Annual “Fall Delights” October Exhibition at Haystack Gallery

Annual “Fall Delights” October Exhibition at Haystack Gallery

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Fall has officially arrived at Haystack Gallery as October bursts out in color in the “Fall Delight” exhibition with three artists featured: Sally O’Neill, Janis Ellison and Booker Morey.

Booker Morey – discovered a process in 1993 to etch leaves to reveal the lacy and intricate beauty of the veins of the leaves.

Janis Ellison – Her love of nature and the outdoors was a natural companion to her passion for painting plein-air and continual quest to share her view through her paintings.

Sally O’Neill –”I want my paintings to bring the viewer into a world they would love to be in. A world of beauty and sun drenched days.”

A Fine Art Gallery established in 1977, Haystack Gallery displays the artwork of over 75 Northwest, national and internationally recognized artists, covering a wide range of styles including original oils, pastels, acrylics and watercolors, bronze and steel sculptures, hand-made jewelry, limited and open edition giclées and lithographs. We feature artists such as: Steve Hanks, Pino, John Ebner, Frogman, Rie Munoz, Sean Conrad, Mike Smith, Sally O’Neill and Michael Tieman.

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