Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach welcomes artist Randy Mulder and his collection of sculptures called ‘Time Machines’. Time Machines are working clocks made from an assemblage of new, recycled, and found items that merge the past and present. Adorned with objects, words, and pictures, each Time Machine is unique; Mulder also does custom pieces using personal photographs and other memorabilia.

A self-taught artist, Mulder describes himself at an artistic “dabbler”, having pursued a career as a stand-up comedian, and specializing for many years doing people and pet portraiture as well as writing poetry. He has been making his found-item sculpture for five years and has shown at the Loveland Museum & Gallery and at Sculpture in the Park in Loveland, CO for the past three years. Mulder lives in Wellington, CO with his wife, Marvine and their two Boston terriers. Bronze Coast Gallery at The Landing in Cannon Beach, 224 N. Hemlock Street ,503-436-1055,


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