The members of the Cannon Beach Gallery Group invite you to play along the shores of Cannon Beach and in the varied and beautiful galleries of our town. Nestled between the wild ocean and the coastal mountains Cannon Beach offers art and craft ranging from the playful to the sublime. On May 4, 5 & 6, each gallery will spotlight new work by their chosen artists. Unveilings, demos and receptions take place all weekend long, making this event an unparalleled experience for the art lover.

2018 Spring Unveiling Gallery Listings! (see below)

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Art from the Chef’s Table, the event within an event

Welcome to the 18th Annual Spring Unveiling Arts Festival.  While you’re here, we invite you to experience an event within this event just for “foodies.”  Local chefs have partnered with our galleries, selecting a work of art that has inspired them to create their own edible art just for the weekend…everything from special coffee drink to a four-course wine pairing dinner.  Join them at their restaurants, coffee houses and candy stores and enjoy it all! (click for more details)

Chef’s Table 2018 map


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Archimedes Gallery

Shoals (City Beast #3)

Eva Funderburgh

Eva Funderburgh is a sculptor living in Seattle, Washington. While her work ranges from clay to bronze, to installation work, the movement and emotional content of her work stand out, regardless of the medium. Her work deals with the overlap of humanity and the natural world.

Shing Yin Khor

A former theatrical painter, designer, and propmaker, Shing Yin Khor makes awkwardly charming creatures trapped in a world of bumbling science and human fallibility. Her themes are inspired by historical hoaxes, old museums, cabinets of curiosities, and Pre-Linnaean taxonomy; her palettes are inspired by the more obnoxiously colorful parts of nature, especially invertebrates.

Leslie Levings

Leslie Levings is a sculptor of creatures. The majority of her time is spent making the Beastlies– small, ridiculous monsters with big emotions.  Leslie started sculpting little creatures when she was 10, but took a break through high school and college to pursue photography and writing. None of those things were ever as fun as creating tiny characters out of clay, though, so now she’s back to doing that full time.

Don Dahlke

Born in the 40’s, Don Dahlke is the son of a feed and garden merchant. It became clear early on that Don’s call was painting. His formal art training ended abruptly when the instructor suggested he “just go paint!” That he did. The appeal of his current architectural series lies in the allure of the coastal ambiance, sun, warmth, shadows and color. Among the details within each image are objects of significance to his life through the years…the stories of which we can only imagine.

Jacques and Mary Regat

Jacques and Mary Regat are Alaskan sculptors, painters and muralists, who have worked as professional artists and have lived in Alaska for over 50 years. They work in many media such as bronze, woodlithography, painting and jewelry. Their interest in the Alaskan native people has led them to create works of art that represent their stories. Nature, with its wonderful array of wild animals, has also inspired them to create beautiful impressionistic sculptures of a wide variety of wildlife, with bears and otters being some of their favorites.

Jason Frederick-Law

Jason Frederick-Law’s current work is inspired by childhood time spent boating on local lakes with his family. He became fascinated with boats and thus began his research into how every culture has solved the challenge of water travel, as an answer to basic needs of survival as well as the yearning to risk all in search of adventure and exploration.  In boats he finds a metaphor for life – the hulls and mechanical pieces, our bodies, while the sails represent that less concrete, ethereal ‘other’ which drives us – our hopes, dreams, and beliefs . . . all manifested beautifully in his dedicated reproduction of boats, both real and imagined.

Scott Johnson

A Portland native, Scott C Johnson has painted and exhibited throughout the NW for over three decades. Wishing to capture the beauty and majesty of the Oregon Coast since his teenage years, Scott would hitchhike from Portland to paint on the beach till day’s end, enraptured and fortified to return.

Theresa Andreas-O’Leary

Theresa Andreas-O’Leary utilizes the vibrant colors and translucency of acrylics to convey the emotional experience of light in landscape. The addition of gold or copper leaf creates a pathway of highlights that leads the eye through each painting. Through this connection to place Theresa finds true and continued inspiration.

Kelly Howard

Kelly Howard brings a painterly eye and an extensive depth of artistic knowledge to her glass blowing. Exploring color and form, she uses chemical reactions to create complex layers of color and visual texture in her works. She creates a wide range of glass, from lighting to transcendently beautiful vessels.

Penny Forrest

Penny Forrest paints acrylic canvases that tell of the beauty to be found in the everyday. Working from dark to light, she builds many layers of color and texture to complement a wide-range of subject matter. Interior scenes, landscapes and figurative imagery are all integral to her artistic imagination.

Icefire Glassworks

Jim Kingwell

What began as a five-year experiment evolved into a life-forming fascination with glass for Jim, who has been playing with fire for more than 40 years. His chemistry teacher’s observations about reality inspired him to enroll in art classes, so it is fitting that melting glass requires a grounding in both chemistry and physics. His Icefire Glassworks logo incorporates the alchemical symbols for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, honoring the linkage of art and science. From that, beautiful pieces of blown glass emerge that seduce the senses and stimulate the spirit.

Suzanne Kindland 

Suzanne was not reared to be a glass artist. It was her connection to the dream world that led her to become one at the age of 38. There were always hints, persistent nudges that would not be ignored, from favorite childhood words (horizon, crucible) to a vision of dancing in flames that led her to Cannon Beach and propelled her into the passionate world of soft molten glass. Inspired by the places she has lived, she makes blown glass pieces that express nature in the tangled patterns of woodlands, the stark horizons of deserts, and the mysteries of deep water.

Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon began blowing glass in 2003.  His first experience with the medium was at Icefire Glassworks in Cannon Beach, and he now lives and works in Bend.  His current body of work is focused on blending colors and balancing them with individual forms. The challenge of combining colors in different ways, and working with a hot and fluid medium, keeps every day of working with glass new and exciting.

Steven Krig

Steven Krig finds great comfort in the unique way that glass allows him to partner with the light. He can’t hold light in his hand, so he simply befriends it in an effort to to influence its path. Light continues to work its brush, bringing subtle changes to the work he creates long after his hand has left the imagery.

Michelle Gregor

Michelle Gregor creates sculpture in high fire ceramic. The heavy physicality, and transformative nature of working in clay becomes an ongoing conversation between artist and material. Through the vehicle of the figure, it is her intention “to articulate something of the precious source that animates us.”

Margaret Keelan

Margaret Keelan’s ceramic sculptures confront issues of mortality, decay, beauty, aging and innocence. They are glazed, stained, fired; then glazed, stained, and fired again. The surface has the look of disintegrating, painted-over weathered wood, which she explains as a metaphor for life being lived, and the process of aging.

  Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes’ work is a reflection of his subconscious. The work often depicts solitary figures that exist within vacuous environments. These beings are bound in solitude, but tempted and agitated by exterior elements. The artist leaves the translation of these abnormal scenes, and creation of meaning to the individual viewer.

  Beth Bojarski

Beth Bojarski’s visual language combines a strong sense of tender narrative with distinctly surreal imagery. Her paintings are tempered with satirical commentary, celebrating individuals with flaws. She plays with the dichotomy between pretty and ugly, and weaves curious tales into the fabric of each composition.

  Angela Purviance

The body of work Angela Purviance created at Oregon State University earned her a solo gallery exhibition, and established her as one of the top printmakers in her graduating class. Much of her work deals with themes of vulnerability and the precarious nature of both childhood and our natural environment.

Sara Swink

Sara Swink makes clay human and animal figures from a psychological stance, her aim to marry intellect, self-knowledge and practicality through her work. These hand-built sculptural works impart ideas through stories, often with a humorous edge.

  Richard Peck Taylor

Richard Taylor is a self-taught artist, sculpting intricately detailed ships using scrap wood, and other various discarded ephemera. Based on actual vessels, the handling of materials and surface creates the appearance of decaying artifacts temporarily stopped in time – a documentation of a disappearing history.

Duy Huynh

Duy Huynh creates poetic and contemplative paintings drawing inspiration from a variety of storytelling formats including music, movies, and ancient folklore. Born in Vietnam, themes of geographical and cultural displacement are prevalent in Duy’s work. Ethereal characters maintain a serene but precarious balance, often in a surreal or dreamlike setting.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

Jeffrey Hull

Jeffrey began his painting career more than 40 years ago in Cannon Beach, and it is from its coastline that he draws his inspiration. Today he is widely known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of the places where water joins land, controlling the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings. Recently he has returned to painting in oil as well, and is rarely found far from the ocean’s edge. His deep love for the area is clearly seen in his original paintings and prints.

Sharon Amber

Jewelry artist Sharon Amber creates personal treasures using 14k, 18k, and 22k gold and exotic gems.  She is best know for her high fire enameled “miniature paintings”, and her carvings in local gems and beach pebbles. During Spring Unveiling, she will reveal work and designs inspired by thousands of miles of travel over the last few months.

Lisa Kerr

Lisa Kerr’s romantic style centers around luminous semi-precious stones: sunny citrine, green peridot, violet amethyst, and blue tourmaline. Lisa often pairs soft, contrasting colors, like rose quartz and turquoise chalcedony. Each piece is one of a kind and based on an image in Lisa’s mind. For example, a deep blue tanzanite stone, set off with brilliant blue zircon gems, evokes the moonlight shining on water.

Modern Villa Gallery

Micah Crandall-Bear

Micah Crandall-Bear’s abstract landscape paintings examine Earth’s intrinsic resources and our disposition toward their accelerated transformation. His concept is infused with linear layers that cascade from atmospheric to subterranean. Landscape details hint at daily and seasonal shifts in light, evoking a sense of evolution and balance. In an ever-increasing technological world, his work reminds us to pause and admire our wild and natural surroundings. He presents abstractions that inspire a deep and effusive connection to nature.

David Jonathan Marshall

With his imaginative style, bold use of color and dramatic perspective, David brings a fresh new look to the art world. His skill at capturing movement and animation in his art is a direct reflection of his own lifestyle and view of the world. He says, “I feel like I’m putting a puzzle together. I paint the pieces of that puzzle, but even I don’t always know what will be seen in the end.”

Sarah Goodnough

This contemporary Northwest artist creates expressive art that reflects the beauty and mystery of life. Inspired by nature and the human spirit, her paintings are distinctive visual experiences with sensitivity to mood and emotion. Now living both in Portland, and the quaint coastal town of Astoria, she finds the dichotomy between the two cities to be a great balance for her artistic imagination.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery

Ann Fleming

Ann Fleming’s figurative bronze sculpture is inspired by an artistic narrative on myths and legends of life’s journeys, the great shared stories of our lives. Her bronzes range from small depictions to significant Public Sculpture. Her Public Sculpture “Midori” celebrates spring and rebirth.

Christopher Burkett

Oregon’s Christopher Burkett is a Contemporary artist recognized as a seminal figure in the history of Photography. Burkett was recently featured on National Public’s Television PBS NewsHour. “His masterly eye and remarkable printing skills capture the divine beauty of nature untouched by man”…The Washington Post. The image is “Resplendent Leaves at Sunset, Oregon”.

Mitzi Kugler

Mitzi Kugler, fused glass artist and sculptor, combines techniques to create three-dimensional sculptural paintings. Her love of welding makes a powerful statement of materials meeting to present a distinctive Contemporary statement. NW By NW GALLERY presents the artist’s work in Cannon Beach for the first time.

Hazel Schlesinger

Hazel Schlesinger shares her enthusiasm for life and the natural world. Works range from traditional to abstractions of oceanscapes. Winner of the 2017 Plein Air & More People’s Choice Award. Her oil paintings are seen around the world in movies, TV series, commercials and publications including Southwest Art Magazine.

Ivan McLean

Ivan McLean is a leading public sculptor including clients: Nike, World Trade Center in California, Nines Hotel in Portland. His “Red Sphere ” & “Re Invention” are a landmark for the NW By NW GALLERY Sculpture Garden, located in downtown Cannon Beach. His works are in bronze, steel, wood and glass.

Angelita Surmon

Angelita Surmon is an accomplished painter and glass artist. She captures the color, rhythm and movement alive in nature. Her series, “Refuge” reflects the imagery of the seasons. Her visionary paintings explore abstraction and representation, using acrylic paints with dynamic assuredness and knowing brushstrokes.

White Bird Gallery

Deborah DeWit

Deborah DeWit is a well-known Oregon artist who has several books published on her work. Her narrative works explore autobiographical themes and often have depictions of cats, books, people reading, and familiar landscapes inhabited by both animals and people. Many of her paintings suggest metaphors on the human experience through renditions of hands or feet used to convey an idea. Moody pathways through outdoor environments and compositions framed by looking through windows also convey her larger themes on the human experience


Joshua Rodine

Joshua Rodine’s work has always been inspired by the beauty of the Pacific northwest , but also by its destructive power such as wildfires, volcanoes, and earthquakes. The natural process of growth and decay are continually a source of focus in his work . This duality serves as a reminder of the dynamic world we live in, an ever evolving one, in which nothing stays the same forever.


Alexandra Boyden

Alexandra’s interest in art shifted from graphic design and exhibit design to painting after a trip with her intrepid grandmother to Antartica. The amazing landscape moved her to record it, with the South Pole becoming her first subject. Since then, pastels on sanded paper has become her chosen medium because of their immediacy. Not always having the right color can force a serendipitous substitution, and it is these happy accidents and intuitive abandon that bring newfound integrity to a piece.


Brian Blackham

Brian grew up in Salt Lake City and graduated from Arizona State University. He uses mundane objects such as a glass of water as a guiding orientation for his paintings. These minimalistic still life compositions vary from one solitary glass or bottle to a few. He prefers to study subject matter that is pure, positive and essential to our being. Using the impasto method, he guides the paint with a palette knife. Every stroke counts, layering raw paint until it achieves an irresistible stillness.


Andrea Johnson

Born in Key West, Florida, Johnson is inspired by the light and landscape of the Salinas valley where she chases the changing sunlight until it reveals an ethereal landscape. She is captivated by these transient vistas and works to capture its quintessential essence. Her goal is to “crystallize” the relationship between land and sky and uses her work to portray a sense of belonging to the valley.

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