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Christopher Burkett

Christopher Burkett

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Sharon Amber

Sharon Amber

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Celebrate sculpture and watercolor at Northwest by Northwest Gallery

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Ivan McLean sculpture at Northwest by Northwest Gallery

Ivan McLean sculpture at Northwest by Northwest Gallery

Sculpture and watercolor are celebrated on Saturday September 6 from 2 to 5p at Northwest By Northwest Gallery. Public sculptor Ivan McLean has just installed a 108″ foot stainless steel sphere in Newport Beach California. Mclean is one of ten sculptors selected nationally for the Sculpture Park. His public sculpture can be seen throughout Portland from the Pearl District to the Nines Hotel & The New Seasons markets. Meet the sculptor Saturday September 6. He will share a slide show of his sculpture from 2 to 3p. From private home & garden to public sculpture Ivan McLean defines our NW landscape.

Kirk Lybecker is a nationally recognized watercolorist who has been featured on OPB TV Oregon Art Beat. His paintings are in numerous prestigious collections including Yale university & University of Oregon. His style has been honed over three decades and is in numerous prestigious private collections across the country. He will give an informal talk on Saturday September 6 between 3 & 4.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery
232 N Spruce
Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110
503 436 0741. 800 494 0741

DragonFire Gallery 13th Anniversary Sale

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DragonFire Logo

July 12th, 2001 was our opening reception, and the 13th was our first full day of business.

In honor of our 13 years, we are offering a customer appreciation discount of 13% on any purchases made this weekend over $250! This includes phone orders.

Thank you for your support of DragonFire Gallery over the years. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Eeva, Marsha, Lotte, Diane and Cathy

Bronze Sculptures by Rodd Ambroson at Bronze Coast Gallery

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"Morning Song" by Rod Ambroson at Bronze Coast Gallery

“Morning Song” by Rod Ambroson at Bronze Coast Gallery

Oregon artist Rodd Ambroson was recently selected for a show titled Portraying the Human Spirit at the prestigious Bennington Center for the Arts in Vermont. Two bronze sculptures by Ambroson will be featured: ‘Morning Song’ and ‘Dawning of the Day’. Both sculptures are figurative, depicting women in poses of contemplation and tranquility. Ambroson’s background as a medical illustrator gives his work anatomical accuracy while engaging the senses, mind, and heart.

The Bennington Center for the Arts is a non-profit full-spectrum art center built by philanthropist Bruce Laumeister. The Bennington is known for holding some of the finest art exhibitions in the country.

In its 20th year, Bronze Coast Gallery has become one of the Oregon Coast’s premiere fine art galleries. Specializing in limited edition bronze sculpture, the gallery was opened by Kim Barnett in 1993 after more than a decade spent operating a large art foundry in eastern Oregon. The focus of the Bronze Coast Gallery is to provide education in sculpture and the in depth process of bronze casting. The gallery also spotlights the finest in original painting, photography and giclee reproductions, and features more than thirty award-winning regional, national and international artists.
Bronze Coast Gallery is located in The Landing at 224 North Hemlock Street in the heart of scenic Cannon Beach, 90 minutes west of Portland on the northwest Oregon coast. Open daily from 10am to 6pm and by appointment.

Awards at 2014 Plein Air & More

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Seven Artists Receive Awards

at Cannon Beach Gallery Group’s Plein Air & More Arts Festival

Cannon Beach, OR – July 1, 2014 More than 50 artists participated

in the Cannon Beach Gallery Group’s 6th Annual Plein Air & More

Arts Festival which drew hundreds to the coast June 27-29 to watch

them paint and create throughout the town and on the beach. At the

end of the festival, Kimberly Moore from SW Art Magazine announced

six awards, three to artists who represented those painting “En Plain

Air” and three to those who represented the “& More” part of the event

which opened it up to sculptors, wood carvers, ceramic artists, metal

artists, and more.

Receiving awards from the magazine, along with a hand blown glass

sculpture created by Cannon Beach Artist Jim Kingwell from Icefire

Glassworks, were:

Eric Jacobsen, Northwest By Northwest Gallery: Award of Excellence

for “En Plein Air” work done onsite during the weekend and for overall

Dave and Boni Deal, White Bird Gallery: Award of Excellence for “&

More” work done onsite during the weekend and for overall body of

Receiving additional awards in the “En Plein Air” category from the

Sally O’Neill, Haystack Gallery : Award of Excellence for “Fiore nel

Anton Pavlenko, DragonFire Gallery: Honorary Award of Excellence

for “French Town Streets.”

Receiving additional awards in the “& More” category were:

Bill Thompson, Primary Elements Gallery: Honorary Award of

Excellence for “Rivers Rising.”

George Vetter, George Vetter FotoArt: Honorary Award of Excellence

for Best Representation of Cannon Beach for “Whale of a Splash”

The public was also invited to vote for their favorite artist in the Group

Show, which included work from all of the weekend’s featured artists

represented by the thirteen members of the Cannon Beach Gallery

Group. Winner of the “People’s Choice Award” was PrairieFire:

Colt & Turtle” a life size bronze sculpture by Georgia Gerber,

represented by Northwest By Northwest Gallery. She also received a

blown glass sculpture created by Jim Kingwell.

More information:

7th Annual Plein Air & More, June 26-28, 2015

7th Annual Plein Air & More, June 26-28, 2015

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The 7th Annual Plein Air & More Festival will Feature

Work of Nearly Forty Artists.

It’s hard to imagine a more picturesque setting than this small north Oregon Coast beach town. For years, the spectacular natural beauty of Cannon Beach has beckoned artists from around the world out of their studios to capture unique elements of this landscape “en plein air” or “in the open air”. To celebrate this challenging artistic style and the work of the artists, the Cannon Beach Gallery Group is presenting the 7th Annual Plein Air & More festival. Scheduled for June 26-28, the event will feature artists represented by ten of Cannon Beach’s art galleries

The featured artists will create art on location throughout the town and on the beach on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with their work showcased at gallery receptions on Friday evening. They will also participate in a group show at the Cannon Beach Chamber Building, which opens on Friday morning, with new work added as it is completed. A reception with light hors d’oeuvres and music will also take place at the Chamber on Saturday evening. The events are free and will take place rain or shine.

Maps detailing the location of each artist will be available at all Cannon Beach Gallery Group locations and the Chamber of Commerce. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions of the artists while they work, or simply observe.

Scroll down for a listing of artists by gallery participating in this year’s event

Plein Air & More Festival Awards Announced

Award of Excellence for “Plein Air”

Oil Painter Anton Pavlenko, Represented by DragonFire Gallery & Studio

Awarded for his body of work, plus “Needles in the Morning” which was created during the festival

Award of Excellence for “And More”

Ceramic Artist Terri Axness, Represented by Primary Elements Gallery

Awarded for her body of work, plus “Poppies” a platter created onsite.

Both received a blown glass sculpture by Jim Kingwell of Icefire Glassworks, along with a 1/2 page ad in SW Art Magazine valued at $2300.

Four Honorary Awards of Excellence were also awarded, with each receiving a 1/4 page ad valued at $1100 from SW Art Magazine.

Oil painter, Lori LaBissioniere, represented by Archimedes Gallery for “At Rest to Rust”

Oil painter, Pamela Wachtler-Fermanis, represented by White Bird Gallery for ” L.S. Wayside, CB North”

Oil painter, Jeff White, represented by Northwest By Northwest Gallery for “August Dream”

Watercolor artist, Jeffrey Hull, represented by his own gallery for “Crab Floats and Geraniums”

People’s Choice Award

Jeffrey Hull also won the “People’s Choice Award,” and received a Jim Kingwell blown glass sculpture.


Schedule of  Events

Friday,  June 26

10:00 a.m.  Group Show opens at the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce

10:00 am -4:00 pm Artists creating work throughout the town, on the beach and nearby.

5:00-7:00 p.m  Gallery receptions for featured artists

Saturday, June 27

10:00 a.m.  Group Show continues at the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce

10:00 a.m.- 4:00 pm Artists continue to create work throughout town, on the beach and nearby.

5:00-7:00 pm  Plein Air & Pinot Artists’ reception and awards presentation.

Music, wine and light hors d’oeuvres.

Sunday, June 28

11 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Artists continue to work around town, and group show continues at Cannon Beach Chamber.

Larger images available for media use by clicking.

Archimedes Gallery

“Illusive dream” by Lori LaBissioniere

Lori LaBissioniere  carves lines on her work surfaces much in the way she surfs and shreds, working with and passionately respecting the mountain and coastal landscapes she plays in, whether that be in the Cascade mountains or in the coastlines of California.  Spirited, yet strong, her works create vivid environments that echo the physical beauty in which she revels; while at the same time, her brush filters that beauty through her uniquely stylized lens. Lori brings her love of Expressionistic color and composition into the contemporary realm, with an amped up palette and graphic use of line, tying together connections between nature and modern culture.

“All That Doesn’t Meet the Eye” by Jo Lundberg

Jo Lundberg’s paintings are often described as surreal and their meaning shrouded in symbolism.  Her work is inspired by the natural world; the sea, human anatomy, and the place where psychology and the human condition bisect.  She takes up-cycled pieces of wood and uses the beauty of the wood grain as part of her composition.  Jo has shown throughout the West Coast and is currently living in Portland, Oregon.

“Farm in Powell Butte” by Pamela Claflin

Pamela Claflin. Pamela Claflin has a deep love and respect for nature…especially desert and arid areas from the Northwest to the Southwest. In her paintings she wants to transfer to the viewers the reason for capturing that particular scene…be it the quality of light, color, textures, a water source in an unusual area, or the absolute beauty of a grand scene. Occasionally she enjoys capturing a building, a bloom or animal, or an etched-out life style.

“Felucca Study 2” by Margret Short

Oregon artist Margret Short specializes in still life and floral subjects in oils. She is a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America and Master Signature Member of American Women Artists. Captivated by Rembrandt’s bling, Margret has replicated 17th century paints for her collection by hand grinding each pigment. Luscious colors, with magical names like lapis lazuli, cinnabar, and malachite are the focus of each bountiful still life. Not only are the colors duced, but sections of each original work in her paintings are a game of hide and seek.
Presenting Terra Nova: An All Juried Show. Artists Blur the Lines of Contemporary Landscape.

“Burgundy Cottage” by Anton Pavlenko

Anton Pavlenko is a Ukrainian-born painter who has always been drawn to creating imagery. His earliest memories are of drawing Russian cartoon characters before he immigrated to the United States with his family as a toddler. Encouraged by his father, he persisted in educating himself about art and painting, and today remains largely self-taught and deeply inspired by the natural world.

“The Swimming Hole” by Michael Orwick

Michael Orwick’s skill as a landscape artist creates compelling views of our world that move beyond time and place – places as mysterious as Oregon’s craggy coast, as unpredictable as a glacial view of Mount Hood, or as serene as an Oregon waterfall. His work can conjure up thoughts of Remington in his most enamored moments with the majestic west, or the dance of an impressionist on a pond or the snow.

Haystack Gallery

“Morning at Arbor Del Farm” by Sally O’Neil


Sally O’Neill says “As soon as I started working in oils I couldn’t get enough.”  As an admirer of the impressionists, she loves the effects of light and color the medium allows. Each time, she strives to create a place more beautiful than perhaps it may actually be, wanting her paintings to bring the viewer into a world they would love to be in.

Icefire Glassworks

“Garden Bloomer” by Jim Kingwell

Jim Kingwell’s life-forming fascination with glass began as a five-year experiment. Today, he has pieces in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries. And during Plein Air & More you’ll be able to see the first examples of his newest direction. Multiple firings of cast and fused glass will play with other materials, including wood and possibly clay. The idea is to produce work that evokes light and frozen motion. Over the next decade he expects Icefire’s sculpture to express ideas relating to transference, rhythmic and incremental repetition, bridging concepts and coherent light.

Vase in Ruby, Gold, Butter & Olive by Suzanne Kindland

Suzanne Kindland’s journey into the world of glass began with a dream where she was suspended in a pillar of fire. Turning in the flames she found herself dancing. That dancing continues as she continues to learn the ways of glass, creating with it as her partner and bringing forth objects reminiscent more of water than fire: cool, smooth forms that reflect light as a pond does, sculptures that bend the light as a ripple does, calm creations that transmit light like the stillest pool.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

“Sunset Shore” by Jeffrey Hull

Jeffrey Hull began has painting career 40 years ago in Cannon Beach, and it is from its coastline that he draws his inspiration. Today he is widely known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of the places where water joins land, controlling the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings. Recently he has returned to painting in oil as well, and is rarely found far from the ocean’s edge. He is a signature member of the prestigious American Society of Marine Artists.

Jewelry by Sharon Amber

Shortsands Stroll

“Shortsands Stroll” by Victoria Brooks


After a successful career as an art director in television and motion pictures, Victoria Brooks has pursued her love of painting, which she has been doing for 27 years.  In addition to being a talented studio artist, she is an accomplished plein air painter as well, and has won numerous “Best of Show” awards for her studio and plein air works.


Northwest By Northwest Gallery

NWxNW-JeffWhite-On the Clakamas 4

“On the Clakamas” by Jeff White

Jeff White’s skyscapes & landscapes in oil reflect his most memorable and moving experiences with nature. He paints the splendor of our natural world in the Northwest in pursuit of the ethereal & atmospheric light our region is known for.


“Newport Beach Civic Center Park” by Ivan McLean

Ivan McLean is a public sculptor working in steel, bronze, glass and wood. His work can be seen throughout Portland’s Pearl District and he has also created extensive site-specific installations within the Nines Hotel. His work is also well known in California where he has just installed a series of spheres of different sizes and colors on Hollywood Boulevard. His 108′ steel sculpture was also selected from 10 sculptors nationally for the Newport Beach Sculpture Park.

“Moon Dance” by Georgia Gerber

Georgia Gerber’s bronze sculptures define many NW public spaces, including “Rachel the Pike Place Pig” in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and 25 sculptures surrounding Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland. Gerber won the vote in 2010 for her Tufted Puffins. Her “Colt & Turtle” sculpture won the “People’s Choice Award” in 2014. She typically works on two to three public installation commissions at one time bringing forth the essence of the subject using the traditional lost wax casting technique.

“The Big Catch” by Douglas Granum to be installed July 8th at the Gig Harbor Museum

Douglas Granum works in sculpture from super realism like the project for the Gig Harbor History Museum called “The Big Catch”, based on a 1909 photograph of a cannery worker with a King Salmon taken by Asahel Curtis. The  sculptor  & painter works in a broad range of medium and styles and yet they can only be his. He is currently creating a sterling silver canoe based on an earlier carved wooden canoe design by the artist.

“Northwest Squall” by Hazel Schlesinger

Hazel Schlesinger discovered her passion for oil painting at an early age, inspired by her childhood on the Northwest coast. The shorelines, fields, and vineyards, and later the Mediterranean countryside, have supplied the scenes and subjects of her work. She paints from a palette of predominantly warm, vivid colors and large, rhythmic brush strokes, transforming landscapes into more contemporary or abstract realism.

Primary Elements Gallery


“Golf Anyone?” by Terri Axness

Terri Axness. Eastern Oregon provides the inspiration for Terri’s work, using a variety of mediums including pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and clay. Known primarily for her landscapes, she also paints still lifes, portraits, and decoys. Her ceramic pieces and sculpture vary from humorous to functional.

“Testing the Water” by Marianne Post

Marianne Post is an avid outdoors woman whose subject is “naturally” the landscape. Using soft pastels in a “painterly” impressionistic style, her award winning work reflects quiet morning vistas, light glinting off the water’s surface and the grandeur of the Oregon high country. It also conveys her fascination with nature, light and color.
PrimaryElements-RipCaswell-Double Trouble_web

“Double Trouble” by Rip Caswell

Rip Caswell has lived in the northwest since early childhood. The son of a guide and outfitter, he was encouraged to study taxidermy with which he won national awards. The interest in animals helped him later with his figurative sculptures and wildlife subjects. Today, he is an accomplished sculptor with private and corporate collectors worldwide and has created over 200 sculptures of various subjects in contemporary and realistic styles.

“Pelican” by Heather Soderberg

Heather Soderberg’s  father was a foundry worker and encouraged and supported her desire to sculpt. Drawing national attention as a child prodigy, her story was featured by Paul Harvey, People Magazine, Nat’l Geographic World, and “That’s Incredible”. In 2009 she bought the foundry she worked at and moved it to the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. Her “Sacagawea, Pompi, and Seaman” commissioned by the Port of Cascade Locks, has gained regional and worldwide attention.

White Bird Gallery

“Distant Coast – Arcadia” by Beverly Kindley

For Beverly Drew Kindley observing and painting is a meditation, an active appreciation, a way to connect intuitively with nature. When she turns to the peace of fields and beaches, the strength of trees in shadow, the spirited persistence of wildflowers or the flickering light of ponds and gardens, she feels refreshed, exhilarated, and enriched. She absorbs a scene, focuses on the mood, simplifies the important features and begins to visualize a way to suggest feelings and ideas and create a sense of life.

“Salt Creek Solitude” by Greta Lindwood

Gretha Lindwood’s  paintings are best described as “crisp, refreshing, and vivid.” Vibrant color and strong design are hallmarks of her work developed during a 30-year career as an illustrator and graphic designer. Using soft pastel sticks, recompressed powdered pigments from the earth, she makes her marks on artist grade sandpaper to express the effects oflight and atmosphere as she paints the landscape en plein air.Recent awards for her work include “Best Pastel” at the 2013 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Competition. She has also won recognition for her work at shows in Laguna, Carmel, and Los Gatos.

Untitled by Dave and Boni Deal

The husband and wife team of Dave and Boni Deal has collaborated in clay for more than 30 years, working fulltime at their rustic home studio in the Cascades. They have worked almost solely in raku since the 70′s, and are known for large classical forms and intricate surface designs. A unique aspect of their pottery is the focus on the native environment … the plants, geology, and wildlife that are reflected in the themes and materials used in their work, like the heron urns, leaf imprint pots and landscape triptychs. During the weekend, they will be doing a raku firing on the beach at Sunset.

“Elements Just Fallen” by Scott Johnson

Although Scott Johnson’s landscape studies are rooted in plein air painting, early on he began to add the little touches that rouse the imagination—the faint treetops that indicate a valley beyond the hill, or the tiny glint of water that tantalizes over a grassy dune. These hints at an unseen landscape, beyond the one we see, were an introduction to his dream world. His love of nature is evident in his work, but its mood, often portrayed by impending weather, dominates the objects in the landscape.

“Coastal Rainbow” by Pamela Wachtler-Fermanis’

Pamela Wachtler-Fermanis’ work reflects the impressionistic style of “The Philadelphia 10.” a group of Moore College painters of the 1900’s.  Her pastoral landscapes invite the viewer to pause and walk down the lane.  She says, “The world is a beautiful place and that’s what I try to capture in my paintings.  Even ordinary life offers magical moments for my canvas.”
Little Grove  8x12 2

“Little Grove” by Leigh Anne Boy

Leigh Anne Boy is an oil painter/artist who makes her home in Bend.  She explores the northwestern landscape with her dog Zephyr, observing the amazing drama unfolding before her.  Her paintings are done mostly from life in her sensitive, Impressionistic style, capturing the incredible light of nature.

Randall J Hodges

Randall J Hodges

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Georgia Gerber to sculpt at Northwest by Northwest Gallery during Plein Air & More Arts Festival

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Georgia Gerber's Rabbits

Northwest by Northwest Gallery’s Georgia Gerber working on rabbits

Georgia Gerber's Colt

Northwest by Northwest Artist Georgia Gerber with colt.

Saturday June 28th from 1 to 3 during the Plein Air & More Arts Festival in Cannon Beach is the only time Georgia Gerber works in front of an audience. Watch her sculpt outside Northwest By Northwest Gallery on Spruce Street across from the City Park & the Cannon Beach Information Center. Northwest by Northwest Gallery, celebrating their 28th year, features Original Fine Art and Fine Craft by established Pacific Northwest Artists whose works are recognized for their excellence and contribution to the Arts. Artists whose work celebrates the beauty and spirit of the NW. A vision and philosophy of the real cultural value of original art. An appreciation of the heritage of technique and craft. Travel Oregon selected NW By NW GALLERY to represent Cannon Beach for the European Channel travelogue Christopher Burkett, Lillian Pitt, Georgia Gerber, Ruth Brockmann, Steve Jensen, Wayne Chabre, Nelson Davis.

15th Annual Spring Unveiling Arts Festival – May 1-3, 2015

15th Annual Spring Unveiling Arts Festival – May 1-3, 2015

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Painting by David Jonathan Marshall at Modern Villa Gallery

The members of the Cannon Beach Gallery Group invite you to play along the shores of Cannon Beach and in the varied and beautiful galleries of our town. Nestled between the wild ocean and the coastal mountains Cannon Beach offers art and craft ranging from the playful to the sublime. On May 1, 2 & 3, each gallery will spotlight new work by their chosen artists. Unveiling demos and receptions take place all weekend long, making this event an unparalleled experience for the art lover.

2015 Spring Unveiling Schedule

2015 Chef’s Table


2015 Spring Unveiling Gallery Listings!


Larger images available for media use by clicking.

Archimedes Gallery

"Wave" by David Rice David Rice

Growing up in Colorado’s mountains, David has a special connection with the natural landscape. Its inhabitants are his primary subject matter. Melding together the organic with the human-engineered speaks to how instead of only a natural world existing, or one that is manmade, the two can coexist harmoniously if the dominant party yields to this cohesive existence.  A balance is needed for both parties to survive.

"End of the Trail" by Josh Keyes Josh Keyes

Inspired by 18th and 19th century aesthetics and philosophy, Josh paints animals in a style reminiscent of anatomical diagrams. However, he doesn’t place his animal subjects in their natural settings; rather, they are often in peril, displaced from their natural ecosystems into dioramic fantastical situations. He acknowledges that themes of migration and displacement frequently reflect his preoccupation with global climate change and the human impact on nature.

Unnamed by Kelly Vivanco

Kelly Vivanco

Currently living in her native California, Kelly Vivanco has been painting and drawing since childhood and holds a BFA with honors from LCAD. Working in many mediums, she enjoys setting whimsy to work upon natural enigmas and pulls inspiration from the natural and imagined world, vintage photographs, literature, and the idiosyncrasies of dreams.

"Hiking Stop" by Hans Schiebold

Hans Schiebold

Hans came to the US from Freiberg, Germany to study at Hartford Art School University in Hartford, CT  where he received his Masters of Fine Arts.  He then becoming professor of fine arts at Wesleyan University in CT. During this period he was actively involved in the New York abstract art scene of the ’70’s, where his paintings were displayed in over ten major east coast museums. and also featured in several int’l museum shows.

"Poised for Success" by Linda Prokop

Linda Prokop

Linda chooses to depict the human form on an emotional level in a simplified, abstract manner. She believes that to isolate the essence of an emotion or event is the most powerful form of expression. She frequently downplays the issue of gender to place a greater emphasis on the power of the human spirit and portray equality among its members. The most exciting outcome of this imagery is that it becomes cross-cultural and universal in meaning.

"Family Portrait" by Shirley Gittelsohn

Shirley Gittlesohn

Shirley has been painting in Oregon for more than five decades, crafting a career that celebrates her passion for painting and her love of her family – all manifesting in her work. Now struggling with macular degeneration, she continues to paint. The gallery will feature “Shirley Gittlelsohn: A Retrospective,” honoring the work of this long-standing member of the Oregon Arts Community.

"Red Orchard" by Ann Cavanaugh

Ann Cavanaugh

Ann has truly found her medium in fused glass. For over ten years she has expressed her love of color, light and nature with a depth and complexity made possible by building layers of glass into translucent images of amazing emotional power.Her work ranges from realistic snowy woods scenes to abstract pieces of urban energy. Ann says, “Working with glass brings together science and discovery. Pushing the limits  continues to challenge and interest me. When I open the kiln, the anticipation is like a child’s eagerness at Christmas – the wonder of it all.”


Chuck Gumpert

 Chuck creates bold, light filled mixed media canvases. Adept at both abstract expressionist and figurative imagery, Chuck’s main focus for the festival will be digging deeper into his passion for abstraction. For fans of his figurative work, he will also present new works in his ongoing Beachcomber Series.  In the artist’s own words, “Painting is transportation into another world…the canvas tells me where to go and the colors and tools are the vehicle to get there.” His work all shares a common thread, “exploring color, light, energy and emotion in a way that communicates.”


Elena Markova

Elena is descended from a long line of artists and craftsmen. Originally from a charming town in Northern Russia, renowned for its churches, cathedrals and folk art painted in vibrant colors, she was raised to appreciate art and to love the natural beauty, history and folk tale mythology of her homeland. These early influences, combined with a deep love of family, have formed the basis of an extraordinary artistic journey.In addition to unveiling new work, she will display the symbolic heart of her paintings: the sacred ceramic sculptures of her native Kargopol.  These hand-painted figures and their stories have forged the deepest of influences on the artist throughout her life.

Icefire Glassworks

"Zinger" by Jim Kingwell

Jim Kingwell

 What began as a five-year experiment evolved into a life-forming fascination with glass for Jim, who has been playing with fire for 41 years. Jim’s chemistry teacher’s observations about reality inspired him to enroll in art classes, so it is fitting that melting glass requires a grounding in both chemistry and physics. His Icefire Glassworks logo incorporates the alchemical symbols for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, honoring the obvious linkage of art and science. From that, beautiful pieces of blown glass emerge that seduce the senses and stimulate the spirit.

"Tiger Bowl" by Suzanne Kindland

Suzanne Kindland 

Suzanne was not reared to be a glass artist. It was her connection to the dream world that led her to become one at the age of 38. There were always hints, persistent nudges that would not be ignored, from favorite childhood words (horizon, crucible) to a vision of dancing in flames that led her to Cannon Beach and propelled her into the passionate world of soft molten glass. Inspired by the places she has lived, Suzanne makes blown glass pieces that express Nature in the tangled patterns of woodlands, the stark horizons of deserts, and the mysteries of deep water.

"Water Color Series" by Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon

Mark began blowing glass in 2003.  His first experience with the medium was at Icefire Glassworks, and he now lives and works in Bend, Oregon.  His current body of work is focused on blending colors and balancing them with individual forms.  The challenge of combining colors in different ways, and working with a hot and fluid medium, keeps every day of working with glass new and exciting.

"Cosmos Series 51" by Raphael

Robert Tamis “Raphael”

Robert creates his bronze sculptures, fine jewelry, photography, and  glass works under the name “Raphael.”He became enchanted with glass after visiting Icefire Glassworks where he suddenly realized that he could incorporate glass into sculptured silver or gold pieces, expanding the range of what he could achieve.  After seeing a demonstration of painting with glass at Bullseye Gallery in Portland he further realized that he could create a 3rd dimension by layering painted images upon painted images. He says, “Glass is so wonderful to work with – it is a constant mystery in motion.”

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

"Rhododendrons Gone Wile" by Jeff Hull

Jeffrey Hull

Jeffrey began his painting career more than 40 years ago in Cannon Beach, and it is from its coastline that he draws his inspiration. Today he is widely known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of the places where water joins land, controlling the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings. Recently he has returned to painting in oil as well, and is rarely found far from the ocean’s edge. His deep love for the area is clearly seen in his original paintings and prints.

Modern Villa Gallery

"Bursting with Positivity" by Sarah Goodnough

Sarah Goodnough

This contemporary Northwest artist creates expressive art that reflects the beauty and mystery of life. Inspired by nature and the human spirit, her paintings are distinctive visual experiences with sensitivity to mood and emotion. Now living both in Portland, and the quaint coastal town of Astoria, she finds the dichotomy between the two cities to be a great balance for her artistic imagination. She will be presenting a brand new conceptual series that adds new subject matter while combining introspection and playfulness.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery

"Otter Moon II" by Georgia Gerbe

Georgia Gerber

Georgia’s bronze sculptures define many NW public spaces, including “Rachel the Pike Place Pig” in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and 25 sculptures surrounding Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland. Gerber won the 2010 Cannon Beach public choice award for Sculpture Without Walls with her “Tufted Puffins”. She typically works on two to three public installation commissions at one time using the traditional lost wax casting technique.

Cottonwood & Light by Christopher Burkett

Christopher Burkett

Studying with Ansel Adams inspired award-winning, fine art color landscape photographer Christopher Burkett to redefine color photography as Adams had defined black and white. The Washington Post says, “Burkett has achieved in Cibachrome what Eliot Porter achieved for dye-transfer or Weston for black & white”. Each handcrafted photograph is a hand printed, hand crafted fine art original, solely created by the artist.

Jeff White

Skyscapes & Landscapes in oil reflect the artists most memorable and moving experiences with nature. Jeff paints the splendor of our natural world in the Northwest in pursuit of the ethereal & atmospheric light our region is known for.


Hazel Schlesigner

Hazel  discovered her passion for oil painting at an early age, inspired by her childhood on the Northwest coast. The shorelines, fields, and vineyards, and later the Mediterranean countryside, have supplied the scenes and subjects of her work. She paints from a palette of predominantly warm, vivid colors and large, rhythmic brush strokes, transforming landscapes into more contemporary or abstract realism.

Primary Elements Gallery


Jack Gibson

Jack Gibson began his sculptor’s journey by creating three-dimensional bronze wildlife pieces inspired by studying creatures in their habitats. His interest in dance and the human form generated new themes, including figures rendered in bronze and silver and two-dimensional reliefs of swimming salmon.

Terri Axness

Eastern Oregon provides the inspiration for Terri’s work, using a variety of mediums including pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and clay. Known primarily for her landscapes, she also paints still lifes, portraits, and decoys. Her ceramic pieces and sculpture vary from humorous to functional.

Steve Gevurtz

After a 40 year career in business, Steve Gevurtz moved to the beautiful lakeside community of Sandpoint, Idaho, to pursue his life long passion for art. He has a fascination for people and in his studio on the banks of the beautiful Lake Pend Oreille he brings the stories and emotions of his subjects to life in the flowing movements of his bronze sculptures. His work has been seen in national publications such as Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector and  in galleries in Portland, Cannon Beach, Coeur d Alene, Spokane and Santa Fe.

"Ditto 2" by Jeffry Mann

Jeffry Mann

Coming from a diverse background in construction,  Jeffrey’s true passion is designing and handcrafting fine wood furniture that is beautiful, durable and useful.  With over 20 years of woodworking experience, his specialty is in the custom design and craftsmanship of  original, one-of-a-kind pieces, developed in a close working relationship with his clients.

White Bird Gallery

Deborah DeWit 

Deb is a well-known Oregon artist who has several books published on her work. Her narrative works explore autobiographical themes and often have depictions of cats, books, people reading, and familiar landscapes inhabited by both animals and people. Many of her paintings suggest metaphors on the human experience through renditions of hands or feet used to convey an idea. Moody pathways through outdoor environments and compositions framed by looking though windows also convey her larger themes on the human experience.

Robin and John Gumaelius

Robin and John Gumaelius incorporate steel, ceramic and wood to create animated human and anamorphic, bird-like sculptures. Robin creates, through sgraffito and complex decorative glazes, the colorful surface imagery and then John adds the exquisite metal armatures that give the artwork life and transform them into kinetic sculptures.

Faryn Davis

From the mountains just west of Asheville, North Carolina, Faryn creates paintings and a line of jewelry  which encases tiny painted scenes and found ephemera such as leaves, twigs, grass, thorns, bird bones, wasp nests, feathers, and moss into resin. Each piece is individually hand painted with toothpicks and tiny brushes, embedded in layers of resin.





Galleries to celebrate the ‘Twelve Days of Earth Day’ – Daily Astorian: Cannon Beach

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Reeds by Jeff White at Northwest by Northwest Gallery

Reeds by Jeff White at Northwest by Northwest Gallery

Jeff White is the artist of "Reeds," done in pointillist style. The painting is on display at Northwest by Northwest Gallery.

via Column: Galleries to celebrate the ‘Twelve Days of Earth Day’ – Daily Astorian: Cannon Beach.

There is a lot more to April than playing tricks on fools, dyeing eggs, eating jelly beans and filling out tax forms. One of Cannon Beach’s unique celebrations is the Twelve Days of Earth Day.

This annual event, running this year from April 12 through 28, features tree plantings, a birdathon, beach cleanup and several presentations and speakers involved with the many aspects of environmentalism. Visit for more information.

Primary Elements

“Earth Day is an important focus for our gallery; earth, air, water, and fire are the primary elements,” said Stephanie Ainsley, owner of Primary Elements Gallery. “We are especially concerned with air and water quality and are focused on ‘living green.’”

Primary Elements Gallery features landscapes and seascapes, as well as recycled elements and repurposed objects made into works of art.

“We represent artists who are using biofuels to heat their kilns, and we feature several artists who recycle metals for sculptures or who use found wood to make useful and beautiful furniture,” Ainsley said. The gallery also represents Dave Archer, known for 40 years for making space paintings on reverse glass using a high voltage Tesla coil. He paints planets, comets and solar systems and was the artist for the Star Trek movies and series. Primary Elements Gallery is upstairs in Sandpiper Square.

Cannon Beach Gallery

The third annual green inspired show at the Cannon Beach Gallery happens in April in honor of Earth Day. The gallery will host a dynamic installation curated by Astoria resident, Jessica Schleif, entitled, “Reclaiming the Green World” from April 4 through 28. An artists reception is planned from 5 to 7 p.m. April 5. Recology of Western Oregon is the exhibit underwriter for the exhibition.

The show was conceptualized as a group show with artists exploring the concept of creative culture verses consumer culture. The exhibition features well-established artists like Agnes Fields, who will be showing two-dimensional, mixed media work inspired by her recent artist in residency in Finland.

Anne Greenewood, whose “What’s in the Bag,” is an interactive, community-based project that explores the concept of identity and reclaiming our relationship with the natural world. In addition, terrariums and installation work by Jessica Schleif, Kimberly Waites, Andee Gowing, Maurico Rioseco, Thor Andersson and Karl Travenshek also will be displayed,. The Cannon Beach Gallery is in midtown, next to Bald Eagle Café.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

Local painter and tree-hugger Jeffrey Hull, of Jeffrey Hull Gallery, recently finished a new watercolor titled “Foggy Sentinel.”

“When I observe the older trees along the Northwest coast I often wonder what stories they would tell if they could speak. In one sense, they do communicate by their sculpted form, revealing the storms they’ve endured, as well as the beautiful days when growing is easy. Living on the edge, they’ve seen it all and taken on the characteristics we appreciate,” said Hull. Jeffrey Hull Gallery is on the second floor of Sandpiper Square.

Northwest by Northwest

Northwest by Northwest Gallery has added oil painter Jeff White to the gallery. White paints the splendor of the natural world in the Northwest in pursuit of the ethereal and atmospheric light this region is known for. He is the rare artist creating pointillist works one brush point at a time, often taking three months to complete one painting. Northwest by Northwest Gallery is downtown across from the city park on Spruce Street.

Dragonfire Gallery

Dragonfire Gallery welcomes new artists Debbie Berrow and Reed Grossnicklaus, whose intricate miniature clay sculptures capture the essence of love, spirit, healing and family. Their art is inspired by nature and is made from Oregon clay.

Also new is Josey Wise with her captivating impressions of birds, painted in oil. She tends to use a bright palette and expressive strokes, sometimes on the edge of abstract. Her goal as a painter is to capture a quick moment in time or a gesture of nature while playing with the contrast of light and shadow with a focus on color.

Lisa Arquette, a self-taught artist, is another new addition to the gallery. She creates sculptures and functional art by using her abilities as a glassblower, woodworker, welder, painter and engineer. Arquette thrives on unbridled enthusiasm for Mother Nature and the female form.

Modern Villa

Modern Villa Gallery owner David Jonathan Marshall has been selected to provide the original artwork for Stormy Weather Arts Festival 2014. Modern Villa Gallery has many Earth-centered works of art, including glass waves by David Wight and a collection of natural candles by Trapp that are soy-based and lead free.

Bronze Coast Gallery

Bronze Coast Gallery, also in the Landing, has previously sold out works by John Coleman, a member of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America. “Into the Unknown” depicts a young Sacagawea with her infant strapped to her back, and “Kokopelli” is the image of a fertility god and music player popular among Southwestern Native American storytellers.

The gallery is full of beautiful paintings by Oregon artists Hans Schiebold and Pamela Claflin, as well as a collection of bronze sculpture, detailing many of Earth’s creatures great and small.