Welcome to the 20th Annual

Spring Unveiling Arts Festival

On June 27th the Cannon Beach Gallery Group will present the 20th Annual Spring Unveiling Arts Festival in video format online! Join us as we take you through the beautiful and varied galleries of Cannon Beach, one of the world’s most beautiful art towns. This year, many of the artists and much of the audience will not be there. Instead, we invite you to join them from your home via Facebook, our website, and our YouTube Channel. Watch as we unveil new bronze pieces made by celebrated sculptor Dan Chen. Born and trained in China, Dan is a master of many mediums. After moving to the Pacific Northwest from San Francisco, he became enamored of the area’s flora and fauna, which are the subject matter of his bronzes and his mixed media sculptures.

Master jeweler Sharon Amber majored in physics at University of Colorado in Boulder, when her jewelry making sideline became a full-time passion. “I use the math and the physics in my jewelry making everyday”, she says, “it’s very detail oriented, you have to get yourself in a tiny little world because a tenth of a millimeter really matters”. Mainly self taught, Sharon’s highly original pieces are a delight to the senses.

Painter Carla O’Connor’s BFA is from Kent State University. Painting in gouache, she explores the human form as an expression of emotion. “After so much training to adequately and realistically portray the figure, I am now free to exaggerate, eliminate, distort or enhance those puzzle pieces as I please to express the desired content.”

All these, plus featured artists and new work from all twelve of our galleries!

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We are excited to announce that a video of our  Virtual Spring Unveiling Event will air on the Cannon Beach Facebook Page, as well as on our new YouTube channel! 

Archimedes Gallery

David Rice

The goal of David’s work is to create environments that exist beyond the parameters of our physical world. His style blurs the boundaries between what should and shouldn’t exist together by bringing subjects into surroundings that they wouldn’t normally interact with. These scenes are often combined with graphic color and patterns in an effort to provide a harmony and balance to the opposing forces. His aim is to create new relationships between the subjects and the viewer.

Hollywood Indian

Hollywood Indian’s artwork is primarily about the evolution of humankind as an animal and our impact on the natural world, specifically in regard to all other sentient beings.  The growing movement towards social justice, peace, and a truer embodiment of community in Western culture is undoubtedly linked to how we treat the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, regardless of species.  He continues to be inspired by the way in which animals exist autonomously, with behaviors driven almost entirely by necessity and survival.  They flourish in a capacity above greed, materialism, or vanity and do so without ever exhausting their resources.  Hollywood Indian is deeply unsettled by the incongruence of our two worlds.  His artwork explores color, texture, and surface manipulation in an attempt to achieve somewhat uncalculated results that cannot be drawn or painted by hand.   This is an allusion to the beauty of nature, which despite humankind’s endless attempts, can never be replicated nor restored once it is destroyed.  The animals and symbols rendered within these surfaces serve as reminders that we still have much to learn from our fellow inhabitants.

Dan Chen

Dan Chen was born in China, in the province of Canton. Dan immigrated with his parents to the United States in 1984. Dan enrolled at San Francisco City College and studied graphic design and illustration at Academy of Art University. Since that time, Dan’s professional career has begun focusing full-time on nature and wildlife art in both paintings and sculptures. Dan’s experience with the eastern and western disciplines of art has provided the inspiration for the extremely pleasing and dramatic style he has developed. Whether the media is oil, pastel, watercolor or sculpture, each piece Dan creates is an exquisite and masterful expression of line, color, light and energy which is truly his own. The art of Dan Chen is a marriage of the finest qualities of eastern and western art style and technique.

Cary Henrie

Cary Henrie truly enjoys trying to create a new look in painting. While traveling the world, he grew to love the worn and broken patinas that he saw in the architecture and art.  He saw similarities to his native West in the weather-beaten landscapes, the sandstone textures, the patina of rusted metal, contrasted with vast soft sunsets and auras of changing skies, which to him is the essence of the West.  Cary paints natural elements and atmosphere, hinting at windswept hills, trees, clouds and vistas.  He tries to create a spiritual glow, aura and softness contrasted with raw and broken forms.  Textures are burnished, toned and tinted which evoke ancient frescoes, ruins and even aged sandstone elements.  Geometric lines contrast soft forms and focus movement and light.  The result of his technique is unique as your eye blends all the shifting layers into a pleasing whole. Everybody sees something different in them.  Some see lakes, some trees, others clouds, cliffs, etc.  To Cary, this is the strength of abstract art, that each painting has a different meaning to each individual.

Theresa Weil

Theresa Weil is a mixed media artist and art teacher. Inspired by the forms of mixed media she uses recycled and new materials to create paper collages and found object sculptures.

Pam Greene

Pam Greene’s acrylic paintings distill the rugged beauty of the pacific northwest. In her own unique style she captures the enchanting spirit of nature through textures and layering.

Mel McRoberts

Mel McRoberts has lived in the Portland, Oregon area all his life. Through his work he hopes to draw you into the scene, instill a sense of serenity, and an appreciation for the beauty of the world he sees.

Chuck Gumpert

Chuck Gumpert creates a vibrant mix of energy and movement on his mixed media canvases. Approaching painting as a spontaneous act of expression, each brush stroke becomes a full body gesture, communicating through color and light. An abstract painter at his core, Chuck’s adept use of depth and texture imbues a sense of music made visible in each of his sophisticated compositions.

Greg Navratil

Greg Navratil uses drops of pure acrylic color to build hyper-real landscapes that paradoxically stand as abstracted explorations of nature. A pointillist style builds texture that catches light, adding a further dimension to these highly textured paintings. In this distinctive style with a bold use of color, nature takes on a new and vivid aspect. The artist’s love and respect for the natural world adds a clarity of purpose to each of his paintings

Kelly Howard

Kelly Howard brings a painterly approach to a wide array of blown glass vessels, lotus flowers, birds, pond balls, pendant lights, table lamps and more. Each piece presents a familiar form with an abstracted overlay of color and pattern that adds depth and complexity to the liquidity of the glass. Kelly has created a stunning series of chandeliers especially for the festival. These amazing sculptures of light are the epitome of beauty and function.

Icefire Glassworks

Jim Kingwell

What began as a five-year experiment evolved into a life-forming fascination with glass for Jim, who has been playing with fire for more than 40 years. His chemistry teacher’s observations about reality inspired him to enroll in art classes, so it is fitting that melting glass requires a grounding in both chemistry and physics. His Icefire Glassworks logo incorporates the alchemical symbols for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, honoring the linkage of art and science. From that, beautiful pieces of blown glass emerge that seduce the senses and stimulate the spirit.

Suzanne Kindland 

Suzanne was not reared to be a glass artist. It was her connection to the dream world that led her to become one at the age of 38. There were always hints, persistent nudges that would not be ignored, from favorite childhood words (horizon, crucible) to a vision of dancing in flames that led her to Cannon Beach and propelled her into the passionate world of soft molten glass. Inspired by the places she has lived, she makes blown glass pieces that express nature in the tangled patterns of woodlands, the stark horizons of deserts, and the mysteries of deep water.

Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon began blowing glass in 2003.  His first experience with the medium was at Icefire Glassworks in Cannon Beach, and he now lives and works in Bend.  His current body of work is focused on blending colors and balancing them with individual forms. The challenge of combining colors in different ways, and working with a hot and fluid medium, keeps every day of working with glass new and exciting.

Michelle Kaptur

Michelle Kaptur has been blowing glass since 1975. She came to glass after completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Pacific North West College of Arts in Portland OR. Michelle worked for ten years learning the basics of glass blowing and then went on to paint for several years. Painting is where I put together all the composition, color and design stuff that I learned about in school. When I came back to glass I had a much stronger sense of what sort of design choices I wanted to make and why. I feel my work was my work and was much stronger after this.

Steven Krig

Steven Krig is fairly new to glass having started his adventure in 2011. He is self-taught and with each new piece he produces Steve challenges himself to experiment with glass technique, producing a unique and one-of-a-kind piece each time. He views Light as a partner in his work with glass “ Light will continue to work its brush, bringing subtle changes to each finished piece long after his hand has left the imagery.

Randall J Hodges

Randall J Hodges has been capturing images of the Western United States and Canada as a full time professional photographer for over 19 years. Most of his work comes from time spent hiking and backpacking the wilderness areas of the west where he has hiked and photographed over 28,500 trail miles. Randall does not alter his work in any way and considers himself an “All in Camera Shooter” as he spends the time to wait for the right light and color and uses “Old School Techniques” rather than post-processing to capture his remarkable images.  Only the smallest adjustments are made to insure the finished print matches the back of the camera as closely as possible.

Mary Alayne Thomas

Mary Alayne Thomas’ painting incorporates art nouveau flair with personal iconography inspired by the wildlife, forests and dark beauty of her home in Oregon, and childhood memories of the mesas in Santa Fe. Her current technique is a complex layering of encaustic and silkscreen over a watercolor painting.

Laurie Lisonbee

Laurie Lisonbee’s paintings have a sense of being out of time, a renaissance gravitas. She has exhibited in galleries and museums across the US, and has received regional and national awards. She has taught art at Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University and currently teaches at Texas A&M University.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

Jeffrey Hull

Jeffrey began his painting career more than 40 years ago in Cannon Beach, and it is from its coastline that he draws his inspiration. Today he is widely known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of the places where water joins land, controlling the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings. Recently he has returned to painting in oil as well, and is rarely found far from the ocean’s edge. His deep love for the area is clearly seen in his original paintings and prints.

Sharon Amber

Jewelry artist Sharon Amber creates personal treasures using 14k, 18k, and 22k gold and exotic gems.  She is best know for her high fire enameled “miniature paintings”, and her carvings in local gems and beach pebbles. During Spring Unveiling, she will reveal work and designs inspired by thousands of miles of travel over the last few months.

Modern Villa Gallery

David Jonathan Marshall

With his imaginative style, bold use of color and dramatic perspective, David brings a fresh new look to the art world. His skill at capturing movement and animation in his art is a direct reflection of his own lifestyle and view of the world. He says, “I feel like I’m putting a puzzle together. I paint the pieces of that puzzle, but even I don’t always know what will be seen in the end.”

Sarah Goodnough

This contemporary Northwest artist creates expressive art that reflects the beauty and mystery of life. Inspired by nature and the human spirit, her paintings are distinctive visual experiences with sensitivity to mood and emotion. Now living both in Portland, and the quaint coastal town of Astoria, she finds the dichotomy between the two cities to be a great balance for her artistic imagination.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery

Photo credit Gary Hayes
Don Stastny

Don Stastny’s “Moses Sky Warrior” is based on a character from the book “Mink River” by Brian Doyle …Stastny is the architect for the Warm Springs Museum, Native American Study Center at Portland State, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and many large projects for cities around the world.

Christopher Burkett

Oregon’s Christopher Burkett is a Contemporary artist recognized as a seminal figure in the history of Photography. Burkett was recently featured on National Public’s Television PBS NewsHour. “His masterly eye and remarkable printing skills capture the divine beauty of nature untouched by man”…The Washington Post. The image is “Resplendent Leaves at Sunset, Oregon”.

Hazel Schlesinger

Hazel Schlesinger shares her enthusiasm for life and the natural world. Works range from traditional to abstractions of oceanscapes. Winner of the 2017 Plein Air & More People’s Choice Award. Her oil paintings are seen around the world in movies, TV series, commercials and publications including Southwest Art Magazine. Hazel Schlesinger will have her paintings in a TV Series. The show is called “Shrill”. Her work was used in the “Leverage” series and Movies & International Commercials.

Ivan McLean

Ivan McLean is a leading public sculptor including clients: Nike, World Trade Center in California, Nines Hotel in Portland. His “Red Sphere ” & “Re Invention” are a landmark for the NW By NW GALLERY Sculpture Garden, located in downtown Cannon Beach. His works are in bronze, steel, wood and glass.

Georgia Gerber

Georgia Gerber defines many NW Public Places; Rachel the Pike Place Pig at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, 26 sculptures in Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland and Tufted Puffins part of the City of Cannon Beach Public Art Collection. Gerber will share a new collection of work, Pond Dance is pictured. Fox, Sage Lodge Trout, Tufted Puffins, Rabbit with kits, Turtle and Yearling, Golden Retriever, Standing Otter. Gerber is the first woman in America to have her own bronze foundry. She is the leading Public Sculptor working today.

Angelita Surmon

Angelita Surmon is an accomplished painter and glass artist. She captures the color, rhythm and movement alive in nature. Her series, “Refuge” reflects the imagery of the seasons. Her visionary paintings explore abstraction and representation, using acrylic paints with dynamic assuredness and knowing brushstrokes.

White Bird Gallery

Christopher Mathie

Christopher’s new collection of paintings offer a strong sentiment about creating artwork during quarantine. In his emotional abstractions Mathie draws on the energy of the coastal region, revealing an inner strength and connection to the powerful forces of the ocean while being secluded at his home studio and property. Mathie intentionally uses art to transform feelings and emotions. “I often create chaos with paint first and then find ways to resolve the conflict right before my eyes.  It reminds me that things can and do get better. Resolution is possible.” – Mathie

Robin and John Gumaelius

Known throughout the Pacific Northwest Robin and John Gumaelius incorporate steel, ceramic and wood to create animated human and anamorphic, bird-like sculptures. The highly detailed sculptures incorporate imagery of plants and animals, houses, boats, wheels, masks and other symbolic motifs that reflect on the journeys of traveling through life. The husband and wife team work together on each piece. Robin creates complex glazes and colorful surface imagery, John adds exquisite metal armatures and wood details. Their artworks reveal intricate stories fathomed by a creative couple and told through of a singular vision of their world.


Faryn Davis

Faryn Davis grew up in North Carolina where in her youth she spent afternoons collecting odds and ends like bird nests, feathers, moss, bugs, twigs and leaves that she found in on the land where she was raised. Today this interest is filtered into thoughtful and poetic artworks that reflect on the innate qualities of nature. The artist combines painted scenes and found ephemera such as grass, thorns, and bird bones into her delicate resin paintings. Each piece is individually hand painted with tiny brushes, layers of resin are built up embedding her collected objects into 3-D dreamlike landscapes populated by birds, bears, foxes and other creatures. Faryn Davis spent 8 years in the Pacific Northwest before returning to her home state of North Carolina where she is a full-time artist.

Valerie Savarie

New artist Valerie Savarie uses vintage books as the centerpiece of her creations, reinventing them into unique pieces through cutting, carving, stitching and character illustrations that are part of a larger visual storytelling. Valerie’s multi-dimensional book collages form an inseparable bond between words and visual arts. Every page is kept as bound as it is important to the artist that the artworks retain their intrinsic book characteristics. Valerie is a Colorado artist showing a new collection of altered book sculpture.


Meanwhile, our member galleries all have online presences, and can certainly help you over the phone if there is something you need! Here is their contact info:

Archimedes Gallery

Bronze Coast Gallery

Cannon Beach Gallery

Dragonfire Gallery

Icefire Glassworks

Images of the West

Imprint Gallery

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

Jewelry by Sharon Amber

Modern Villa Gallery

Northwest By Northwest Gallery

White Bird Gallery

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