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Seven Artists Receive Awards at Cannon Beach Gallery Group’s Plein Air & More Arts Festival

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Cannon Beach, OR – July 2, 2013   More than 50 artists participated in the Cannon Beach Gallery Group’s 5th Annual  Plein Air & More Arts Festival which drew thousands to the coast June 28-30 to watch them paint and create throughout the town and on the beach.  At the end of the festival, Kimberly Moore from SW Art Magazine announced six awards, three to artists who represented those painting “en plain air” and three to those who represented the “& More” part of the event which opened it up to sculptors, wood carvers, ceramic artists, metal artists, and more.

Receiving awards from the magazine, along with a hand blown glass sculpture created by Cannon Beach Artist Jim Kingwell from Icefire Glassworks, were:

Michael Orwick, DragonFire Gallery: Award of Excellence for “Plein Air” work done onsite during the weekend and for overall body of work.

Dave and Boni Deal, White Bird Gallery:  Award of Excellence for “& More” work done onsite during the weekend and for overall body of work.

Receiving additional awards from the magazine were:

Eric Jacobsen, Northwest By Northwest Gallery: Award of Excellence for “The Needles” on display at the group show.

Jacques and Mary Regat, Bronze Coast Gallery: Award of Excellence for “Ode to Joy” on display at the group show.

Jeffrey Hull, Jeffrey Hull Gallery: Honorary Award of Excellence for Best “Plein Air” representation of Cannon Beach for “Broken & Breaking” on display at the group show.

George Vetter, George Vetter FotoArt: Honorary Award of Excellence for Best “& More” representation of Cannon Beach for “Morning Rays” on display at the group show.

The public was also invited to vote for their favorite piece in the Group Show, which included work from all of the weekend’s featured artists represented by the twelve members of the Cannon Beach Gallery Group.  Winner of the “People’s Choice Award” was Sally O’Neill, represented by Haystack Gallery.  She also received a glass sculpture created by Jim Kingwell.

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Bonnie Gilchrist


Art and Friendship

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Spring Unveiling 2013 brought to town sunny skies, lots of art lovers, and a stream of visitors to the galleries.  But more than just visitors or clients: friends.  Over the years the galleries see many of the same familiar faces and deep friendships form between artists, gallery staff, and clients. People look forward to seeing each other at events like Spring Unveiling and Stormy Weather Arts Festival where they can visit and catch up with each other’s life events, vacation plans, and art purchases.

Icefire Glassworks gallery co-owner Suzanne Kindland related a story: Each year Icefire holds a sale beginning the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  The event is so popular that a long line forms before the gallery opens at 8:30 am. The line forges friendships, as people see each other from year to year. A couple from Missouri would fly out specifically for the sale.  They had a friendly competition with a couple from Seattle, vying for first place in the line.  One year, they vowed that they would win, so they brought their gear (warm coats, comfy beach chairs, tarps, thermoses, etc.) and got in line at 9:00 pm, the evening before the sale.  They camped out all night!  And they did win.  Of course, that was the year the Seattle couple couldn’t make it…..

Northwest by Northwest gallery owners Bob and Joyce Lincoln said that a direct result of their friendship with sculptor Georgia Gerber and owners of the remodeled Village Center Joe and Roxanne Fritsch was the installation of ‘Seal Twist’, a bronze sculpture by Gerber. ‘Seal Twist’ enjoys a permanent home outside the Windermere Real Estate office.  All parties share in their commitment to public art as a way to create an inviting gathering place for visitors and the community.  Gerber was also recently commissioned to sculpt a mother harbor seal with a pup as part of  a Year of the Seal project to be installed at Alki Beach in West Seattle.

Metal sculptor Greg Congelton and Primary Elements Gallery owner, Stephanie Ansley, connected with a common love of animals and respect for each other’s philosophy of life. He and his wife, Jeane, have attended every Spring Unveiling Event since the gallery opened 12 years ago. The concept of Primary Elements Gallery being the natural elements makes Congelton’s work a good fit. ‘Old Faithful’ is a new 48” sculpture of  a whale made from welded metal mounted on a recycled boat propeller. Ansley commented on what makes this piece special, “The metal that is in the sculpture was once part of the earth; now it is transformed into an image of a creature that is part of the ocean. Man has been in awe of the size and taken advantage of the bounty from this great creature. Now civilizations protect this great creature.”

Bronze Coast Gallery manager Melisa Colvin explained the gallery-client bond, “People often have emotional responses to art and share very profound experiences with us, leading to meaningful conversations and deep friendships.”  The gallery has many clients who drop by with goodies to share and updates about their lives.  Colvin said that her relationships with various artists has helped her with her own artwork and she has formed a special friendship with Matthew Gray Palmer and his wife Danielle. “My husband and I always take some time away from work to be with Matthew and Danielle; we have so much in common.”  Palmer was recently in Cannon Beach for Spring Unveiling and delivered many new, stunning works, including an American Kestrel made from welded steel, bronze, and wood titled ‘Falco Sparverius.”

New Sculptures by David Crawford Now at Bronze Coast Gallery

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Two new sculptures by Oregon artist David Crawford debuted at Bronze Coast Gallery during Spring Unveiling 2013: ‘Clown Dog’ and ‘Ninth Life Pajama Cat with Minor Repairs’.

Both sculptures reflect on the nature of human-animal relationships and draw from the artist’s personal experiences. Crawford says of ‘Clown Dog’, “With this piece, I see the dog as a bemused partner to the baleful clown; Piglet to Eeyore…a dog that finds pleasure in the simple things, and with a wag of its tail, rubs some of that joy onto those around it.” His work ‘Ninth Life Pajama Cat with Minor Repairs’ depicts a cat whose exterior has seen better days and shows the artist’s imagined attempts at keeping it together until the very end. The sculpture was made in honor of Crawford’s last cat. “Even in my most optimistic moments I didn’t figure he could be maintained much longer, but this piece shows some of the ideas I had to squeeze the last bits of feline companionship out of his weary old hide.”

Crawford lives and maintains a studio and foundry in Halfway, Oregon and says he owes his very rural upbringing and surroundings as the main influences on the images he creates.

Plein Air & More 2013-Collaboration in Oils, Metal & Glass at DragonFire Gallery

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A collaborative project in Oils, Metal and Glass will be on display in DragonFire Gallery during Plein Air & More Weekend.

Take three artists working in three different media: Michael Orwick in oils, Ann Cavanaugh in fused glass, Arnie Chupp in metalwork and fabrication. In the first phase of the project, Michael Orwick has chosen a photo of a landscape. Each artist has created a piece from the photo in their respective mediums.

In the second phase of the project, Arnie Chupp will choose a subject to interpret in metal. Michael and Ann will then create work in oils and glass to be incorporated into the metal.

In the third phase of the project, Ann will create a glass piece, making a mold of a carving done by her mother, which will then be interpreted by Arnie and Michael in metal and oils respectively.

The project offers insight into how different perspectives and mediums can be used to explore a single idea, object or concept. It also offers a visual dialogue on the rich benefits of the collaborative process to a group of artists.

Painting Coastal Color and Light With Eric Jacobsen and Michael Orwick

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Join Eric and Michael for a unique and exciting plein-air workshop in Cannon Beach, Oregon

5-days: June 24th-28th, 2013
The event will take place at The Ocean Lodge 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Daily.

Price: $500.00

For further information please call Michael Orwick 503 329 2167. or visit

This workshop leads into the Cannon Beach Plein Air and More Arts Festival

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