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Primary Elements Gallery

Primary Elements Gallery evolved from the concept of art inspired by elemental forms and sustenance. Sand when heated becomes glass; clay in the earth fired for pottery; metals molten take various shapes. Nature is the flow of life that nurtures; it exists in balance and symmetry in various forms that we all understand. It restores with its color and beauty.

Talented artists participate in all mediums of originals and prints, photography, pottery, stone, glass, metals, fiber, and woodworking. Each artist interprets with individual perception and training the variety of art forms. Their efforts manifest in functional as well as purely decorative expressions of art.

The gallery is owned and operated by Stephanie Ansley. It is located across from the information center between Northwest by Northwest Gallery & The Chocolate Café. It is in the heart of Cannon Beach and is open 9:30AM to 6PM. daily all year round. Exhibits change and demonstrations by local and nationally know artists are frequent.

Primary Elements Gallery
232 N. Spruce St., PO Box 1084, Cannon Beach, OR 97110
phone 503-436-0220

The public is invited, children are welcome to participate in all our events. WE are members of The Cannon Beach Gallery Group and The Chamber of Commerce



Primary Elements Gallery


232 N. Spruce St.

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