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15th Annual Spring Unveiling Arts Festival – May 1-3, 2015

15th Annual Spring Unveiling Arts Festival – May 1-3, 2015

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Painting by David Jonathan Marshall at Modern Villa Gallery

The members of the Cannon Beach Gallery Group invite you to play along the shores of Cannon Beach and in the varied and beautiful galleries of our town. Nestled between the wild ocean and the coastal mountains Cannon Beach offers art and craft ranging from the playful to the sublime. On May 1, 2 & 3, each gallery will spotlight new work by their chosen artists. Unveiling demos and receptions take place all weekend long, making this event an unparalleled experience for the art lover.

2015 Spring Unveiling Schedule

2015 Chef’s Table


2015 Spring Unveiling Gallery Listings!


Larger images available for media use by clicking.

Archimedes Gallery

"Wave" by David Rice David Rice

Growing up in Colorado’s mountains, David has a special connection with the natural landscape. Its inhabitants are his primary subject matter. Melding together the organic with the human-engineered speaks to how instead of only a natural world existing, or one that is manmade, the two can coexist harmoniously if the dominant party yields to this cohesive existence.  A balance is needed for both parties to survive.

"End of the Trail" by Josh Keyes Josh Keyes

Inspired by 18th and 19th century aesthetics and philosophy, Josh paints animals in a style reminiscent of anatomical diagrams. However, he doesn’t place his animal subjects in their natural settings; rather, they are often in peril, displaced from their natural ecosystems into dioramic fantastical situations. He acknowledges that themes of migration and displacement frequently reflect his preoccupation with global climate change and the human impact on nature.

Unnamed by Kelly Vivanco

Kelly Vivanco

Currently living in her native California, Kelly Vivanco has been painting and drawing since childhood and holds a BFA with honors from LCAD. Working in many mediums, she enjoys setting whimsy to work upon natural enigmas and pulls inspiration from the natural and imagined world, vintage photographs, literature, and the idiosyncrasies of dreams.

"Hiking Stop" by Hans Schiebold

Hans Schiebold

Hans came to the US from Freiberg, Germany to study at Hartford Art School University in Hartford, CT  where he received his Masters of Fine Arts.  He then becoming professor of fine arts at Wesleyan University in CT. During this period he was actively involved in the New York abstract art scene of the ’70’s, where his paintings were displayed in over ten major east coast museums. and also featured in several int’l museum shows.

"Poised for Success" by Linda Prokop

Linda Prokop

Linda chooses to depict the human form on an emotional level in a simplified, abstract manner. She believes that to isolate the essence of an emotion or event is the most powerful form of expression. She frequently downplays the issue of gender to place a greater emphasis on the power of the human spirit and portray equality among its members. The most exciting outcome of this imagery is that it becomes cross-cultural and universal in meaning.

"Family Portrait" by Shirley Gittelsohn

Shirley Gittlesohn

Shirley has been painting in Oregon for more than five decades, crafting a career that celebrates her passion for painting and her love of her family – all manifesting in her work. Now struggling with macular degeneration, she continues to paint. The gallery will feature “Shirley Gittlelsohn: A Retrospective,” honoring the work of this long-standing member of the Oregon Arts Community.

"Red Orchard" by Ann Cavanaugh

Ann Cavanaugh

Ann has truly found her medium in fused glass. For over ten years she has expressed her love of color, light and nature with a depth and complexity made possible by building layers of glass into translucent images of amazing emotional power.Her work ranges from realistic snowy woods scenes to abstract pieces of urban energy. Ann says, “Working with glass brings together science and discovery. Pushing the limits  continues to challenge and interest me. When I open the kiln, the anticipation is like a child’s eagerness at Christmas – the wonder of it all.”


Chuck Gumpert

 Chuck creates bold, light filled mixed media canvases. Adept at both abstract expressionist and figurative imagery, Chuck’s main focus for the festival will be digging deeper into his passion for abstraction. For fans of his figurative work, he will also present new works in his ongoing Beachcomber Series.  In the artist’s own words, “Painting is transportation into another world…the canvas tells me where to go and the colors and tools are the vehicle to get there.” His work all shares a common thread, “exploring color, light, energy and emotion in a way that communicates.”


Elena Markova

Elena is descended from a long line of artists and craftsmen. Originally from a charming town in Northern Russia, renowned for its churches, cathedrals and folk art painted in vibrant colors, she was raised to appreciate art and to love the natural beauty, history and folk tale mythology of her homeland. These early influences, combined with a deep love of family, have formed the basis of an extraordinary artistic journey.In addition to unveiling new work, she will display the symbolic heart of her paintings: the sacred ceramic sculptures of her native Kargopol.  These hand-painted figures and their stories have forged the deepest of influences on the artist throughout her life.

Icefire Glassworks

"Zinger" by Jim Kingwell

Jim Kingwell

 What began as a five-year experiment evolved into a life-forming fascination with glass for Jim, who has been playing with fire for 41 years. Jim’s chemistry teacher’s observations about reality inspired him to enroll in art classes, so it is fitting that melting glass requires a grounding in both chemistry and physics. His Icefire Glassworks logo incorporates the alchemical symbols for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, honoring the obvious linkage of art and science. From that, beautiful pieces of blown glass emerge that seduce the senses and stimulate the spirit.

"Tiger Bowl" by Suzanne Kindland

Suzanne Kindland 

Suzanne was not reared to be a glass artist. It was her connection to the dream world that led her to become one at the age of 38. There were always hints, persistent nudges that would not be ignored, from favorite childhood words (horizon, crucible) to a vision of dancing in flames that led her to Cannon Beach and propelled her into the passionate world of soft molten glass. Inspired by the places she has lived, Suzanne makes blown glass pieces that express Nature in the tangled patterns of woodlands, the stark horizons of deserts, and the mysteries of deep water.

"Water Color Series" by Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon

Mark began blowing glass in 2003.  His first experience with the medium was at Icefire Glassworks, and he now lives and works in Bend, Oregon.  His current body of work is focused on blending colors and balancing them with individual forms.  The challenge of combining colors in different ways, and working with a hot and fluid medium, keeps every day of working with glass new and exciting.

"Cosmos Series 51" by Raphael

Robert Tamis “Raphael”

Robert creates his bronze sculptures, fine jewelry, photography, and  glass works under the name “Raphael.”He became enchanted with glass after visiting Icefire Glassworks where he suddenly realized that he could incorporate glass into sculptured silver or gold pieces, expanding the range of what he could achieve.  After seeing a demonstration of painting with glass at Bullseye Gallery in Portland he further realized that he could create a 3rd dimension by layering painted images upon painted images. He says, “Glass is so wonderful to work with – it is a constant mystery in motion.”

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

"Rhododendrons Gone Wile" by Jeff Hull

Jeffrey Hull

Jeffrey began his painting career more than 40 years ago in Cannon Beach, and it is from its coastline that he draws his inspiration. Today he is widely known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of the places where water joins land, controlling the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings. Recently he has returned to painting in oil as well, and is rarely found far from the ocean’s edge. His deep love for the area is clearly seen in his original paintings and prints.

Modern Villa Gallery

"Bursting with Positivity" by Sarah Goodnough

Sarah Goodnough

This contemporary Northwest artist creates expressive art that reflects the beauty and mystery of life. Inspired by nature and the human spirit, her paintings are distinctive visual experiences with sensitivity to mood and emotion. Now living both in Portland, and the quaint coastal town of Astoria, she finds the dichotomy between the two cities to be a great balance for her artistic imagination. She will be presenting a brand new conceptual series that adds new subject matter while combining introspection and playfulness.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery

"Otter Moon II" by Georgia Gerbe

Georgia Gerber

Georgia’s bronze sculptures define many NW public spaces, including “Rachel the Pike Place Pig” in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and 25 sculptures surrounding Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland. Gerber won the 2010 Cannon Beach public choice award for Sculpture Without Walls with her “Tufted Puffins”. She typically works on two to three public installation commissions at one time using the traditional lost wax casting technique.

Cottonwood & Light by Christopher Burkett

Christopher Burkett

Studying with Ansel Adams inspired award-winning, fine art color landscape photographer Christopher Burkett to redefine color photography as Adams had defined black and white. The Washington Post says, “Burkett has achieved in Cibachrome what Eliot Porter achieved for dye-transfer or Weston for black & white”. Each handcrafted photograph is a hand printed, hand crafted fine art original, solely created by the artist.

Jeff White

Skyscapes & Landscapes in oil reflect the artists most memorable and moving experiences with nature. Jeff paints the splendor of our natural world in the Northwest in pursuit of the ethereal & atmospheric light our region is known for.


Hazel Schlesigner

Hazel  discovered her passion for oil painting at an early age, inspired by her childhood on the Northwest coast. The shorelines, fields, and vineyards, and later the Mediterranean countryside, have supplied the scenes and subjects of her work. She paints from a palette of predominantly warm, vivid colors and large, rhythmic brush strokes, transforming landscapes into more contemporary or abstract realism.

Primary Elements Gallery


Jack Gibson

Jack Gibson began his sculptor’s journey by creating three-dimensional bronze wildlife pieces inspired by studying creatures in their habitats. His interest in dance and the human form generated new themes, including figures rendered in bronze and silver and two-dimensional reliefs of swimming salmon.

Terri Axness

Eastern Oregon provides the inspiration for Terri’s work, using a variety of mediums including pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and clay. Known primarily for her landscapes, she also paints still lifes, portraits, and decoys. Her ceramic pieces and sculpture vary from humorous to functional.

Steve Gevurtz

After a 40 year career in business, Steve Gevurtz moved to the beautiful lakeside community of Sandpoint, Idaho, to pursue his life long passion for art. He has a fascination for people and in his studio on the banks of the beautiful Lake Pend Oreille he brings the stories and emotions of his subjects to life in the flowing movements of his bronze sculptures. His work has been seen in national publications such as Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector and  in galleries in Portland, Cannon Beach, Coeur d Alene, Spokane and Santa Fe.

"Ditto 2" by Jeffry Mann

Jeffry Mann

Coming from a diverse background in construction,  Jeffrey’s true passion is designing and handcrafting fine wood furniture that is beautiful, durable and useful.  With over 20 years of woodworking experience, his specialty is in the custom design and craftsmanship of  original, one-of-a-kind pieces, developed in a close working relationship with his clients.

White Bird Gallery

Deborah DeWit 

Deb is a well-known Oregon artist who has several books published on her work. Her narrative works explore autobiographical themes and often have depictions of cats, books, people reading, and familiar landscapes inhabited by both animals and people. Many of her paintings suggest metaphors on the human experience through renditions of hands or feet used to convey an idea. Moody pathways through outdoor environments and compositions framed by looking though windows also convey her larger themes on the human experience.

Robin and John Gumaelius

Robin and John Gumaelius incorporate steel, ceramic and wood to create animated human and anamorphic, bird-like sculptures. Robin creates, through sgraffito and complex decorative glazes, the colorful surface imagery and then John adds the exquisite metal armatures that give the artwork life and transform them into kinetic sculptures.

Faryn Davis

From the mountains just west of Asheville, North Carolina, Faryn creates paintings and a line of jewelry  which encases tiny painted scenes and found ephemera such as leaves, twigs, grass, thorns, bird bones, wasp nests, feathers, and moss into resin. Each piece is individually hand painted with toothpicks and tiny brushes, embedded in layers of resin.





Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Festival, March 12-15, 2015

Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Festival, March 12-15, 2015

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Each March, the Savor Cannon Beach festival features four-days of wine tastings, culinary and arts events and a wine walk featuring dozens of Northwest wineries. It’s a community-wide festival featuring activities all around town including six festival wine tasting events showcasing Northwest wines and savory bites.

Popular festival events include the Thursday Night Throwdown, a showdown between Oregon and Washington wines varietal by varietal. Participants taste twelve select wines including two of each varietal, one from Oregon and one from Washington, then vote on their favorites to determine which state reigns supreme. Other events include the Battle of the Blends featuring four red and four white wine blends from the Northwest.

Saturday of the festival is the Savor Cannon Beach Wine Walk featuring approximately 40 Northwest wineries pouring tastings at Cannon Beach art galleries, restaurants and retail shops, all within easy walking distance in this compact beach community. Other festival wine tasting events offer educational opportunities to test your knowledge and your palate in blind tastings. 

In addition to festival events, restaurants, shops, galleries and hotels offer a wide range of tasting, culinary, cultural and arts events all around town. Cannon Beach businesses participate in a Tasting Tour featuring free or low cost tastings ranging from chocolates and olive oils to specialty salts.

Festival Passes are $149 and good for all six wine tasting events, including the Saturday, March 14 Wine Walk. Individual event tickets are also available for $35 each event.  Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.



Below is a list of events included with your Savor Cannon Beach Festival Ticket. In addition to the official festival events, activities and events will be happening all around town at galleries, shops and restaurants. Special exhibits, tastings and wine dinners are just some examples of what will be happening during Savor Cannon Beach weekend. A complete schedule of these additional events will be included in all ticket envelopes at the Will Call table. Details are still being confirmed, so check back in for final schedule of events.


Taste 12 wines of six different varietals, one each from Oregon and Washington, in a head-to-head battle to see what state reigns supreme as participants choose the winners. Light bites from local chefs and restaurants are also featured. Location: Cannon Beach Community Hall (207 N Spruce St).


Do you Mourvedre? Taste and learn about the unique characteristics of some of the lesser-known wine varietals in the Northwest. Taste selected red and white wines in this entertaining and educational tasting with Hank and Nancy Sauer who have facilitated some of the Northwest’s largest professional wine competitions. Location: Cannon Beach Community Hall (207 N Spruce St).

4:30-6:30pm – BATTLE OF THE BLENDS
Taste eight selected red and white wine blends representing the wine regions of the Northwest. We’ve also challenged five local chefs to create a bite for the event and you can choose the winner of the Battle of the Blends and the Battle of the Bites. Location: Cannon Beach Community Hall (207 N Spruce St).

Please join us as we participate in Palettes & Palates, an event that features a different Northwest winery pouring tastes at nine participating Cannon Beach galleries from 6-9pm.  This is an invitation only event with limited space. Contact your favorite participating gallery for your invitation.

Archimedes Gallery paired with D’Anu Wines

Bronze Coast Gallery paired with Elk Cove Winery

Jeffrey Hull Gallery paired with Willamette Valley Vineyards

Icefire Glassworks paired with Schmidt Family

Modern Villa Gallery paired with Ferraro Cella

Northwest by Northwest Gallery paired with Sineann Winery

Primary Elements paired with Amavi Cellars

Sharon Amber Jewelry paired with Walnut City Wineworks

Whitebird Gallery paired with Trio Vintners, just for this event


Taste some of the Northwest’s great red and white wines with roots in France’s most famous wine regions with Northwest wine writer Andy Perdue, founder of Wine Press Northwest Magazine who now operates Great Northwest Wine ( Location: Cannon Beach Community Hall (207 N Spruce St).

Taste wines from 40 Northwest wineries pouring tastings as you make the rounds of Cannon Beach art galleries, shops, restaurants and hotels. Participating wineries represent the major wine growing regions in Oregon and Washington, including Willamette Valley, eastern Washington and southern Oregon. Proceeds from this event benefit the Cannon Beach Preschool & Children’s Center. Location: Check-in begins at 11am at Coaster Theatre, 108 N. Hemlock.

Sample Northwest sparkling wines and enjoy brunch bites from Cannon Beach restaurants and bakeries, the perfect way to wrap up the festival weekend and toast new friends. Location: Cannon Beach Community Hall (207 N Spruce St).

EVENT LOCATIONS: Check-in for the Saturday wine walk (beginning at 11am) is at Coaster Theatre, 108 N Hemlock in downtown Cannon Beach. All other events are located in the Cannon Beach Community Hall (207 N Spruce St) next to the Information Center and Cannon Beach City Park.


Participating wineries include:
A Blooming Hill Vineyard
A to Z Wineworks
Abiqua Wind Cellars
Angel Vine
Blizzard Wines
Brandborg Vineyard & Winery
Burnt Bridge Cellars
Cathedral Ridge Winery
Cerulean Skies Winery
Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden
D’Anu Wines
Del Rio Vineyards
Elk Cove Vineyards
Eola Hills Wine Cellars
Ferraro Wines
Forest Edge Winery
Foris Vineyards Winery
Ghost Hill Cellars
Gresser Vineyard
Hip Chicks Do Wine
J. Scott Cellars
Kramer Vineyards
Locati Cellars & J&J Vintners
Lujon Wine Cellars
Maison de Glace Winery
Mia Sonatina Cellars
Northwest Cellars Winery
Pete’s Mountain Winery
Phelps Creek Vineyards
Pudding River Wine Cellars
Ruby Vineyard & Winery
Sineann Winery
Skylite Cellars
Slagle Creek Vineyard
Smasne Cellars
SuLei Cellars
TERO Estates, Flying Trout and Water Wines
Treos Wines
Trisaetum Winery & Vineyards
Walnut City Wineworks

Primary Elements Gallery  presents Michael Tieman

Michael Tieman will display “The Wine Thief” for the Palettes & Palates event Friday March 13th 6-9PM in Primary Elements Gallery. Pepperbridge Winery will pour their Cabernet & Merlot and Amavi Cellars will taste the Syrah and Cabernet wines. Sweet Basils Café and The Chocolate Café will provide tastes of a selection of food and chocolate to compliment the wines.

Icefire Glassworks presents Michelle Kaptur


Michelle Kaptur

This gorgeous piece by Michelle Kaptur will be featured at Icefire Glassworks during Savor Cannon Beach, a four day culinary and arts event starting Thursday, March 12th



Primary Elements Gallery presents fine art prints showcasing the Oregon Wine – Archery Summit. 

Progressions by Eric Christensen

“Progressions” by Eric Christensen

“Progressions” is a fine art print on canvas available in 2 sizes.  Each print will have a hand sketched “Remarque” and dedication by the artist on the back. They are available for order at Primary Elements Gallery during the Savor Cannon Beach Event and the wine walk.








Modern Villa Gallery will be featuring the Oregon Wine – Ferraro Cellars

Proceeds from this event benefit the Cannon Beach Preschool & Children’s Center.

Saturday 1:00 -5:00 pm:   Savor Cannon Beach Wine Walk



Featured Artist for Northwest By Northwest Gallery – 2015

Oil Paintings of Hazel Schlesinger , a native of the Cannon Beach area, is a member of the prestigious American Impressionist Society and Oil Painters of America. Her work has appeared in Southwest Art Magazine, and the TV Series “Leverage” filmed in Portland and numerous commercials distributed worldwide. She will be a featured artist at the Savor Cannon Beach Wine & Culinary Festival.

Pinot by Haze Schlesinger 18" x 36"

Pinot by Haze Schlesinger 18″ x 36″


Shipwreck Torpedo Bottles Wash Ashore

at Cannon Beach Treasure



Cannon Beach Treasure Savor Event

Cannon Beach Treasure Savor Event

Cannon Beach Treasure Savor Event

Irish Sea Shipwreck bottles almost 150-years-old – are you intrigued? Well you won’t want to miss Savor Cannon Beach, where we will be unveiling 25 shipwreck torpedo bottles, recovered from the bottom of the Irish Sea in 1874… and, most exciting, their corks are intact. 
Torpedo bottles have distinctive round, and sometimes pointed, bottoms (like ours).  Why on earth would you make a bottle with a round bottom, you ask? Well there was actually a pretty sound reason – it forced people to store the bottle on its side, which prevented the cork from drying up and the valuable liquid inside from being lost!  And yes, the rounded bottoms also strengthened the bottles, preventing them from… wait for it… exploding!
And why would the bottles explode? Two words – fizzy water!  Stay tuned next month to find out more about the 19th Century carbonated beverage craze, where these bottles were headed, and how they ended up at the bottom of the ocean!
P.S.  Robert is hard at work conserving these bottles, their amazing rainbow frosted patinas and, of course, their corks.  But, you can reserve one of these super-rare artifacts for your family.


Northwest By Northwest Gallery Presents:


Savor Cannon Beach Palettes & Palates

tickets are required for this evening art & wine event

Northwest By Northwest Gallery

Friday Evening March 13. 6 to 9.

Sineann Winery . Invitation Only.

 Meet artist Douglas Granum.

Painter, Public Artist & Bronze Sculptor.

for more information please email the gallery


Primary Elements Gallery Presents:


PE-1 PE-2 PE-3

The platters by Portland architect and wood turner, David Williams, will be displayed at Primary Elements Gallery as part of the wine themed artwork for the event. David will also demonstrate his woodworking Sunday of the Spring Unveiling event! Stephanie, Primary Elements Gallery

PS, Janelle is “reducing” the Pinot Noir right now to make her Pinot Noir chocolates which we will serve…while supply lasts…. during our Palettes & Paletes event!