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January Gazette Article by Eliza Davis

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Cannon Beach Gazette 01/17/2014, Page A11

Gallery Group



Galleries offer angels, photos, puffins and bronzes

A new year has begun, bringing renewal, resolutions and a sense of revival.

As the holiday lights fade, the art galleries in Cannon Beach are the perfect place to keep alight our sense of wonder and appreciation for aesthetic beauty.

As a stroll on a quiet winter beach renews the spirit, a stroll through the local galleries restores our senses. Resolve to get out and visit the galleries that make Cannon Beach an international art destination.

Primary Elements

The season of angels may be behind us, but Primary Elements Gallery artist Michael Parkes seems to be enamored with the possibility of winged creatures that might take a man from the everyday world to a world of magic. Originally, “Angel Affair” was portrayed as an oil painting, then printed as a lithograph and now is being offered as a limited edition bronze sculpture.

Other winged creatures include several tufted puffins by sculptor Heather Soderberg. The gallery looks forward to her newly sculpted sea birds, including a puffin in flight, that will be cast in bronze next month, and a pelican that will debut at Spring Unveiling.

Sculptor Richard Sears has on display a blue heron, a falcon and a parent with a fledgling pair of penguins. All three sculptures boast beautiful colored patinas and are No. 1 in their limited editions.

A whimsical mixed-media piece by Brenna Tyler titled, “The Ship of State,” depicts a blindfolded captain and a crew with broken paddles.

Primary Elements Gallery is upstairs in downtown Sandpiper Square.

Northwest by Northwest

Northwest by Northwest announces the yearend release of new works by Oregon photographer Christopher Burkett, a stalwart artist of the gallery for over 20 years. Each year, Burkett builds a portfolio of his latest images in his “Annual Collector Edition.” Northwest by Northwest Gallery is downtown across from the City Park and Information Center on Spruce Street.










Bronze Coast

Oregon painter Pamela Claflin recently delivered several new paintings to Bronze Coast Gallery. A scene from the side of Ecola Park Road of blooming skunk cabbage was the inspiration for “Coastal Spring,” while a waterfall at Short Sands Beach is the subject of “Hidden Falls.” A new sculpture, “First Light,” by artist John Coleman, has arrived at Bronze Coast. Coleman, an award-winning master sculptor and member of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America, strives to tell the stories and history of Native Americans and the American West. “First Light” is of a Blackfoot or Shoshone woman, wearing a traditional animal robe, beads and a crucifix. According to Coleman, crosses were common trade items through the 1830s. Coleman originally did an oil painting, titled “Last Light,” of a woman looking down and the light fading. “First Light” is the companion piece, with the woman facing up into the morning sun. Also new at Bronze Coast Gallery is a collection of bronzes by Carol Gold. Gold’s simple, yet elegant works have been a staple for over a dozen years at the gallery.

 Bronze Coast Gallery is downtown in The Landing.






The Cannon Beach Gallery Group is an association of local galleries that work together to pool resources and efforts to promote the arts. Gallery Group members include: Archimedes Gallery, Bronze Coast Gallery, Cannon Beach Arts Association, Dragon-Fire Gallery, George Vetter FotoArt, Haystack Gallery, IceFire Glass Works, Jewelry by Sharon Amber, Jeffrey Hull Gallery, Modern Villa Gallery, Northwest by Northwest Gallery, Primary Elements Gallery, and White Bird Gallery.

Plein Air & More Art Festival Video

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Plein air is a term derived from the French expression “en plein air”, meaning “in the open air” and specifically refers to the act of painting outdoors. Cannon Beach’s popular “Plein Air & More” is a three day event which includes a Friday night “meet & greet” with the participating artists and gallery owners, along with a collaborative show of art work. On Saturday and Sunday, more than fifty artists, represented by Cannon Beach’s art galleries will be creating works of art on location throughout town and on the beach. Many will work in the traditional method of plein-aire painting, while others will sculpt, create and photograph in their own unique styles. Individual galleries display the finished works along with hosting receptions for the artists Saturday and Sunday.

Table by Jeffry Mann at Primary Elements Gallery

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Quadrant Table #4 - LR, Curly Soft Maple and Ebony dots (390 on the top alone).  RR, Wenge, Holly and Ebony. -  LF, Wenge with Maple and Purpleheart pin stripes. RF, Curly Soft Maple and Ebony.

46 1/2″w X 25 1/2″d X 32 1/2″ h


Primary Elements Gallery


New Artist – Senja Antilla – at White Bird Gallery

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New Artist – Senja Antilla – Represented at White Bird Gallery
Senja Antilla creates mosaics from reclaimed ocean-tumbled wood. Her materials come from houses that have slid into the ocean at Washaway Beach, North Cove, WA. The artist frequently visits the eroding beach to collect distressed wood. The assortment of wood used in her mosaics includes outdoor siding, inside walls, baseboards, door frames and window frames, as well as found hardware. The resulting artworks are contemporary compositions that recall time, history and the power of natural cycles.
Senja Antilla is a native of Washington state who has been visiting Washaway Beach since the 1960′s. At that time the beach was 5 miles out from it’s present location. The artist documents many of the houses that are subject to being destroyed by the erosion of the coastline. Often her fine art wood mosaics will include photographs of the original house before it was washed away, distressed and appropriated into artwork.
White Bird Gallery

Christopher Burkett January 1 Price Increase

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Cottonwood & Light “Cottonwood & Light” copyright Christopher Burkett
Christopher Burkett by Sandy Smith (Burkett photo by Sandy Smith)

Oregon’s Native Son studied photography with Ansel Adams some thirty four years ago. Burkett photographs are still shown in Museum exhibitions with Adams work.
Of film & photographic paper Adams said “The negative is the score, the print is the performance”.

The subject matter is light itself. Working 14 hours a day in the darkroom , ten months a year the artist takes time off in the Fall & the Spring to pursue color and atmospheric light .

View OPB TV Oregon Art Beat on the idea to get a glimpse of the artist’s life which begins each day at 3:30 am.

Ilford has stopped making the photographic paper that Burkett has used for over thirty years.

Notice of price increase on January 1, 2014.

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