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White Bird Gallery Painting Demonstration with Randall David Tipton September 23

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Painting Demonstration with Randall David Tipton
Saturday, September 23rd, 2:00pm
exhibition continues through October 16

White Bird Gallery
251 N. Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR

For 31 of White Bird Gallery’s 46 years, Randall David Tipton’s vibrant oil landscapes have adorned it’s walls.

To celebrate that long-running relationship as well as his latest show, Tipton presents a free painting demo in the gallery at 2pm on September 23rd.

White Bird founder Evelyn Georges discovered Tipton’s work in 1986, on the walls of a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She phoned Tipton immediately, offering to show his work at White Bird.

Tipton remembers setting foot in the Cannon Beach gallery for the first time: “I felt I was showing in a gallery that had real serious work, not just tourist stuff,” Tipton says. “And that was important to me.”

While Tipton’s paintings have shown at prestigious galleries in Portland and around the country, no relationships come close to his longevity at White Bird. Not only their partnership, but the gallery itself, is an outlier.

“In general,” Tipton says, “galleries don’t have a real long lifespan. I’ve been in lots that have just folded. And many others that were just beginning, and they’re very excited but then only last a year or two. Galleries that stick around this long are very rare.”

“Usually it’s one person’s vision,” Tipton adds. “And that person will either go broke, die or get old, and the gallery will close.”

No so with White Bird. Current owner Allyn Cantor, who worked with Georges for a decade, made the transition seamless. Cantor recalls being immediately taken by Tipton’s work when she began at White Bird.

“I walked in and saw his paintings and I thought: this person sees nature and trees and light like I do,” Cantor remembers. “Of all the painters here at the time, he’s the one I connected with most of all.”

“I still feel that way,” Cantor adds, walking over to Tipton’s work. “These are my colors,” she says. “These pastels, I could just crawl into this.”

Indeed, there is a striking level of depth in Tipton’s oil-based paintings. From a distance, they scan as landscapes. Move closer and the level of abstraction abounds. Tipton gathers inspiration walking in nature–be it the woods, the beach, or elsewhere. But, rather than painting in plein air, or from photographs or memory, his process is more intuitive.

“It’s not that I know ahead of time what an oak tree looks like,” Tipton explains. “But I’ve been looking at them all my life. When I’m painting, the way it’s fun for me is to drop paint on the surface, and start moving paint around with various tools, and when it looks like an oak tree I know it.”

This improvisatory process makes it difficult for Tipton to teach. As such, he prefers painting demonstrations.

“When I demonstrate I try to verbalize my process, and I can answer questions,” Tipton says. The oddest thing is that these demonstrations are often some of my best work.”

“It really is striking,” Tipton adds, “the amount of good works I get while doing demos, it’s way above my success in the studio. A friend of mine, a teacher and artist, thinks it’s because I’m not second-guessing myself, not overthinking. That my decades of experience just take over.”

Besides the free demonstration on September 23rd, Tipton’s latest show hangs through October 16th. And, of course, his works will be found at White Bird long after that.

“Certain painters are synonymous with White Bird,” says owner Allyn Cantor. “Randall David Tipton is one of them.”

View Tipton Exhibit online:

Northwest By Northwest Gallery Cannon Beach Oregon Stormy Weather Arts Festival

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Stormy Weather Arts Festival November 3 & 4

Northwest By Northwest Gallery Celebrates 30 Year of Stormy Weather Arts Festival . November 3 from 5 to 6 . Foundry process with renowned public sculptor & bronze artist Georgia Gerber. Unveiling of “Sea Hawk” sculpture . 6 to 8 Live music with Bobcat Bob & Sineann Winery .
Saturday November 4 at 11am Hazel Schlesinger Public Choice winner for Plein Air & More Arts Festival. Hazel’s paintings can be seen around the world in TV series, Movies & commercials.

November 4

1:00 Master of fine Art Film Photography Christopher Burkett. Numerous Museum collections. Talk on “how we see color”.

2:00 Narrative sculpture of Ann Fleming in bronze tell the stories of our lives. “Midori” is a public sculpture by the artist.

3:00 Georgia Gerber. Talk about the process of sculpting “Sea Hawk” and the creative process. New collection.

4:00 Ivan McLean Contemporary sculptor.Projects include Nike, Nines Hotel PDX, World Trade Center in Long Beach California & our Landmark Sculpture Garden.

6 to 8 reception with artists & live music of Bobcat Bob. Sineann.

December small sculpture by Ann Fleming of figurative works with stories . Cristina Acosta paintings of birds and trees on wood with organic resin.
Tolley Marney elegant Equine Sculpture . See Southwest Art Magazine.
Small oil paintings by gallery artists including Angela Woods.
Ceramics by master artists Patrick Horsley & Natalie Warrens.
January begin the new year with original works with reginal masters . Glass of Ruth Brockmann masks & pate de verre bowls which toured with the Smithsonian.

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232 N Spruce (across from the City park & Info Center). 503 436 0741

Northwest By Northwest GALLERY Art News New Public Art Installation by Oregon Artist Ivan McLEAN

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Meet him at the Stormy Weather Arts Festival November 3 & 4. A similar work in red is in the sculpture garden of the gallery located on Spruce Street across from the City Park & Info Center.



Northwest By Northwest GALLERY Art News Ann Fleming Public Art of “Midori” sculpture

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Meet the narrative bronze sculptor here for our 30th Stormy Weather Arts Festival November 4 at 2.

Here is the Olympia project

7 - Midori Spring 2013

Northwest By Northwest GALLERY Art News Georgia Gerber new “Sleeping Cat” sculpture

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Sleeping Cat 9541-300ppi

A percentage of our sales goes to the local animal shelter… Clatsop County Animal Shelter. Meet Georgia Gerber Friday night November 3 from 6 to 8 for our 30th Stormy Weather Arts Festival.

Sleeping Cat
Bronze / 2017
Edition of 15
8”H x 13”W x 11”D

Northwest By Northwest Gallery 48 x 48 Pointillist Painting Jeff WHite Art News

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Northwest By Northwest Gallery Pelican Georgia Gerber Bronze

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A portion of the proceeds of the bronze Pelican by Georgia Gerber will go to the Wildlife Center of the North Coast. They have been known to “over winter” , house, as many as 400 Pelicans.

14H x 24W x 10D


Art News Wayne Chabre pictured with his bronze “A Delicate Balance”

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Wayne Chabre the 2007 Public Choice Winner for Sculpture Without Walls Public Art program for the City of Cannon Beach pictured with “A Delicate Balance”.
After a decade the project was brought forward by The Cannon Beach Public Art committee . The Public Sculptor is represented by NW By NW GALLERY


Northwest By Northwest Gallery – Tolley Marney won The Editor’s Choice Award at the Plein and More Arts Festival

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Editor’s Choice award for the 9th Annual Plein Air & More Arts Festival held June 23, 24 & 25th throughout Cannon Beach was sculptor Tolley Marney.

Editor of the prestigious Southwest Art Magazine , Kaline Carter said that he wished he could give another award because Marney’s life partner , the painter Cristina Acosta was of merit for technique and vision in her paintings influenced by her Zuni & Old Spanish family heritage.

Both sculptor Marney & painter Acosta will be at the gallery July 10th & 11th working outside creating new works and talking technique at NW By NW GALLERY in Cannon Beach.

The gallery is celebrating its 30th year and is known for representing Christopher Burkett fine art photographer & bronze sculptor & public artist Georgia Gerber


Equine sculptor Tolley Marney’s  work is created using a traditional blacksmithing forge. He uses reclaimed wood. This work is titled “The Knight”. He has had an exhibition at the Palm Springs Museum.

Title: Knight  Materials: Recycled Steel and Recycled Wood

– The Knight (by Tolley Marney: 24″ long x 19″ tall x 10″ wide

White Bird Gallery Plein Air & More Schedule

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June 23, 24, 25 Plein Air & More Arts Festival
see artists working on location throughout Cannon Beach

Participating gallery artists:
Dave & Boni Deal, Robert Schlegel, Gretha Lindwood
Josh Henrie, Bev Drew Kindley, Brooke Borcherding


Gallery Reception: Friday, June 23th, 4:00 – 6:00pm

Raku Firing on the Beach with Dave & Boni Deal
Saturday, June 24th, 7:00pm


Northwest By Northwest Gallery Schedule of Events for the Plein Air & More Arts Festival

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Plein Air & More Arts Festival June 23, 24 & 25. Join NW By NW GALLERY celebrating their 30th year.

Friday reception with the artists 4 to 8. LIVE MUSIC with Nathan Harner original acoustic guitar. SINEANN Winery with wine educator Patrick MCELLIGOTT.

IMG_1790 copy as Smart Object-1-1

Jeff White oil painting “Into the Unknown” 60 x 72 .

Jeff White has won the Plein Air Public Choice Vote and been published in SW Art Magazine.Jeff has been featured on Oregon Art Beat Public Television.


Cristina Acosta painting “Grandmother with Coyote”.

Memoir painting of acrylic, charcoal & pastel on board with organic resin. Author of the book “Paint Happy”. Color & design consultant . Cristina will return July 9, 10 & 11th.

Title: Knight  Materials: Recycled Steel and Recycled Wood

Tolley Marney of sculpture  “The Knight” 24′L x 19″ H x 10″ W
Forged Steel & Reclaimed Wood .

Upcoming events include Stormy Weather Arts Festival with renowned public artist and bronze sculptor Georgia Gerber & Master of Fine Art Color Photography Christopher Burkett November 3, 4 & 5.

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Look for Contemporary Sculptor Ivan McLean’s work in our Landmark Sculpture Garden downtown across from the City Park & Info Center.

Northwest By Northwest Gallery Hazel Schlesinger will be here for the Plein Air & More Arts Festival

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Hazel Schlesinger grew up in Cannon Beach and taught school here. She understands the unique light “luminosity” and rich colors of the Coast especially painting en Plein Air, outside in natural light. Hazel’s oil paintings can be seen in Films & TV all through out the world.  Meet her here at the gallery Saturday June 24th at 12:00. Plein Air & More Arts Festival .

Joyce Lincoln NW By NW GALLERY director.



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