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Two New Artists at Bronze Coast Gallery

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Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach welcomes Kenneth Wachtveitl and David Petlowany. Washington state artist Wachtveitl draws images on natural stone using thousands of dots, a technique known as stipple. “Even though this technique is extremely time-consuming it delivers an element of softness or subtleties that are difficult to achieve any other way,” explains Wachtveitl. “Using this unique medium it is my hope to add to the natural beauty of the stone and to inspire you with emotion while showing the powerfulness and sensuality of the human body and its connection with nature.”

Also now showing at Bronze Coast Gallery is David Petlowany, a self-taught marble and limestone sculptor residing in North Olmsted, Ohio. Petlowany sculptures are smooth and cool to the touch, inviting tactile experimentation. Referring to to himself as ‘the Limestone Cowboy’ he says “I have been lucky to have public placements, office settings, and most importantly, the living room for my work to be displayed…Its nice to see people smile at a rock.”

Fall Colors Abound In The Gallery Group October Exhibitions

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Fall has arrived with its crisp, cool mornings and gorgeous sunny afternoons.  The evening sky has often been painted with incredible strokes of orange, yellow, a hint of purple with a few wispy clouds which artists love to capture.  This is just one of many benefits we enjoy living here along the north Oregon Coast.

The members of the Cannon Beach Gallery Group have some interesting new artwork to celebrate the changing seasons.

Martin Gerard is a new artist to show at Primary Elements.  With a background in music, fine furniture, sculpture and original abstract art painted on glass, Martin’s newest piece combines many of those skills.  He has produced a table with a base of Bubinga wood with an art glass top.  He describes his work, “it’s very Zen like, I like painting on the edge of control rather than trying to make a copy of life.”  Greg Congleton has created “Belle”, an original sculpture made of recycled parts.  Standing 10’6” and weighing 550 pounds, she has a working gas torch and an LED crown. The cast iron stove base houses her propane tank. Contact the gallery for further information.

“Mousin’ Around”, depicts five bronze life-size mice perched on a block in various poses, tails entwined and “Trumpet Flower” a wall vase with a hummingbird by Melissa Cooper are some of the new arrivals at the Bronze Coast Gallery.  Limestone carver, David Petlowany delivered “Charlie”, a chimpanzee and has just finished a limestone owl titled “Echo” while Jim Eppler has two new bronze wide-eyed baby bobcats to add to his wildlife collection.  Victoria Parsons has used bristlecone pine and bronze in her two new pieces.  Using a permit to collect the bristle cones near her home, she is able to imbed bronze ladybugs into the wood of her two newest sculptures, “Ladies Convention” and “Ladies on the Run”.  In her trademark simple, yet elegant, style Carol Gold has recently completed several new bronzes: “Family”, “Gracias”, “Got it” and “Luna”.

Stop by the Jeffrey Hull Gallery to see the new giclee, “Hangin’ Out” which is the image Jeff created for the 25th Stormy Weather Arts Festival.  This image depicts two colorful floats hanging in a tree with Haystack Rock in the background.  Jeff is cloistered away in his studio currently working on pieces for the upcoming festival.  This year he will be one of the participants in the Friday night Quick Draw and Demonstration.

Haystack Gallery is celebrating new autumn creations by several artists.  Kathy Hastings has created several new pieces, including a couple of triptychs.  Her work begins with a photograph and then she may add oil paints or oil pastel and ends with the encaustic process of melted wax as a top layer.  Booker Morey discovered a process in 1993 to etch leaves to reveal the lacy and intricate beauty of the veins of the leaves.  The leaves, which contain no preservatives, yet are still pliable, are hand selected for the quality of their shape, then etched, colored, dried,  and mounted on a twig  then framed.  Michael Sorensen has a new original watercolor with pastel depicting Multnomah Falls, which captures all the beauty of the fall season.

The Cannon Beach Arts Association Gallery will be opening an Invitational Photography Exhibit on Friday, Oct. 12th with an Artists’ Reception that evening from 6-8pm.  The show will feature the work of esteemed Northwest photographers Brooks Jensen, the publisher of LensWork Magazine and Blue Mitchell of Diffusion Magazine. Other photographers participating in the weekend long Cannon Beach Photo Review event will also be displaying their images.  The show will run from Oct 12th through the 30th.  The annual Miniatures Show will begin in November.

So with all this fabulous fall weather, take a bit of time to stroll through town and stop in to see what new and exciting artwork has arrived this fall at the galleries.  After all we know the rains are sure to return.

The Gallery Group members include: Bronze Coast, Cannon beach Arts Association, DragonFire, George Vetter FotoArt, Haystack, IceFire, Jewelry by Sharon Amber, Jeffrey Hull, Modern Villa, Northwest by Northwest, Primary Elements, and White Bird Gallery.

Patty Coomes and her husband Bill have owned and owned and operated Haystack Gallery since 1985.  The Gallery was established in 1977.

Annual “Fall Delights” October Exhibition at Haystack Gallery

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Fall has officially arrived at Haystack Gallery as October bursts out in color in the “Fall Delight” exhibition with three artists featured: Sally O’Neill, Janis Ellison and Booker Morey.

Booker Morey – discovered a process in 1993 to etch leaves to reveal the lacy and intricate beauty of the veins of the leaves.

Janis Ellison – Her love of nature and the outdoors was a natural companion to her passion for painting plein-air and continual quest to share her view through her paintings.

Sally O’Neill –”I want my paintings to bring the viewer into a world they would love to be in. A world of beauty and sun drenched days.”

A Fine Art Gallery established in 1977, Haystack Gallery displays the artwork of over 75 Northwest, national and internationally recognized artists, covering a wide range of styles including original oils, pastels, acrylics and watercolors, bronze and steel sculptures, hand-made jewelry, limited and open edition giclées and lithographs. We feature artists such as: Steve Hanks, Pino, John Ebner, Frogman, Rie Munoz, Sean Conrad, Mike Smith, Sally O’Neill and Michael Tieman.

For more information contact Haystack Gallery at PO Box 12 , Cannon Beach , OR 97110. Phone: 503-436-2547; Email: