Georgia Gerber Fox shown in clay . It is not unusual for the sculptor to spend as much as two years just sculpting a work in clay . Then the numerous casting of a bronze sculpture begins.. as many as eighteen steps. Editions are limited to 15 with the sculptor keeping one for her estate . NEW WORK . Not titled yet. 15”H x 41”W x 16D Probably available in four months. Best ESTIMATED price is in the $4,800 rangeRead More →

Happy New Year “First to See” friends. I’m back in the studio painting and appreciate you allowing us to send you my latest work. Jeff 888-436-2606 Passing Squall A breaker, rolling into sunlight under a hole in the clouds, was the first thing that started me thinking about painting this oil. Like a spotlight on the stage, well placed sunlight in a painting illuminates the story an artist hopes to tell. Out on the horizon, in another patch of sunlight, sits the lighthouse on Tillamook Rock. Breakers and dune grass, lighthouse and sunlight, it can be that simple. Original Framed Oil 21” x 25”Read More →