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Oregon Arts Watch, Interview with Northwest By Northwest Gallery

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Oregon Arts Watch

Voices from the front: ‘We’re in it for the long haul’

The longtime owner of a Cannon Beach art gallery predicts her business and others will survive the COVID-19 shutdown, with a little help from the community

March 26, 2020 // Lori Tobias

Joyce Lincoln remembers vowing to herself at the age of 9 that one day she would live in Cannon Beach. Even as a child, she appreciated the natural beauty, the fresh air, and the community spirit. The Northwest native saw her wish come true in 1987, when she and her husband, Robert Necker, opened Northwest by Northwest Gallery in downtown Cannon Beach Thirty-three years later, they’re representing some of the biggest names in regional art.

Don Stastny “Moses’ bronze

But now, she said, the place National Geographic named one of the most beautiful places on Earth has posted a closed sign.

The COVID-19 virus has ground life to a halt. Lincoln had to close her gallery during what would normally be a busy week – spring break — after tourists swamped the coast last weekend and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown issued a statewide order closing nonessential businesses and telling people to stay home.

“You can walk down Main Street and maybe see six other people,” Lincoln said this week. “Nothing is happening; it’s total devastation. Everyone is frightened out of their wits and frightened for themselves and their families. We’re all losing money every day. People are distracted by fear.”

Nonetheless, Lincoln said she completely understands why businesses have been shut down and tourists asked not to visit. But while health concerns top everyone’s list, Lincoln also worries about the local families who make their living in the restaurant and hotel businesses.

Last year, the local food bank served 9,000 people, she said. “And that was in good times.”

Lincoln’s been through this a time or two. There were the dark days following 9/11 and the drawn-out recession following the 2008 housing market collapse. The gallery pulled through, largely thanks to regular clients and local friends and, Lincoln said, “We learned to live a conservative lifestyle.”

Where or how this ends is anyone’s guess, but Lincoln believes her gallery and others will survive — for the same reasons it survived previous downturns: the community.

“I love my community and I’ll tell you what, we are really, really lucky,” Lincoln said. “The city of Cannon Beach really supports the arts. Part of the reason is they recognize what an economic engine we are. Visitors cherish our arts. Two-thirds of artwork are purchased while people are on vacation, because they have the time to look and come back. They have high expectations. They realize our work is original. When you buy artwork, you are supporting so many things. You are supporting a studio artist, which allows them the time to create their work.”

Purchasing gift certificates is one way people can continue supporting the artists her gallery represents, such as sculptors Georgia Gerber and Ivan McLean, photographer Christopher Burkett, and painter Hazel “Haze” Schlesinger.

“Even though you’re not making any sales, your bills still come in,” she said. The same is true for the artists.

“Just like us, they’re eating rice and beans. That’s why I’m hoping people will buy gift certificates, so everyone can stay afloat. That is the name of the game. A lot of these people are just so amazing. You have to support what you love. We’re in it for the long haul.”

DragonFire Gallery Kathy Hastings New Series

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Kathy Hastings combines photography with encaustic to blur the line between words and art. Each piece from this series, Intersections and Crossings, is titled with a line from this poem she wrote when faced with the loss of her husband. Find the rest of the series at and also click on the link in our bio to read our blog Art Endures Covid-19, and view the video featuring Kathy.



Icefire Glassworks – Mark Gordon – Strata Series

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Two pieces from Mark Gordon’s Strata series. Just delicious!

(503) 436-2359

Jeffrey Hull – In the Light

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In The Light

Most of us love a beautiful sunny day at the beach. Over time however, I’ve also developed a tremendous appreciation for the variety of moods along our fog wrapped coast. Regardless of what the day provides, there’s always great inspiration for a watercolorist.

My goal in this painting was to as simply as possible, capture the mood of fog and sea stack bathed in “magic hour” light. The foreground tree trunk and limbs frame the center of interest and helps put you on the edge overlooking the mystery yet to be revealed below.

Original Framed Watercolor 51 ½” x 39 ½” $5,000 – Image 41 ½” x 29”

All Rights Reserved




Bronze Coast Gallery – Little Known Services

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Do you ever get caught in the trap of assuming that everyone else knows what you know?  We had an aha! moment about that a couple of years back, while working on the design for the website we launched last year.  Prior to that, we’d never had a “services” page.  So deep in our own work here at the gallery, providing these services, we forgot that for someone who hasn’t been through the process, they may not know what’s possible.  And there is so much possibility…

Here’s an example of one of those services.  In the image above, that sculpture isn’t actually on that wall.  It’s a digital mockup of how it would look – the client sent us a photo and a measurement, and viola!  Well, a little more to it than that, but you get the idea.  In happy news, the sculpture found a permanent home on that wall in the end.

Maybe you have an open wall, and several pieces that appeal to you, and seeing them in place might really help to make a choice.  We can help with that too.  Send a photo of the wall, one or two measurements for scale reference, and which pieces are making your short list of front runners.  It’ll look something like this:

When you were on vacation in Cannon Beach, maybe we talked about this, and you took our card and went out the door with every intention to take us up on the offer when you got home.  And then, vacation was over, and life settled in, and all those good intentions went to the back burner.  We’ve been there.  We take vacation too, and vow to do all sorts of things when we get home that we struggle to materialize in the whirlwind of life.  And now, life isn’t exactly quiet, but let’s call it what it is – we all have a bit more time on our hands to work in front of the computer as of late.  We’d love to help you, and at the very least, give you something beautiful to consider…and check that thing off your list of stuff you’ll get around to someday.  Please email us with any questions, or photos and measurements if you’re ready to get started. Let’s hang some virtual art!


Melisa, Lynette, Steven & Joe


Cannon Beach Arts Association – New Virtual Gallery & Shop

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We believe artists are the backbone of our community so CBAA is developing a virtual gallery and online store to promote work during this turbulent time. The online shop will allow artwork to be purchased through our online selling platform located through our website. Already sell online? Join our online gallery, we will post your work, artist statement, and links to your shop.

For more information on how to join the shop or virtual gallery contact:

March 20 – April 26 Robin & John Gumaelius: White Bird Gallery

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The new Robin & John Gumaelius sculptures have arrived at the gallery and are looking fabulous!

March 20 – April 26

Robin & John Gumaelius: ceramic & mixed media sculpture

*Reception is cancelled*

Private and virtual viewings are available.
Please reach out if you would like detailed exhibition images or a virtual tour of the show.