As advertised, we had a little rain, a little wind and a little sun for the SWAF weekend. But Saturday night was clear and crisp and all of the receptions were well attended.

The people who attended enjoyed seeing and talking to the fifty plus artists who spent the weekend at the galleries, seemingly in their element as they were talking about and demoing their art. Here are just a few of our successes.

“New artist to Modern Villa Gallery, Thomas Hughes graced and wowed the crowd with his debuted mechanical wall sculptures. Clients kept Thomas busy working the mechanical features and talking about the process of start of finish. Using a mix of recycled woods, including his own pear tree, each feature is hand carved, with only a few nuts and bolts purchased to make it all come together!”

During the 2011 SWAF weekend Jeffrey Hull released his newest Giclèe Print, “Short Sands Bridge. “Occasionally in the process of painting everything comes together beautifully and simply works. Short Sands Bridge is one of those watercolors that bloomed right before my eyes.”




“Rip Caswell sculpting in Primary Elements Gallery, the first three in this edition were pre-sold .”





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