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Galleries to celebrate the ‘Twelve Days of Earth Day’ – Daily Astorian: Cannon Beach

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Reeds by Jeff White at Northwest by Northwest Gallery

Reeds by Jeff White at Northwest by Northwest Gallery

Jeff White is the artist of "Reeds," done in pointillist style. The painting is on display at Northwest by Northwest Gallery.

via Column: Galleries to celebrate the ‘Twelve Days of Earth Day’ – Daily Astorian: Cannon Beach.

There is a lot more to April than playing tricks on fools, dyeing eggs, eating jelly beans and filling out tax forms. One of Cannon Beach’s unique celebrations is the Twelve Days of Earth Day.

This annual event, running this year from April 12 through 28, features tree plantings, a birdathon, beach cleanup and several presentations and speakers involved with the many aspects of environmentalism. Visit for more information.

Primary Elements

“Earth Day is an important focus for our gallery; earth, air, water, and fire are the primary elements,” said Stephanie Ainsley, owner of Primary Elements Gallery. “We are especially concerned with air and water quality and are focused on ‘living green.’”

Primary Elements Gallery features landscapes and seascapes, as well as recycled elements and repurposed objects made into works of art.

“We represent artists who are using biofuels to heat their kilns, and we feature several artists who recycle metals for sculptures or who use found wood to make useful and beautiful furniture,” Ainsley said. The gallery also represents Dave Archer, known for 40 years for making space paintings on reverse glass using a high voltage Tesla coil. He paints planets, comets and solar systems and was the artist for the Star Trek movies and series. Primary Elements Gallery is upstairs in Sandpiper Square.

Cannon Beach Gallery

The third annual green inspired show at the Cannon Beach Gallery happens in April in honor of Earth Day. The gallery will host a dynamic installation curated by Astoria resident, Jessica Schleif, entitled, “Reclaiming the Green World” from April 4 through 28. An artists reception is planned from 5 to 7 p.m. April 5. Recology of Western Oregon is the exhibit underwriter for the exhibition.

The show was conceptualized as a group show with artists exploring the concept of creative culture verses consumer culture. The exhibition features well-established artists like Agnes Fields, who will be showing two-dimensional, mixed media work inspired by her recent artist in residency in Finland.

Anne Greenewood, whose “What’s in the Bag,” is an interactive, community-based project that explores the concept of identity and reclaiming our relationship with the natural world. In addition, terrariums and installation work by Jessica Schleif, Kimberly Waites, Andee Gowing, Maurico Rioseco, Thor Andersson and Karl Travenshek also will be displayed,. The Cannon Beach Gallery is in midtown, next to Bald Eagle Café.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

Local painter and tree-hugger Jeffrey Hull, of Jeffrey Hull Gallery, recently finished a new watercolor titled “Foggy Sentinel.”

“When I observe the older trees along the Northwest coast I often wonder what stories they would tell if they could speak. In one sense, they do communicate by their sculpted form, revealing the storms they’ve endured, as well as the beautiful days when growing is easy. Living on the edge, they’ve seen it all and taken on the characteristics we appreciate,” said Hull. Jeffrey Hull Gallery is on the second floor of Sandpiper Square.

Northwest by Northwest

Northwest by Northwest Gallery has added oil painter Jeff White to the gallery. White paints the splendor of the natural world in the Northwest in pursuit of the ethereal and atmospheric light this region is known for. He is the rare artist creating pointillist works one brush point at a time, often taking three months to complete one painting. Northwest by Northwest Gallery is downtown across from the city park on Spruce Street.

Dragonfire Gallery

Dragonfire Gallery welcomes new artists Debbie Berrow and Reed Grossnicklaus, whose intricate miniature clay sculptures capture the essence of love, spirit, healing and family. Their art is inspired by nature and is made from Oregon clay.

Also new is Josey Wise with her captivating impressions of birds, painted in oil. She tends to use a bright palette and expressive strokes, sometimes on the edge of abstract. Her goal as a painter is to capture a quick moment in time or a gesture of nature while playing with the contrast of light and shadow with a focus on color.

Lisa Arquette, a self-taught artist, is another new addition to the gallery. She creates sculptures and functional art by using her abilities as a glassblower, woodworker, welder, painter and engineer. Arquette thrives on unbridled enthusiasm for Mother Nature and the female form.

Modern Villa

Modern Villa Gallery owner David Jonathan Marshall has been selected to provide the original artwork for Stormy Weather Arts Festival 2014. Modern Villa Gallery has many Earth-centered works of art, including glass waves by David Wight and a collection of natural candles by Trapp that are soy-based and lead free.

Bronze Coast Gallery

Bronze Coast Gallery, also in the Landing, has previously sold out works by John Coleman, a member of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America. “Into the Unknown” depicts a young Sacagawea with her infant strapped to her back, and “Kokopelli” is the image of a fertility god and music player popular among Southwestern Native American storytellers.

The gallery is full of beautiful paintings by Oregon artists Hans Schiebold and Pamela Claflin, as well as a collection of bronze sculpture, detailing many of Earth’s creatures great and small.

Bronze Coast Gallery named Best Gallery in Oregon 2014 by the American Art Awards

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Each March, the American Art Awards, with an intent to introduce the 25 Best American Galleries to unknown artists worldwide, announces their gallery picks via Highlight Hollywood.

Interior of Bronze Coast Gallery

Interior of Bronze Coast Gallery

President of AAA, Thom Bierdz, shared why AAA has selected Bronze Coast Gallery this year above the many other Oregon Galleries. “For over twenty years, Bronze Coast Gallery has been one the Oregon Coast’s premier fine art galleries,” Bierdz explained. Specializing in limited edition bronze sculpture, the gallery was opened by Kim Barnett in 1993 after more than a decade spent operating a large art foundry in Eastern Oregon. “We love that the focus of the gallery is to provide education in sculpture and the complicated process of bronze casting. They also offer stunning original painting, photography and giclee reproductions, featuring dozens of award-winning regional, national and international artist. We at the American Art Awards a impressed at the incomparable work, professionalism and reputation and proudly name Bronze Coast Gallery as the Best Gallery in Oregon, 2014, and one of the 25 Best Galleries in the Nation, 2014.”

Chef’s Table at Spring Unveiling 2014

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Chef's Table Image Chef’s Table Image

Take Time to Enjoy The “Edible Art” During the Spring Unveiling Arts Festival. There’s Something to Suit Everyone’s Taste

What happens when 28 chefs, candy makers or baristas walk into a gallery and are inspired by a watercolor, bronze sculpture, or colors infused into a glass vase? We’ll find out soon. During the Spring Unveiling Arts Festival they will all feature special creations on their menus, available only during the weekend.
Throngs of art lovers are always drawn to this annual festival filled with unveilings of new work by dozens of featured artists, live music and artists’ receptions. “Art from the Chef’s Table” is back for the third year by popular demand.
Below are brief descriptions of what is planned. A complete guide to all of the gallery/restaurant pairings will be available to visitors during the weekend, and many of the works selected from the galleries will be on display in the restaurants.


Offering an Asian inspired entrée based upon a painting by Scott Johnson at White Bird Gallery

Lumberyard Rotisserie and Grill
Featuring a 12 oz. hand-cut rib-eye steak with frizzled “tobacco” onions and a Jack Daniels and bacon compound butter. Served with honey roasted corn and a baked potato. Inspired by the Aces & Eights bronze by Mark Lundeen available at Bronze Coast Gallery.

Bruce’s Candy Kitchen
Check out their chocolate version of Georgia Gerber’s bronze sculpture Rabbit Row on display at Northwest By Northwest Gallery.

Sweet Basils
Chef John Sowa is offering a special Bouillabaisse, based upon a Joe Pogan fish made of various “found metal” objects like old watches, sprockets, nuts and bolts and found at Primary Elements Gallery.

The Bistro
Tiffany Bozic’s Passion in Paradise painting at Archimedes Gallery has inspired a “Pink Passion Fizz” and “Grilled White Sea Bass with Tropical Fruit Salsa and jasmine Rice.”

Seasons Café will serve a “Calamari Appetizer” and “Squid Linguine with Steamer Clams,” based upon Michael Hopko’s blown glass octopus and Dale Evers’ bronze and glass table at Primary Elements Gallery.

Fishes Sushi & Japanese Cuisine is offering a new sushi roll, using local ingredients, inspired by David Wight’s “Glass Tsunami Waves” at Modern Villa Gallery.

Bella Espresso’s special “Royal White Chocolate Mint Mocha” combines roasted espresso shots, organic mint and Ghirardelli white chocolate, topped off with whipping cream and dusted with more white chocolate…all brought to mind by a rolling surf at sunset captured by George Vetter FotoArt.

Pizza a’fetta has a “Spring Harvest” offering made with mozzarella cheese, zucchini and squash, fresh spinach, eggplant and topped with montrachet cheese and fresh herbs, inspired by a George Vetter FotoArt, photo capturing the lush freshness of the season.

Chocolate Café
…here’s proof that anything is better with candy. Like the white chocolate truffles filled with champagne inspired by Christopher Burkett’s Pink and White Dogwoods on view at Northwest By Northwest Gallery…or brandied pear candy based upon the blown glass pear at Primary Elements Gallery…or merlot chocolates that bring the What Cat? painting by Bart DeGraaf to mind at Haystack Gallery.

Morris’ Fireside has a “Brown Sugar and Honey Glazed Ham Steak topped with a Grilled Pineapple Slice,” or a “Sockeye Salmon Filet with a Blueberry & Cider Vinaigrette Sauce”… each served with soup or salad, seasonal steamed vegetables and your choice of Yukon garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, sautéed baby reds or house cut fireside logs…a menu inspired by Joshua Tobey’s Meditation Bear” and the Regat’s Run of the Salmon People…on display at Bronze Coast Gallery.

Crepe Neptune has added a special dessert crepe inspired by Georgia Gerber’s Standing Otter bronze at Northwest By Northwest Gallery…you really “otter have another”

Insomnia Coffee is offering a “Salted Caramel Mocha,” made with Cannon Beach Sea Salt Company’s vanilla salt…inspired by Matt Linares’ Constellation Creator at Archimedes Gallery.

The Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge is serving “NW Seafood Stew” with a generous selection of steamer clams, salmon, halibut, prawns, bay shrimp and Dungeness crab in a rich tomato broth, inspired by “ Reflections,” a special sunset painting by watercolor artist Jeffrey Hull.

Bill’s Tavern is offering “Dungeness Crab Cakes” with lemon aioli, crisp seaweed and tobiko, representing Joanne Slorach’s colorful screen print, Crab at Archimedes Gallery.

The Local Grill & Scoop is serving “Linguine with Clam Sauce and Fresh Dungeness Oregon Crab” and a “Seafoam Cappuccino” to go with jeweler Sharon Amber’s “Oregon in the Mist” collection.

The Lazy Susan has a “Beach Benedict” with center cut cured pepper bacon, fresh spinach and tomato slices, inspired by Sublime Coast II, an oil painting of Haystack Rock by Mandy Main, showing at DragonFire Studio and Gallery.

EVOO Cooking School
The Friday night dinner show’s entrees featuring salmon, oysters, braised short ribs and home made pastas are inspired by Icefire Glassworks’ pieces created in the shades of red, melon, and spring green. The desserts will pick up on glass created with chocolate and lemon colored pairings. Reservations required.

Newmans at 988 is offering a contemporary version of a classic style “Spring Chinook Salmon” with a special seasonal preparation as a salute to the “Nouveau Artists Show” at Cannon Beach Gallery.

Bald Eagle Coffee is also serving a “Layered Spring Soup,” inspired by the “ The Nouveau Artists Show” at Cannon Beach Gallery.

Cannon Beach Café and Olio Cupcake Bar is serving a “Prosciutto Goat Cheese Salad” inspired by the ceramic sculptures by Eric Boos at White Bird Gallery.

The Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge is featuring a trio of tropical sorbets nested on a plate with a blue chocolate stripe representing the sea and served on a bed of finely shredded and toasted coconut to mimic the sand…all brought to mind by As the Sun Sets by watercolor artist Jeffrey Hull.

The Irish Table has a “Chicken Pastie” dish …comfort food to go along with Scott Johnson’s perfectly melancholy work displayed at White Bird Gallery.

Sleepy Monk Coffee is offering “Be Misty” a special drink with coffee, vanilla and steamed milk, based on jeweler Sharon Amber’s “Oregon in the Mist” collection.

Cannon Beach Public House & Hardware has a variety of special cigars in their Outdoor Cigar Garden, along with a “NY Cheese Steak Sub,” and a gin-based “Bronx Cocktail” named for the Bombers Borough. Both offerings are based upon Randy Mulder’s whimsical sculptures Close but no Cigar and New York Yankees at Bronze Coast Gallery.

The Stephanie Inn is featuring “Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna, Carrot Ginger Soup, a Mahi Mahi Fillet and Tropical Fruit Parfait,” based upon paintings by Roy Tabora, blown glass fruit by Cohn-Stone Studio and a blown glass fish by Michael Hopko…all at Primary Elements Gallery.

Warren House has “Beef Medallions with Red Wine Reduction, Crimini Mushrooms and Goat Cheese,” inspired by Michael Orwick’s Oregon Vineyard painting at DragonFire Studio & Gallery.

Mo’s at Tolovana has chosen to base their special offerings on the paintings by Rie
Muñoz at Haystack Gallery…”Salmon Tartar with Chili Oil and Lemon Garlic Aioli“ and a “Blackened Halibut Filet with Mango Salsa and Rice Pilaf.”

Reclaiming the Green World

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Room To Spare by Agnes Field at Cannon Beach Gallery

Room To Spare by Agnes Field at Cannon Beach Gallery

Visit Cannon Beach Gallery website

The Cannon Beach Gallery will be hosting a dynamic installation curated by Astoria resident, Jessica Schleif, entitled Reclaiming the Green World from April 4-28, 2014 with an Artist’s Reception from 5-7pm on Saturday, April 5. The third annual green inspired show at the Cannon Beach Gallery happens in April in honor of Earth Day.

Recology of Western Oregon is the Exhibit Underwriter for the exhibition

A well-known garden maker and artist, Schleif is known for her innovative installations that include natural and re-purposed materials, which the she uses to make interactive environments. The show, Reclaiming the Green World, was conceptualized as a group show with artists exploring the concept of creative culture verses consumer culture.

The exhibition well established artists like Agnes Fields who will be showing two-dimensional, mixed media work inspired by her recent artist in residency in Finland and Anne Greenewood, whose “What’s in the Bag,” interactive, community based project explores the concept of identity and reclaiming our relationship with the natural world. In addition, there will be terrariums and installation work by Jessica Schleif, Kimberly Waites, Andee Gowing, Maurico Rioseco, Thor Andersson and Karl Travenshek.

Image: Agnes Field, Room to Spare, Mixed Media, 2013