CANNON BEACH , OREGON –This autumn has been an exciting and busy time at Haystack Gallery. October has seen many new pieces of artwork being sent to us from our artists plus we have added a new artist to our family. After you read the highlights below, click on the live links and they will take you to the pages on our web site that will have more information.




New Artist Michael Schlicting – Inspired by American landscape painter Winslow Homer, post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin and still life painter Henri Matisse, Schlicting creates landscapes using a combination of abstract and realistic interpretations. He describes his style as creative realism.

Working in watercolor, acrylics and mixed media, Schlicting chooses a medium of a project based on how the subject speakes to him. “The act of discovering the physical process is an inward journey, a dialog with your conscious and subconscious.” More of Michael’s work.

Mike Smith – Two new original watercolors in his single horse theme:More work

Pino –
Last year Pino died at the age of 70, so many of his pieces are hard to find. We have been lucky in that we have acquired five works of his, two of which are sold out editions. Here is the link to our new acquisitions. More.

Tim “Frogman” Cotterill – Tim has released many new frogs cast in bronze this year, this is his newest piece that we have in the gallery. See more new frogs.

John Ebner – John has been busy this year and has given us many new original watercolors. He will be at the gallery for the Stormy Weather Arts Festival Nov. 4-6. John will be painting at the gallery on Friday, Nov 4 from 4-7pm. Stop in and say hi. John’s new originals.

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