears, rabbits and other creatures. Original patinas contribute to the mood and visual texture of each piece to further connect with the viewer. ‘Bottom Heavy’ can be seen at Bronze Coast Gallery in the Landing, downtown Cannon Beach.

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