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New work for Jeffrey Hull Gallery

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On Our Way

Carol and I were on our way down the Oregon coast for the umpteenth time when this old cedar fence caught my eye near Cape Perpetua. The wildflowers and mood at the edge of the sea completed the story. By the way, no matter how well thought out a painting seems initially, there are ALWAYS surprises and opportunities to make it stronger during the painting process. As I neared the end of this watercolor I realized I needed to interrupt the viewer’s eye as it traveled along the fence line. Adding someone’s driftwood walking stick accomplished that. To be honest, there are paintings that change substantially from inspiration to completion. Years ago I realized the only thing that mattered is if the painting “works” in the end. The responsibility and freedom an artist has is to make sure that happens.

Original Framed Watercolor 34 ½” x 27 ½” $2,500 – Image 24 ½” x 17 ½” All Rights Reserved

Hull-OnOur Way

“On Our Way” by Jeffrey Hull




















“Reinvention” by Ivan McLean presented by Northwest by Northwest Gallery

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Ivan is one of the most sought after public sculptors working today . His works are seen throughout the Pearl District and in Cannon Beach in front of the gallery in the sculpture garden. He recently completed a project for Santa Monica. The large sphere pictured is in the Newport Beach California Park & Civic Center.

McLean works in steel, bronze & glass . He created the kiln formed glass walls for the Nines Hotel and also a very large bronze tree for the lobby & several other site specific works for the hotel.

He will be here for the 17th Annual Spring Unveiling Arts Festival May 6, 7 & 8.










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188 S. Hemlock
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Motivation to move to Cannon Beach began in early the 1990’s when the owners, Bob Neroni and Lenore Emery first traveled through the beach community on the way to see Lenore’s family in Seattle. After visiting the quaint artsy town, the two daydreamed about the many ways they might live where they loved to visit. And visit they did, every year there after until finally, after building their own beach bungalow in Cannon Beach, they moved in full time spring of 2004.

The idea of opening EVOO was very appealing. Both Bob and Lenore had spent many years teaching or training in the food industry. Both admit that teaching the craft of cooking is one of the most satisfying experiences of their career. When the former little beach cottage became available on the main commercial street in Cannon Beach, their motion to the ocean gained momentum.

Surfsand Resort

Surfsand Resort

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148 West Gower
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The oceanfront Surfsand Resort is just steps from Haystack Rock and has sweeping coastline views to the north and south. These views include not only Haystack Rock but also Tillamook Head Lighthouse. Located just 70 miles west of Portland in Cannon Beach, the Surfsand welcomes guests with warmth and hospitality.

The full-service Surfsand Resort features stylish, contemporary guest rooms and suites with a serene, tranquil vibe and a lot of fun extras that will make your stay memorable and your return visit a good bet. iPod docs, wi-fi, lux bath amenities, deep soaking tubs and beachfront Cabana service are just a few of the modern touches that will make your stay laid back and fun.

Pelican Pub & Brewery

Pelican Pub & Brewery

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1371 South Hemlock Street
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What’s more important–the beer or the food? We say both. In fact, The Pelican Pub & Brewery is a world leader in the pairing of food and beer. After all, we’ve been doing it for 16 years.  Our executive chef and brewmaster make it their daily mission to understand how food and beer flavors complement one another.

This means not only how the beer pairs with the food, but how to incorporate beer into preparing menu items in order to achieve the most flavor.  This could be the Kiwanda Cream Ale batter in our famous Tower of Rings, the Beer Blanc sauce that tops our blackened cod or the brownie sundae made with Tsunami Stout.  Whatever you order, there has been thought put into how our beer can be integrated into the dish to create a unique culinary experience. In addition to the menu items cooked with the beer, all our menus feature recommended pairings so you’ll know what to order with what.

And if you really want a treat of a lifetime, attend one of our three annual Brewers Dinners, which take you on a five-course culinary journey of beer and food complete with commentary by our internationally-acclaimed Brewmaster, Darron Welch.

Arbor Care

Arbor Care

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Luke Colvin, an ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor, is passionate about the stewardship of trees as a natural resource.   Colvin founded Arbor Care Tree Specialists in 2004.  The company is dedicated to promoting the health and beauty of trees and shrubs throughout Clatsop county, Pacific county and the Capitol campus/Governor’s mansion in Olympia, WA.  Serving both the residential and business communities, the team at Arbor Care, Inc. includes three ISA Certified Arborists who are trained specialists in the art of pruning, maintenance and removal of all types of trees and shrubs from ornamental to towering Spruces.  Arbor Care also specializes in hazard evaluations, stump grinding, large specimen plantings and transplanting as well as commercial maintenance, design and consultation.

Luke Colvin is very involved in the community. He was the 2008 winner of the “George Award”, an award given by the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce for truly extraordinary service to the community.  Luke also volunteers his services to help preserve the treasure trove of exotic trees at Camp Kiwanilong in Warrenton, Oregon.  He founded Arborists at the Arboretum to care for those exotic trees.  In 2008, Luke spearheaded the “Stuff the Truck” food drive to benefit Clatsop County residents in need.  Now held every November, “Stuff the Truck” is the largest food drive in the county on an annual basis.  Luke is committed to helping the community in any way that he can and is a member of the Astoria Rotary and has recently been elected a Board Member of the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce for a three year term.  In 2014, Luke was recognized with the Small Business Entrepreneurship Award given by the Clatsop Economic Development Resources (CEDR) organization.



Archimedes Gallery

Archimedes Gallery

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Focusing on exhibiting emerging and established artists from the Northwest and beyond, Archimedes Gallery seeks to create a space that is responsive to the evolution and innovation of new contemporary art, while being accessible to a diverse public. Our goal is to provide this growing art movement a place on the coast for both artist and art lover.

We currently feature a rotating showroom with original contemporary, illustrated, graphic, and narrative art. We also offer a variety of affordable limited edition prints, books, and art related goods.

Please visit us on the second floor of the new 2nd & Larch building and be sure to check out our website for a schedule of future events and shows.

New Work for Jeffrey Hull Gallery

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“Out on the Edge”

I generally stop at the spot where this storm sculpted tree resides as I wind my way up and down the coast. The tree is one reason (checking the surf is the other, but we won’t talk about that here). The moody, foggy sunset was what inspired this painting, along with the tree of course. Living on the edge of the sea 24/7 shows its determination, resilience and in the end, personality- kind of like the rest of us.

Original Framed Watercolor 34 ½” x 27 ½” $2,500 – Image 24 ½” x 17 ½” All Rights Reserved


“Out on the Edge”



















 Silver & Gray

The Pacific Northwest coast is officially a temperate rainforest renowned for its timber. Since everything flows into the sea, our beaches get a fresh batch of driftwood with each passing winter. Large trees like these are rare of course, but they also stick around for decades. There is a wonderful silvery hue, a patina if you will; these old logs develop over the years of living life in the sun and rain.
In the foggy background of this watercolor are the “Sisters” of Siletz Bay, one of my favorite subjects to paint. Inspiration took root when I noticed the basic form of the Sisters repeated in miniature in what was left of the limbs on the driftlog. I use the design principle of repetition frequently in my work to unify the composition.

Original Framed Watercolor 33 ½” x 41 ½” $3,750 – Image 23” x 31 ½” All Rights Reserved


Silver & Gray












9th Annual Plein Air & More, June 23-25, 2017

9th Annual Plein Air & More, June 23-25, 2017

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Cannon Beach has not only been named “One of the Best Art Towns in America,” but National Geographic has also listed it as “One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World.” So…what more could you ask for if you’re a plein air artist? That’s why they continue to come from around the world to capture the unique elements of this landscape “in the open air”. To celebrate this challenging artistic style and the work of the artists, the Cannon Beach Gallery Group is presenting the 9th Annual Plein Air & More festival. Scheduled for June 23-25, the event will feature nearly 50 artists creating art on location throughout the town and on the beach Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Last year we added a new feature to the festival that made it easier for visitors to watch the participating artists at work. On Saturday afternoon they all came together for two hours in an “Artists’ Swarm” right in the center of town. Visitors truly enjoyed being able to see them all creating in one place. This was so popular that we are continuing it this year. Also returning will be the “Creative Play Space” where children of all ages can explore their own artistic talents. Our stilt walker will also be back, along with live music, and the raku firing on the beach Saturday evening. This festival is unlike any other in the country, in that it goes beyond the typical “Plein Air” event, by including not only those working in oil, pastels, and watercolor. The “and more” component attracts virtually every other art form…bronze sculpture and stone carving, metal working, jewelry, woodworking, ceramics and fused or blown glass. We hope you’ll join us. This event just keeps getting better and better each year.

Workshops Offered by Four Nationally Recognized Plein Air Artists. (click for more information)

Leading up to the weekend will be four workshops conducted by nationally recognized artists Michael Orwick, Anton Pavlenko, Mike Rangner and Hazel Schlesinger. Come and paint for a few days before the festival, then plan to stay over for all the fun.


2017 Plein Air and More Gallery Listings!


Larger images available for media use by clicking.

Archimedes Gallery

Nicole Gustafsson

Nicole works as a full time illustrator specializing in traditional media paintings featuring everything from woodland characters and environments to pop culture based projects. She uses a stunning color palette to capture fantastical places portrayed. Her interest in wildlife and trees grew into a life-long passion of the natural world and continues to be a theme in her artwork.

Dan Chen

Dan was born in China, in the province of Canton. He immigrated with his parents to the U.S. in 1984 and enrolled at San Francisco City College to study graphic design and illustration at Academy of Art University. Since that time, Dan’s professional career has begun focusing full-time on nature and wildlife art in both paintings and sculptures. His experience with the eastern and western disciplines of art has provided the inspiration for the extremely pleasing and dramatic style he has developed. Whether the media is oil, pastel, watercolor or sculpture, each piece Dan creates is an exquisite and masterful expression of line, color, light and energy which is truly his own. His art is a marriage of the finest qualities of eastern and western art style and technique.

Pamela Claflin

Pamela  has a deep love and respect for nature…especially desert and arid areas from the Northwest to the Southwest. In her paintings she wants to transfer to the viewers the reason for capturing that particular scene…be it the quality of light, color, textures, a water source in an unusual area, or the absolute beauty of a grand scene. Occasionally she enjoys capturing a building, a bloom or animal, or an etched-out life style.

Kristina Boardman

Kristina was born in Lancashire, England and came to Canada amid Centennial celebrations in 1967. She spent several years in Alberta before settling in Victoria, where she competes for wall space with her husband Mitch Stringer, a photographer, and their two children. She majored in\painting and drawing while earning a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. Kristina’s paintings reflect her life on the West Coast. Infused with the colors and tones from the multitude of stones found along the beaches of Canada’s west coast, the painting possibilities are endless. Her paintings present the subject matter found on many walks along the beach, yet are created from within rather than from a still life construction or photograph. The shadows between the stones evolve as she places the lines and tones upon the canvas. The process of painting mimics the reaction of sand and water on stones in nature as the stones settle into place during the creative process. In the finished painting, the eye travels along the crevices created by the shadows, just as water would flow around the stones on the beach

Christopher Perry

Christopher Perry is an American artist born in Portland, Oregon in 1970.  He began showing his paintings in 1989.  Perry studied fine arts at Marylhurst University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993 with an emphasis on print making.  Perry creates in two separate mediums; oil painting and kiln-cast glass.  The two mediums continually influence each other.  Perry contrasts light and dark in his abstract landscapes paying particular attention to atmosphere.  Perry has won awards and has served as a juror for various art shows.  Perrys work has appeared in the television series Lost and is part of numerous collections including Bellevue Towers, Oregon State University, the Portland Art Museum, and private collections worldwide.  Perry is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Portland Art Museums Contemporary Art Council.  Years of persistence as a full-time working artist has helped Perry master skills in many areas.  With his multifaceted approach, Perry does his own woodworking and metalworking in support of his artistic vision.  He conceptualizes the design, then completes actual fabrication of his ideas.  Perry currently resides just outside of Portland, Oregon, and his work can be seen in galleries throughout the United States.  He brings unique vision to everything he creates. 


J. Scott Wilson

The surface lends itself to my way of communicating in life with his media. Hi is constantly extending his inspired feelings through his media with each painting. HIs images develop for the day he lives.  Direction of paint on surface as well as the entrance and the exit of imagery are a few of his present concerns.  The result is a fantastic freedom of expression. This accomplished painter of over forty years has earned honors with his paintings by art critics with over two hundred Best of Shows in prestigious art events in the USA over his career.  His paintings reflect his love for classical music through the movement and energy in each painting.  He strives to challenge the viewers’ eye and mind with innovative images he creates with use of color, line and texture.  The end result is a quality painting that holds the interest of the viewer for a lifetime.


Sidonie Caron

Berlin born, London raised artist Sidonie Caron paints within a wide range of themes and subjects. Her work is shown across the US, and includes landscapes, seascapes, and figurative images, bridges and walls, industrial and abstract compositions, Asian and Judaica themes. Her life and experience have taught her—and she will say she was more influenced by her surroundings than from her classical training—to look for the subtle variations in things. How often does an individual reflect on the confluence of perceptions and influences that makes up the totality of their experience? For some, it is easier to see the world in black and white, where everything has a very clear definition. Yet, Sidonie’s work is never directly representational. She is much more interested in leaving an impression that has its basis in her experiments and explorations. Her perspective suggests that with a bit of distance, a greater fullness of lived experience comes into focus.

Michael Orwick

Michael’s skill as a landscape artist creates compelling views of our world that move beyond time and place – places as mysterious as Oregon’s craggy coast, as unpredictable as a glacial view of Mount Hood, or as serene as an Oregon waterfall. His work can conjure up thoughts of Remington in his most enamored moments with the majestic west, or the dance of an impressionist on a pond or the snow.

Anton Pavlenko

Anton Pavlenko is a Ukrainian-born painter who has always been drawn to creating imagery. His earliest memories are of drawing Russian cartoon characters before he immigrated to the United States with his family as a toddler. Encouraged by his father, he persisted in educating himself about art and painting, and today remains largely self-taught and deeply inspired by the natural world.

Joanne Shellan

This Seattle artist began her career with watercolor and in just two years found success in galleries, solo shows and commissions, started winning awards and attained her signature membership in the Northwest Watercolor Society.  But the frustration she was feeling with that medium told her that something was still missing. So, after happening on a demonstration of ala prima oil painting, she gave away her watercolors and bought oils. “The dense pigment and rich texture of oils truly express the art that has always been inside me.” Today, she paints in oils and acrylics and is known for her strong design and rich color.

Icefire Glassworks

Jim Kingwell

What began as a five-year experiment evolved into a life-forming fascination with glass for Jim, who has been playing with fire for more than 40 years. His chemistry teacher’s observations about reality inspired him to enroll in art classes, so it is fitting that melting glass requires a grounding in both chemistry and physics. His Icefire Glassworks logo incorporates the alchemical symbols for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, honoring the obvious linkage of art and science. From that, beautiful pieces of blown glass emerge that seduce the senses and stimulate the spirit. He will show his latest work from his Embers series.

Suzanne Kindland 

Suzanne was not reared to be a glass artist. It was her connection to the dream world that led her to become one at the age of 38. There were always hints, persistent nudges that would not be ignored, from favorite childhood words (horizon, crucible) to a vision of dancing in flames that led her to Cannon Beach and propelled her into the passionate world of soft molten glass. Inspired by the places she has lived, she makes blown glass pieces that express Nature in the tangled patterns of woodlands, the stark horizons of deserts, and the mysteries of deep water. She will be showing the latest work in her Emerald Forest series.

 sm-IF-Kaptur-Petroglyph Tall Vases[1]

Michelle Kaptur

Michelle has been blowing glass since 1975. After ten years learning the basics of glass blowing, she moved on to paint for several years. “Painting is where I put together all the composition, color and design stuff that I learned about in school. When I came back to glass I had a much stronger sense of the design choices I wanted to make and why.” She has had her own glass studio, Glass Dancing, in Bend, Oregon since 1994 and worked with Icefire Glassworks for several years prior to that.

Pamela Juett

Pam Juett fell in love with hot glass while watching Bill and Sally Worcester work their magic at their studio in Cannon Beach during the late seventies.  For the next six years, she immersed herself in the study of glass and art at the Pearl Wright Gallery in Manning, Oregon; at the Pilchuck School in Stanwood, Washington; and at the School of Arts and Crafts in Portland, Oregon. In 2008, she found a way to work with glass on a small scale at her home.   Classes in flame worked beads at Bullseye Glass and Aquilla School in Portland led her to begin making beads.  Today, she continues to develop her beads and her jewelry, producing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

Jeffrey Hull

Jeffrey began his painting career more than 40 years ago in Cannon Beach, and it is from its coastline that he draws his inspiration. Today he is widely known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of the places where water joins land, controlling the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings. Recently he has returned to painting in oil as well, and is rarely found far from the ocean’s edge. His deep love for the area is clearly seen in his original paintings and prints.

“Deep Woods Elk Trails” by Sharon Amber

Sharon Amber

Jewelry artist Sharon Amber creates personal treasures using 14k, 18k, and 22k gold and exotic gems.  She is best know for her high fire enameled “miniature paintings”, and her carvings in local gems and beach pebbles. During Spring Unveiling, she will reveal work and designs inspired by thousands of miles of travel over the last few months.


“Treasure Box with Golden Beryl” by Steven Amber-Voorheis

Steven Amber-Voorheis

This 20 year old designer began fabricating silver jewelry at the age of 9. His love for origami evolved into origami silver earrings, pendants, and rings with colored gems and pearls. He took a hiatus from jewelry making during his high school years to explore his interest in oceanography, and after two years of college has returned to jewelry design with enthusiasm. One of his designs recently won international recognition as a finalist in the 2017 Saul Bell Jewelry Competition. He currently lives in Independence, Oregon and works in silver, 14 and 18 karat gold, colored stones, and diamonds.

Modern Villa Gallery

“Surrounding Seas” by David Jonathan Marshall

David Jonathan Marshall

With his imaginative style, bold use of color and dramatic perspective, David brings a fresh new look to the art world. His skill at capturing movement and animation in his art is a direct reflection of his own lifestyle and view of the world. He says, “I feel like I’m putting a puzzle together. I paint the pieces of that puzzle, but even I don’t always know what will be seen in the end.”

Northwest By Northwest Gallery

Jeff White

Skyscapes & Landscapes in oil reflect the artist’s most memorable and moving experiences with nature. Jeff paints the splendor of our natural world in the Northwest in pursuit of the ethereal & atmospheric light our region is known for.

“Northwest Squall” by Hazel Schlesinger

Hazel Schlesinger

Hazel  discovered her passion for oil painting at an early age, inspired by her childhood on the Northwest coast. The shorelines, fields, and vineyards, and later the Mediterranean countryside, have supplied the scenes and subjects of her work. She paints from a palette of predominantly warm, vivid colors and large, rhythmic brush strokes, transforming landscapes into more contemporary or abstract realism.

“Fremont Bridge” by Ivan McLean Image courtesy of Artslandia

Ivan McLean

Ivan is a public sculptor working in steel, bronze, glass and wood. His work can be seen throughout Portland’s Pearl District and he has also created extensive site-specific installations within the Nines Hotel. His work is also well known in California where he has just installed a series of spheres of different sizes and colors on Hollywood Boulevard. His 108′ steel sculpture was also selected from ten sculptors nationally for the Newport Beach Sculpture Park.

Title: Knight  Materials: Recycled Steel and Recycled Wood

“Horse” by Tolley Marney

Tolley Marney

This Western sculptor creates powerful equine sculptures using antique wood inlays, steel and a lifetime of traditional blacksmithing skills. Rustic, yet elegant, these works are labor intensive and only ten are sculpted in a year.


“Coyote Woman” by Cristina Acosta

Cristina Acosta

Cristina’s lifelong love of birds, bears and horses is often depicted in a contemporary, yet folk art manner that is truly distinctive. Her “Memoir” paintings are influenced by her Spanish heritage and family history. She has created works in many media all of her life…murals, illustrations and a best selling book. This “Coyote Woman” painting is of her grandmother in her Native American dress.

White Bird Gallery

Dave and Boni Deal

This husband and wife team has collaborated in clay for more than 30 years, working fulltime at their rustic home studio in the Cascades. They have worked almost solely in raku since the 70′s, and are known for large classical forms and intricate surface designs. A unique aspect of their pottery is the focus on the native environment … the plants, geology, and wildlife that are reflected in the themes and materials used in their work, like the heron urns, leaf imprint pots and landscape triptychs. During the weekend, they will be doing a raku firing on the beach at Sunset.

Gretha Lindwood

Gretha’s  paintings are best described as “crisp, refreshing, and vivid.” Vibrant color and strong design are hallmarks of her work developed during a 30-year career as an illustrator and graphic designer. Using soft pastel sticks, recompressed powdered pigments from the earth, she makes her marks on artist grade sandpaper to express the effects oflight and atmosphere as she paints the landscape en plein air.Recent awards for her work include “Best Pastel” at the 2013 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Competition. She has also won recognition for her work at shows in Laguna, Carmel, and Los Gatos.

Robert Schlegel

Robert is a professional artist from Banks, Oregon. He began exhibiting pen and ink drawings in 1973 and has had work included in the Artists ofOregon Show at the Portland Art Museum. Most recently, his work has been included in several juried shows.


Bev Drew Kindley

This Oregon artist often paints impressionistic landscapes “en plein air” or based on site experience, memories, sketches and photos. Searching for the brightness and joy in every season, inspired by the light and energy she finds in nature, she experiments to transform the excitement she feels into colors, shapes, movement and brushstrokes. Working to communicate what she discovers keeps her always exploring places, mediums and methods.

Stormy Weather Arts Festival, November 3-5, 2017

Stormy Weather Arts Festival, November 3-5, 2017

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Each November Cannon Beach’s art community gathers to collectively celebrate diverse talents during this popular festival of the arts.

Galleries, shops, hotels and restaurants host a variety of writers, singers, composers, painters, sculptors and more. The unique coastal beauty of this region has inspired creativity for many decades, making Cannon Beach one of The Best Art Towns in America.

Transform your coastal experience into a festival of creativity filled with music, theater, poetry and art.

White Bird Gallery Presents New Coastal Paintings by Christopher Mathie

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Thank You to the artists, friends, and patrons of White Bird Gallery for contributing to another successful year in the arts!

We hope to see you in 2016.

Happy New Year!!





































251 N. Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR


Northwest by Northwest Gallery presents New Work by Kara Krieger McGhee

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Kara Krieger McGhee

Oil painting entitled “Look! Flying Jewels” 36 x 24 oil on canvas.


“Look! Flying Jewels” Detail











Kara’s love of bird watching, Narrative Painting & Trompe L’oeil painting inform  the artist’s vision.

She her work in this months Southwest Art Magazine.

meet Kara at Spring Unveiling 2016, May 6, 7 & 8.


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